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Feb. 1st, 2014


Introducing Lizzy, Tam and ickle Mary Beth

Hello SoG 2.0!

I'm Lauren, and I am so excited. I am please to introduce my two characters, Lizzy and Tam, and an NPC I control Mary Beth.

First off is Lizzy - for those of you in the game previously a few things are the same. Lizzy is still an Assistant District Attorney in Gotham. She is still the daughter of a retired Gotham Knights player. She is still a liberal, tree hugging vegetarian hippy. But some parts of her past have changed. The big one is Lizzy has taken on her grandfather's mantle, and is a part time vigilante known as Red Bee. Right now, she and Dick are not together. They started dating after Lizzy came back to Gotham for law school, and then split because he disappeared for five years. A few weeks after he split, Lizzy found out she was pregnant. She has a five year old daughter named Mary Elisabeth Grayson (Named after her grandmother and Dick's mother.) She is also still in love with Dick, even if he was a dick.

Second is Mary Beth Grayson - Dick and Lizzy's daughter is a gymnastics prodigy, and has her mother's convictions and her father's wit. She's a tiny little blonde girl and she has always wanted to know her daddy. Lizzy has always been honest with her about who her father is.

Third is Tamera Fox - Daughter of Lucius Fox, Tamera has a PhD in Robotics from MIT. She is currently the head of Wayne Enterprises Applied Sciences, and has her own secret workshop where she produces all kinds of interesting toys for the Batfamily. She is fun, spunky and takes no shit from anyone. She is also in a wheelchair due to an accident horse back riding. She considers Dick and Tim to be her brothers, and is the one who made Lizzy's Red Bee suit.

I am so excited to get started so lay some plot on me!

Dec. 25th, 2012


Anybody still out there?

Hey all. Finally completed my relocation in RL and looking to get writing again. Anybody still lurking/out there?

Nov. 28th, 2012


Alright so I have to delay really jumping back into this game until at least Monday, December 3rd on account of a ton of school work and student teaching paperwork I have to turn in this week. I hope this is not a problem, but if it is it cannot be helped.

I'd like to have him meet Lizzy (FINALLY) upon his/my return, but other than that if anyone wants something with Tim or Red Robin hit me up here. Thanks.

Nov. 15th, 2012


Alright so, I owe some apologies here. Mostly for sort of flaking off a lot this last activity period. I went from thinking the game was over to realizing it wasn't, and in that I never got up to my original motivation/ambition/etc.

So I'm sorry, but I mean to get more things going, hence this post.

My status of Tim is thus:
• Especially now that Dick is apparently hurt, he will be spending most of his time behind the cowl.
• He's dating Cassie, and I imagine they will continue to get closer.
• Because he has so much free time on his hand he is also (as far as I know this is still going on) the VP to a company Penguin owned that was bought out by Wayne. Not real sure the status of this plot, but will keep it for now.

Beyond that there are are new characters mingling about, so please, please, feel free to hit me up here with connections and I will try to hunt you down as well. Thanks.

Nov. 9th, 2012


Oh hi, I'm Alex, 22 and from Melbourne, Australia here via Lauren :) I'm bringing in Jenna Raleigh aka The Red Bee.

She's 30, works as a Nurse at the local hospital and has only recently started to work as the Red Bee taking over from her grandfather. She's someone who cares about people a lot and likes to see the best in people though she is aware not everyone is good.

I'd love some friends etc for her :)

Her app is here if you want some extra information on her.

Looking forward to playing with you all.

♥ Alex :)

Oct. 6th, 2012


Update Coming This Weekend!

Why yes, I am very late. As well as eager to jump back into things. The good news is, most of this two weeks will be a continuation of what you've already been doing, so keep at it! =)

I apologize for my general absence in game, if not on messenger. See you guys on updates soon!


Sep. 30th, 2012


Hey guys! Shiver here just with a bit of a status update. I've been out of town with a family emergency.. apparently I have terrible luck recently. However with everything good on the home front I should be back in action later tonight or tomorrow. I will try to wrap up the threads I'm on and pushing for new threads with the next week coming. If you guys have any plans or ideas you would like to throw at either Harleen or Bristol then hit me up. You knows I love to plot! Thanks for understanding. ^^

Sep. 26th, 2012


hiatus notice

Hey gang,

I am going to be taking a hiatus until Monday. I have tests in all of my classes tomorrow and then I have some other school obligations I need to catch up on. I will tag any ones I owe tomorrow afternoon. If anyone has questions, wants to forward plot, ect. IM me or email!

(Lizzy and Tam)

Sep. 24th, 2012


Plot Reminder: High Priority

Hello Everyone!

I want to remind you that it's okay to move your plot bits forward, especially if you're waiting on another player to get one part of it done. It's okay to overlap more than one scene to do so. With the activity period halfway over, it's important to see some things develop and move forward. Please contact me ASAP if you can't start plot points soon, as well as any players that may be affected by it, so we can make adjustments.

The important thing is to communicate; we can't operate in a vacuum! I will be handing plot prompts out next activity period based on current activity, meaning some players may not receive any.

We've got some great starts so far. I'll be adding event two in the gala thread tonight; it's okay to handle it, event one, and the pre-event threads simultaneously!

Cheers :)

Sep. 22nd, 2012


Hi! I'm Nix. I'm bringing in my first character, Mr. Durlin here. Aka Savant. He's a bit of a nutcase with a heart of gold...kind of, and is trying to be heroic in the absence of the Bat with his husband, Creote.

Thoughts? Interactions? Awesomeness? I'm new, but excited. :)

Sep. 21st, 2012


Monday: I'm Back!


Sep. 19th, 2012


Hello, I'm River.

And here is Aidan Hunter aka Jason Todd, the fallen Robin. He's 24 years old and a CSI for GCPD. He's had a complicated and traumatic life. Please see the above bio/profile. Aidan has little memory of his life before six years ago. There are flashes, nightmares, and the like. But his memories will resurface soon.

He's good at weaponry, martial arts, computers, forensics, languages. A quasi-Jack of All Trades.

So...plots, schemes, connections?

Sep. 17th, 2012


Oppa Gotham Style

Hello, kiddos. It's your Uncle Bingo...

I was enjoying my stay at Chateau Arkham when a little bird told me Batman was gone. I said, 'Little Bird, why do you lie?' And it whispered into my cell, 'I have it on good authority.' Well I tell the little bird, 'There is no such thing as good authority.' I stab the little bird in the kidney.

Then other little birds start carrying this lie on the air, and I'm all out of sporks. So I listen closely to the chorus, and what a lark! You are all deceived.

There is a Batman. He just needs incentive to come out of the shadows.


Here I am. Incentive.

..................................who wants to play?

Sep. 16th, 2012


Bi-Weekly Update

Activity Check!
Plot Update!
Player News!
Meme #3 Coming Soon!

Fallen Knight: Act 1 - Shadow of the Bat, Pt. 1 )

Sep. 15th, 2012


Alright guys, I'm back from hiatus as of now so if you wanted to work on something together just feel free to hit me up. I may be off and on today, but should be on more tomorrow. You can contact me through gmail and google talk at or you can also find me on AIM at fuiiyaiive. I'm stoked to write again, definitely need a bit of an outlet. Or of course hit me up here with a comment and I'll be glad to do some writing for either Jim or Harleen!

Sep. 13th, 2012


Clearly, I can't stay away once I'm started. So I am officially ending my hiatus today, because I can't stand it anymore!

I already introduced Barbara Gordon here, so if you want lines/plots, head over there. I do have this chica, Vicki Vale. I know there's a lot going on, I think I organized a backdated thing for Vicki going to harass interview Jim Bristol, but what else? Vicki is likely going to do some footwork on her own for investigating Bruce's death. Any heroes want to come save her from trouble? Hmmm? Or just, you know, random stuff, that works!

<3 Chrissie

Sep. 12th, 2012


Hey guys Shiver here bringing in character #2 as well! This is an OC police office Jim Bristol. He has had a troubled past with the PD and is now an old beat cop. He's good but certainly has his downfalls. Check out the full bio on this journal. I would looooovvveee plots for this man and always for Harley when I get back. Leave a message and let's plot. :) BTW still gone till Saturday but this gives me a good outlet and escape.


Not quite off hiatus yet, but look at me go! Chrissie here with character #2. Here we have Barbara Gordon! Her full profile is here.

Basically, she's a cop right now, just assigned to the MCU. She is the adopted, yes, you read that right, of former Commissioner Gordon, but don't try to link the two together. She loves her dad, but she wants to make her own name. She's a smart cookie who believes in hard work and thinks the vigilantes do a lot of good, despite working outside the law. She doesn't know that Bruce was Batman, nor that Dick is Nightwing, etc.

So! There we go. Plots? Interactions? I'm coming off hiatus on Friday, so it'd be good to have her dive into things when that time comes! :D


Hi everyone! Lauren here with #2, the most epic cool girl in Gotham - Tamera Fox. Tam is the oldest daughter of Lucius Fox, a recent recipient of a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT. She's a genius when it comes to building and fixing things, and will be making lots of cool gadgets for the Bat!Family. (And yes, her first goal is the spring loaded cookie dispenser for Cass!)

She loves video games and plays wheelchair basketball and is the 2010 Gotham Arm Wrestling Champion. She needs friends. I assume she and the Wayne boys know each other, since Bruce was her godfather and she would adore them like brothers?

Also, on another note, I will be out of town this weekend visiting one of my BFFs, so I will be slow on tags Friday-Sunday!

Sep. 11th, 2012


Hey guys! Just so you know I am going to be out of town starting Tomorrow 9/12 until Saturday 9/15 for a funeral out of state. I may have some internet access at the hotel but for the most part I will only have my cell phone to check e-mails. If you all want any plots with Miss Harleen just hit me up and I'd be glad to work something out when I get back in town. Thanks for your understanding.

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