Feb. 18th, 2009


Synyster Gates, Duke of Cambridgeshire by gwionfawyr (A7X/HP/MCR

title: Synyster Gates, Duke of Cambridgeshire

author: [info]gwionfawyr (Jenn)

fandom: A7X/HP/MCR

characters: Brian Haner, Jr.

rating: PG - R

summary: He didn't know why his Dad had made him come. They were the outcasts of the family to begin with. He didn't know that all of that had changed on his eleventh birthday.

author's note/disclaimer: For the sticksnstrings challenge. Song prompt – Bones by Little Big Town. Belongs in the Of Dragons and Men verse. Some names have been changed to protect the innocent. *snorts* Who am I fooling? It's fiction people. Made up an address.

part one || part two || tbc

Feb. 15th, 2009


FIC: Where Ever I Go

Title: Where Ever I Go
Author: [info]ink_on_the_page
Rating: I suppose it qualifies as NC17
Fandom: Bandom: Cobra Starship, Bandom: Gym Class Heroes, Bandom: My Chemical Romance, Bandom: Panic at the Disco, Bandom: The Academy Is…
Characters/pairings: Gabe/Alicia/Mikey, Gabe/Travis, Gabe/William, Gabe/Spencer
Disclaimer: I don't own them. This is just for fun. Suing me for money is about as productive an exercise as squeezing blood from a stone. I do not condone any illegal activities that may be written about in my fiction, nor do I partake in any of these activities personally. This is a work of fiction, and should be treated as such. If you got here by googling yourself or someone you know, for the love of my sanity, hit the back button or DON'T TELL ME WHO YOU ARE.
Summary: Gabe’s a leaf on the wind, in his own way. Home is wherever his loved ones are. He just has a lot of loved ones.
Warning: polyamory? Open relationships? Do those things need warnings…
Prompt: Rambunctious Boy by John Fogerty
Word count: 2176
Betas: [info]akire_yta, [info]lisaroquin, [info]miserylovesme, [info]rawkenr0ll, [info]stephanometra
Author's note: Written for [info]sticksnstrings to the song Rambunctuous Boy by John Fogerty. I immediately thought that this song was just so Gabe when I listened to it the first time, and this story was the result. It Really needs to be taken in the spirit that everyone knows about everyone else, and it’s not at all meant to be seen as any form of cheating or anything else. Polyamory, in a lot of ways.

This set of the lyrics really stuck with me. I mean it just. Dug into my brain and would. Not. Let. Go.

I'm a rambunctious boy
Rambunctious boy
Oh my I'm a restless guy
Got a home everywhere I go

I'm-a trouble on the run/Heartbreakin' son of a gun/Oh yeah I'm a rambunctious boy )