Jun. 26th, 2008


[youtube] AADBSK S2 JaeMin Couple Talk

For those of you who are wondering, "Why exactly do we call them SoulFighters?", this should explain a few things. :3

Farahmicky was kind enough to upload both parts of this to Youtube, along with English subtitles. If you have a youtube account, be sure to thank her.

JaeMin cuteness under the cut )

Jun. 23rd, 2008


[fic] Secrets

Name: Secrets
Author: hikaru_maxwell
Pairing: Bamho, Jaemin (minor hints)
Warning: crack!fic, humor
Disclaimer: They don't belong to me....if they did, would I be here writing this?
Summary: Some things are better left unspoken....even when you think you are alone

What would people say, if they knew? )

Urm, yeah. Don't ask. This was inspired by [info]virdant's wonderful ficlets.

Part 1: Mental State
Part 2: A Stitch in Time Saves Nine.

You don't have to read them first to understand this, but I highly recommend it.

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Jun. 22nd, 2008


[fic] JaeMin, Yunchun, OT5 ~ If a storm could drown your tears...

Name: If a storm could drown your tears....
Author: hikaru_maxwell
Pairing: Jaemin, Yunchun, OT5
Warning: death!fic, experiments in writing without dialogue
Summary: 5-2 = ???

Is this our farewell? )

Gah, sadfic......*flails* Why is it always sadfic? What happened to my crackmuse? I know, I killed off my favorite boys. Please don't kill me? *cowers and ducks the flying objects thrown from the peanut gallery*

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[fic] JaeMin ~ Always be here

Title: Always be here...
Author: hikaru_maxwell
Series: TVXQ
Pairings: Jaemin, yoosu implied.
Rating: PG13ish
Disclaimer: I don't own them, cause if I did, I'd be locked in a closet with jae and min right now.

Coming home was never supposed to be this hard... )


[fic] JaeMin ~ The Mission

Title: The Mission
Author: hikaru_maxwell
Pairings: Jaemin (DBSK), implied kyumin (ss501)
Rating: PG15?
Disclaimer: I don't own these boys, cause if I did, Jaemin would be MINE! <3~
Summary: Jaejoong wants to know why the maids have such a problem with Changmin's room.

And Jaejoong had no idea what he was getting into. )

So this was my first DBSK fandom fic. I'm not really sure if I wrote them correctly, (although the reviews on _starcandy pretty much said I did) or if this is even cracktastic enough to please s7nluv, but I tried. The Kyumin is all for her.

PS. I <3 that Changmin's logic fails in this. It was deliberate, I tell you. Deliberate!


[mod post] Tags, etc.

I completely intend for SoulFighter to be Insanejournal's answer to _starcandy@livejournal, so the following instructions are borrowed verbatim from their tag post.
They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery after all. and it has nothing to do with me being lazy...no, nothing at all.

Joongshim, the ultimate OTP )

Jun. 21st, 2008


[mod post] Welcome

This is the not-so-grand opening of Soulfigher, a fanworks community for the pairing of Kim Jaejoong and Shim Changmin from the Korean group Dong Bang Shin Ki.

Pull up a chair and enjoy what we have to offer, or provide some work of your own. No worries, we won't bite.

(>X_X)> Also, if you wish to affiliate with [info]soulfighter, please drop a comment on this post.