July 11th, 2008

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Rules and FAQs for our second round!

As promised, here are the rules and FAQs for our next round. Please read them carefully - by signing up, you're agreeing to follow them. :)

Just one quick announcement - we've started a mirror comm on LJ, here, so feel free to join and/or watch that comm if you prefer to follow Snarry Holidays on LJ. We haven't got the layout sorted yet, but we'll have it up and running by the time we start!

Remember, we're starting sign-ups on August 5th, and we're capping the participants at 80 this year ... so sign up early! :)

Then without any further ado, let us present ...

The Rules and FAQs for Snarry Holidays 2008:


1. Fic must be at least 2000 words in length; for art, there is no limit but please spend an comparable amount of time, giving thought to what your recipient wants - i.e. a quick doodle will not be sufficient.

2. To receive a gift, you must submit a gift. If you drop out, your gift will be reassigned and (barring any extenuating circumstances) you will not be allowed to participate in future Snarry Holidays fests.

If you must drop out, please notify us as soon as possible. We need to know in order to arrange for pinch hitters.

If you dropped out last year, please contact us regarding your eligibility. Contact us if you are unsure of your eligibility.

3. All submissions must be beta-read -- NO EXCEPTIONS. We reserve the right to return your work to you for further editing if there are spelling and grammar errors.

4. Your submission must include all HTML formatting: bold, italics, and so on. The mods cannot go through and fix your HTML tags for you - if the formatting is incorrect, your submission will be returned to you for corrections. If you are unfamiliar with HTML tags, the mods would be happy to answer questions.

For fic longer than 10,000 words, we will be hosting your submission on our own site. Please make sure that your work appears exactly as you want it WITHOUT HTML formatting, and send it to us so that we can upload it.

5. This is an anonymous fest - you may not prematurely reveal your identity! Your work cannot be part of a pre-existing series, and cannot be posted elsewhere until after the fest is over and the masterlist is posted.

6. All submissions are due October 10, 2008. In order to receive a two-week extension on the deadline, you must let us know that you need one and send in proof of progress at the time of asking for an extension. Further extensions cannot be guaranteed - depending on the amount of submissions received and the amount of time needed to finish a submission, additional time may be granted.

7. Your gift must fit your recipient's request, within reason. It is not always possible to include every element in a request, but this is a gift exchange: if your recipient does not wish to receive x, y or z, then do not include them in the gift. The mods reserve the right to return submissions for revisions if they do not fulfill the request.

If for whatever reason, you find yourself unable to complete the assignment that you are given, you MUST let the mods know within 24 hours in order to be receive a different assignment.

If you ask to switch assignments for spurious reasons, or because you did not submit a clear and complete sign-up form specifying what you are willing to write, your request for a different assignment is highly likely to be denied.

and please read the FAQs, for more information )

Let us know if you have any further questions about our next round, by commenting here or e-mailing us at snarryholiday@gmail.com. Other than that ... start getting ready for a very Snarry Holiday this year! We hope that you're just as excited as we are. :)

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