June 2nd, 2008

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Thoughts on the Next Round

Before Lyv went on her trip to Europe I AM NOT JEALOUS! I'M NOT! we were sitting down, trying to figure out what to do with the next round of Snarry Holidays. We both plan to have the fest run again (and much better this year, we actually made a list of things we HAVE to do at the end of the fest in order to make this years so much better) but our biggest sticking point was when to hold it.

As everyone knows, December is a huge months for pretty much all fests of any size, shape and flavor to be posting. 3/4 of my personal flist was solely devoted to fests and I maybe, personally, ended up reading 4 fics that weren't from my fest. It was mildly disheartening, but I, like most others, experienced fic burnout.

Now, the question comes, well why are you sharing that with us? The reason for that is Lyv and I wish to move the posting to an earlier month. As the fest stands right now, we barely finished posting before Snarry Smut Swap started. That's just not on. Not on at all. I like our fest, Lyv loves our fest, and we both loved everyone who participated and enjoyed themselves, but as you can see, two Snarry fests back to back just won't fly.

So guys, here's what we need from you. We need a better month. I do believe when we last talked we said we were going to post from the middle of October to mid-November, but that would conflict with all you lovelies who like to do NaNo. That's what we need though. A new month to spread our fest over.

Any suggestions for a better month?


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