Oct. 4th, 2007


Alexander the Great

Hello there,

some time ago I posted a review and a picspam about the film "Alexander" in my personal journal. Because this community was born just yesterday and should not stay empty for long, I thought it would be great to post the whole stuff once again (slightly altered of course).

The film itself is something for the eye. No, I don't mean the landscape. I just say: Jared Leto and Colin Farrell!

On the other hand if I look at it objectively, the film is horrible. The monologues and dialogues are not just to give the viewer some information about Alexander the Great and his life, but to make me shake my head in disappointment. Old times in all honour, but this is just wordily. You can say little with much words. And Anthony Hopkins does so very often.

My review and the picspam )