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    Wednesday, May 13th, 2009
    10:30 pm
    Fic: Violent Eyes (FFVII/Naruto, Orchid-PG-13)
    Title: Violent Eyes
    Author: GW Katrina/[info]icedark_elf
    Claim: Final Fantasy VII/Naruto
    Prompt: 14-Orchid
    Characters: Zack, Yuffie
    Rating: PG
    Wordcount: 1,730
    Warnings: Fusion fic. Zack being a SOLDIER

    Violent Eyes
    Tuesday, February 24th, 2009
    1:32 am
    *Looks around nervously*

    ( Here. Have a reincarnation fic." )

    *Author goes to hide in the deepest hole she can find for this travesty.*

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    Thursday, December 18th, 2008
    10:59 am
    Fic: Family Legends
    Title: Family Legends
    Author: GW Katrina/[info]icedark_elf
    Claim: Final Fantasy VII/Naruto
    Prompt: Fern-[info]25_prompts
    Characters: Zack
    Rating: PG
    Wordcount: 832
    Warnings: Fusion fic

    Family Legends
    Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008
    10:30 am
    Ficlet: Shinraverse
    I just got bit by a bunch of bunnies for Shinobi_Soldiers. This was the only Shinraverse one, though, so I wrote it first. It's a sequel to this.

    Warnings: Spoilers for some of the more recent Naruto chapters. (BTW, artimusdin, it seems Canon worked out the 'mako+Sharingan=?' equation for me. Though, I do have to rethink a lot of my plot ideas...)

    Shiva... )
    Thursday, March 13th, 2008
    3:29 pm
    Fic: Three Swans
    Newbie with a fic!

    Title: Three Swans
    Author: Pyro
    Notes: I blame this completely on [info]icedark_elf. She wrote a wonderful story, and then this idea inundated my brain.
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    Please be gentle?
    Monday, December 10th, 2007
    10:53 am
    [Fanfiction] Correspondence Arc - Kansel's Report
    Follow up for Rumor

    Title: CArc - Kansel's Report
    Writer: Inami
    Rating: PG, because of Kansel
    Fandom/Series: Final Fantasy VII/Naruto
    Character/s: Kansel
    Warnings: KANSEL
    Spoilers: None.
    Writer's Note: Kansel won't shut up!!!! T___T
    Summary: The first thing Sephiroth does is follow the information to the source, no matter how... unreliable the source was. He had more chances of getting better information if he stalked the cadet... which he will do. Later.

    "Man, I swear, it was love at first sight."
    Wednesday, December 5th, 2007
    9:08 pm
    Trial Run
    The bunny was artismundi's fault. I think icedark-elf had something to do with it as well, but I can't remember enough to assign blame. This is technically an ffvii/naruto crossover, albeit one that breaks the third wall. Contains references to Crisis Core (Note: I wrote this about three months before Crisis Core came out so I made assumptions about the canon) FFVII, Naruto up to the second part, and surprise guest at the end.
    Summary: What do Angeal, Zack Fair, and Itachi Uchiha all have in common? Or failing that, what about Sephiroth, Cloud, and Sasuke?
    Disclaimer: I don't own them.

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    11:39 am
    Follow-up ficlet...
    Here's a follow-up ficlet to the one I posted last night. Not exactly what I'd had planned, but I couldn't pass the idea up...

    More crack.


    Poor Cloud... )
    Tuesday, December 4th, 2007
    10:26 pm
    Yeah, little ficlet I wrote... like two months ago, but I finally finished it. Blame artimusdin for the idea...

    Humor, crack, whatever...


    Because it's -canon- and -somebody- had to do it...*grins* )


    As always, please let me know what you think!
    Sunday, December 2nd, 2007
    1:24 pm
    Help Thyself pt4a
    Part 4a

    “Owie!” or "This sucks."

    The first thing she felt was pain, lots of pain. It came from several parts of her body at once. She automatically began to identify what, how severe, and if she could fix it. Cracked ribs, heavy bruising on left side, deep gash on right arm (always bad when you feel the skin sliding across skin and the rolling pain telling you it is waaaaay to deep) and a multitude of more minor cuts, bumps, and bruises.

    Slowly coming to her feet, the Ninja Princess of Wutai took stock of her surroundings. Dark room, alone, no weapons, no gear, heavily injured, with no one there to see to her wounds ...

    “Damn,” she muttered. “Who caught me?”

    She had enough energy saved up for a Clear Tranquil, but even as she cast it, knew it wouldn’t fix all of her injuries--only the worst of it. Without a weapon to properly focus the Limit Break, a third of the power was lost to spill-off. On top of that, the Tranquil didn’t fix all of a person’s injuries when cast. Only about half at the most.

    “Now to get out of this Hades-cursed place.”

    Whoever had placed her here, they had not searched her as thoroughly as they should have. Her hair was still fastened up and out of the way, and that meant
    hairpins. She would wonder on her current incarnation's taste in style later.

    Slipping out of the cell without making a sound, she ghosted down the hall, ears straining for the slightest sound. Her luck held as she navigated the corridors in this strange place, and she soon found herself in an armory of sorts. A quick search of the racks produced Shuriken and Kunai, but nothing to fit her tastes.

    “Shiva take it.”(1)

    “Perhaps this will help.”

    Choking back a startled shriek, Yuffie spun around. Bringing up the throwing blades she had found the nin-girl moved to attack, only to freeze in shock,
    those same blades falling from nerveless fingers.

    “Vincent?!” she hissed in shock.

    His response was a slight twitch of his lips, and the large fuma-like shuriken offered to her with a slight bow. “Yours, I believe?”

    “Conformer!” she breathed in delight.


    “What are you doing here, Vince?”

    “I saw you find the ‘Enemy Skill’ in the canyon before you were captured. I followed them here and discovered something.”


    “There is a new Summon Materia. It is in the possession of Sound’s Leader. I will distract the ninja of this Village, and you must retrieve both it and the ‘Enemy Skill’ on your way out.”

    “A Summon?” Yuffie looked at him, wide eyed. “Not good. So very not good. Where is it?”

    “Go left when you leave this room. Take the first right, then two lefts. They will be in the last room on the left.”

    "Left, right, left, left, last room on the left, got it.” She grinned at him. “Stay safe, Vinnie. We’d miss ya if you vanished.”

    And with that she snatched up Conformer, and vanished down the hall.

    (1) confusion on this was brought to my attention. It’s like saying “damn it to hell” or something to that effect. Many of the FF7 ppl will be using cursing along these lines.
    Wednesday, November 28th, 2007
    8:58 pm
    Fic: First Time Visits (FFVII/Naruto, Gold-PG)
    Title: First Time Visits
    Author: [info]icedark_elf
    Beta: [info]skeren
    Claim: Final Fantasy VII/Naruto
    Prompt: Gold for [info]25prompts
    Characters: Nidara(oc), Cloud, Minato
    Rating: PG
    Wordcount: 693
    Warnings: Fusion fic

    First Time Visits
    Thursday, November 22nd, 2007
    4:41 pm
    [Fanfiction] Naruto/FFVII: (CArc) Sojourn
    Title: Correspondence Arc - Sojourn
    Writer: Inami
    Rating: G
    Fandom/Series: Final Fantasy VII/Naruto
    Character/s: Uchiha Zakusu (Zack Fair), Namikaze Kuraudo (Cloud Strife), Kisaragi Yuffie, random OCs
    Warnings: I suck at writing, but I keep doing it anyway. XD;
    Spoilers: N/A
    Author's Note: Yay, I butcher names, timelines, distances and narration! *rolls around* I need icons.
    Summary: Zack and Cloud finally arrive in Wutai and the achievement is a bit short-lived.

    Wut? She's updating again?!

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    Thursday, October 18th, 2007
    1:33 am
    [Fanfiction] Correspondence Arc - Rumor
    Uhm, first post here, ever? ^^; I hope it's alright to post here...

    Title: Correspondence Arc - Rumor
    Writer: Inami
    Rating: PG, because of Kansel
    Fandom/Series: Final Fantasy VII/Naruto
    Character/s: Zack Fair, Cloud Strife, Sephiroth, Angeal Hewley, Genesis Rhapsodos, Kansel, random Sergeant
    Warnings: innuendo, unedited stuffs
    Spoilers: N/A
    Writer's Note: I flaaaail.
    Summary: Zack finally gets sick of everyone trying to put down his friend. Kansel drops the ball and Cloud... is still kinda oblivious that he can't quite pretend anymore.

    It was probably the worst-kept secret in the history of Shin-Ra.

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    Sunday, October 28th, 2007
    4:44 pm
    Fanfic: Konohaverse, 'Adoption'
    Title: Adoption
    Author: [info]silara
    Rating: G
    Warnings: A little wibble, some fluff, strange writing style.
    Summary: The Kyuubi caused many problems in Cloud's life, not the least of which is his new ward.
    Notes: This was supposed to be a short drabble. But, apparently, my muse is a liar. More Team Sephiroth goodness, now with more Naruto!

    (Sandaime gazed somberly down in to the crib, the tiny infant within sleeping off the effects of the sealing from a few hours before.)

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    Thursday, October 25th, 2007
    7:44 pm
    Shinraverse Drabble
    [info]youko_rayah's fic jarred my brain, and this came out. Enjoy! Oh look! Sephiroth! (Only a little, though.)

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    Wednesday, October 24th, 2007
    8:44 pm
    Help Thyself pt3
    not beta'd yet!

    Title: Help Thyself (thanks skeren)
    Author: Youko Rayah
    Fandom(s): FF7, Naruto
    Type: Crossover
    Warnings: Violence, Language, WTF moments, Yaoi in later parts.
    Summery: FF7 characters reincarnate in Naruto's world. Be afraid.
    Author’s notes: so far it’s just going to be told in bits and peaces of who is who as they wake up.
    Disclaimer: Only the idea is mine. Nothing else.

    Drabble the third:
    “With the Clouds.” or “Shut up and drink your damn tea!”

    He had been awake for a long time. Awake and waiting. It had been so long, in fact, thant he had forgotten just when he had become aware. Maybe he had always been awake…

    $#&%! Now he was getting all philosophical about it, something he blamed on not being able to fly anymore. He missed being among the clouds more than almost anything else.

    In all honesty, it wouldn’t be so bad if the others would just hurry and wake up already! Damn it, he was BORD! And the squabbling might have seemed to annoy him, but watching Yuffie go at it with Vinny and Cloud, always made him smile.

    It was frustrating! Not to mention intolerable. But more than anything it was, “Troublesome.” And so were his teammates. No, that wasn’t right. Choji(sp?) wasn’t bad. It was Ino that made him wish he could call the Venus Gospel and stab her with it. She was far worse that Shera, Yuffie, and Tifa at her absolute worst, put together. She was going to drive him to drink if things kept up like they had been.

    Days like this… He really, really, missed Vincent.

    When his name was called for the prelims, he sighed, but didn’t complain. When the girl tried to use a sound based trick on him, he got annoyed. Really, just how stupid did she think he was? Yet again, he wished for his final weapon, so he could fry her with a level two limit-brake. It would serve her right.

    Instead, he settled for using his shadow to take her down. There was just something so satisfying about making your opponent split their own head open because they failed to take in their surroundings. Armatures.

    Afterwards, he watched Hinata fight Neji. And THAT had been pure Tifa. “Thank you Shiva!” he whispered under his breath, earning odd looks from those around him. And the Uchiah’s fight had looked an awful lot like the time he had watched Cloud fight without a sword. But not… Aw well, he’d figure it out.

    “Bout damn time you woke up. Was goin’ nuts from the boredom.”

    Hinata looked at him in confusion. “Who?”

    His response was cut off by the arriver of members of the ANBU. “Lord Hokage wishes to speak with you, Huuga-san.”

    “Than let’s go,” Sasuke replied.

    “Only the Huuga was requested.”

    “The Huuga has a name,” Hinata growled, more of Tifa merging into the whole.

    “And given what’s happened,” Shikamaru added in a growl, “it probably concerns us as well. We may as well get this over with.”

    Eventually, they were escorted into a secure room to await the Hokage. Rather than take one of the chairs, Shikamaru walked across the room and sat against the wall. “Might as well get comfortable. Hokage-sama won’t be here ‘til after the last match.”

    “True,” Sasuke said taking a seat not far from him.

    “So,” Tifa murmured as she, too, sat. “Who are you?”

    “Cid, who else.”

    “…” Hinata stared at him trying to put the image of Cid Highwind and Sikamaru Nara together. “I think that just broke my brain.”

    “And who are you, pretty-boy? You’re not Cloud, that’s for sure. The fighting style is similar, but not quite right for him.”

    “First Lieutenant Zachary Fair, Solder First Class. General Sephiroth’s 2IC.”

    “… you were Cloud’s friend that got him to Midgard,” Tifa whispered. “The one who died.”

    “Yeah. Thanks for looking out for him, by the way. Wish I could have done more.”

    plot bunny. I blame Icedark-elf for bringing it back to life after I killed it the first five times.

    ff7 reincarnated in Naruto

    (check!) Sasuke-Zack. Awakened by the curse Seal, CS burned away Sasuke's personality. Zack in control. Be afraid.

    (check!) Hinata(sp)-Tifa. Awakens just b4 the fight w/ Neji in the pre-limns. Stomps him like nobodies business. The thought makes me giggle.

    (check)Sikamaru(sp)-Cid. The thought of him going from "Troublesom" to "Shut up and drink your @*$^ tea!" made me snort my milk out my nose.

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    Thursday, September 20th, 2007
    1:35 pm
    A little ficlet...
    I wanted to write something, so here I go...

    Written spur of the moment. Unbetaed. Rating is G for Worksafe.


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    Monday, September 17th, 2007
    8:12 pm
    Fanart! *glee*
    When I was planning my AU of my AU, I suddenly had the urge to draw Zack, Aerith and Cloud as their Konoha ninja counterparts.  And guess what!  Cloud is done!

    Jounin Cloud

    Warnings: The picture was a quick sketch and has not been cleaned in any way at this point, so the scan is rather rough.


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    Friday, September 14th, 2007
    1:48 pm
    Steel forged souls, cont.
    This is a scene, which poorly illustrates the epic battle in my head. -blows raspberries-

    There are no fans in Hell )
    Tuesday, September 11th, 2007
    10:28 pm
    More fic!
    This started out as an AU of my FFVIINaruto AU, and was supposed to be what happened if Zack and Cloud stayed in Konoha, though after bouncing ideas around with [info]artimusdin it kinda morphed into something else.

    Title: Meet the Team
    Author: [info]silara
    Rating: G
    Warnings: none... well, maybe kinda fluffy.
    Summary: War is waging and teams are needed. Luckily, this new team has what it takes.



    I might draw pictures for this later.

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