Oct. 19th, 2008


51 Icons including Beth Ditto, Amy Acker, Doctor Who, Eliza Dushku and more

[info]mllesatine wanted some Beth Ditto Icons, and I took this opportunity to clean out my To Be Posted folder a bit, thus there's a variety of icons here.

001-018: Beth Ditto (18)
019-022: Amy Acker (4)
023-027: Eliza Dushku (5)
028-030: Helena Bonham Carter (3)
031-032: Natalie Portman (2)
033-039: Colm Meaney (7)
040-042: Stock (3)
043-051: Doctor Who (9)


all 51 under the cut )

046 won Second Place, 048 won Third Place, and 050 won First Place at [info]dwicontest.

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For more Beth Ditto, check out [info]aristocons here! It's friendslocked, so you must join to see, but definitely worth it.

Jan. 10th, 2008


Random Icon Dump

Danrad, Disney, Ewan McGregor, London, Stock, Driving Lessons

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18 more under the cut )

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London and Disney icons based on pictures taken by me. Driving Lesson Icon (#20) from a cap I made. Other resources found in user info.