Aug. 22nd, 2008


Eliza, Gary, Judge, and More

I had no internet today, so I amused myself with making icons.

001-004 Doctor Who (made for [info]dwicontest)
005-018 Dollhouse and Eliza Dukshu
019-039 Gary Oldman
040-045 Judge Reinhold

Warning: one 'bad' word in one icon


icons here )

+ if you'd like to use the textless icons as bases, feel free. I'm not fussed.
+ credit is appreciated but not required; comments are even better
+ Judge Reinhold images were found at Gary Oldman images from Dollhouse images found at Eliza images were found at Doctor Who images provided by [info]dwicontest.
+ other resources can be found in user info
+ please don't hotlink