December 2010



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Dec. 7th, 2010


Hey guys, it's Sam again! I'm bringing in a NON-WEASLEY, and his name is Hunter Kirke. He's the only child of Andrew Kirke and Lavender Brown, a former Slytherin, and he is the greatest slacker you will ever meet. He's really full of himself - he's fit and he knows it - and he's been spoiled so much as a child that he's a bit conceited now. He wouldn't call himself bisexual but he's into whatever tickles his fancy, be it a pretty girl or a handsome bloke. He's not a complete arse though, he's rather witty and actually kind of smart when you get to know him. More about Hunter can be found right here. I'm up for anything as far as plots go!!

Dec. 4th, 2010


Hey guys, my name's Cassie and I bring you Mr Louis Weasley. He's 19, a former Gryffindor, and currently in training to be a Dragonologist. He's extremely outgoing and about as crazy as his hair. He'll strike up a conversation with anyone and everyone, and he's really loyal to his true friends.

I'm failing at explaining him right now XD Check out his profile here. My contact info can also be found there. The best way to get to me is through email, I fail at getting on AIM most of the time.

I'm excited to start playing with you guys, and I'm open to all sorts of plot!

Dec. 2nd, 2010



Hello everyone! :) I'm Angeli.
I'm new to RPGs. I only started a few months ago. :D
Sooo, I have two characters here! :)

This journal is Amber Pucey's.
She's fresh out of Hogwarts and now works for the Ministry of Magic. It's always been her dream to work there but now that it's actually happening, she finds herself a bit frustrated.
Amber came from a rich pureblood family. In school, she was a prefect and was later on made Head Girl. She's very ambitious and right now, she works as a secretary at the Wizengamot. She's going around doing paperwork, getting coffee, etc. She hates her job and feels like she can do so much more, but for the time being, she's sucking it up and asking people if they want one or two sugars in their tea.

My second character is Dominique Weasley. [info]mercibeaucoup
Call her Dom, please.
She works as a fashion columnist at Witch Weekly. She enjoys her job very very much. She can be a bit vain and all, but she's sweet.
The thing about Dom is that you can count on her to be honest. She can be quite brutal actually. Right now she's trying to get better at that. She's reading on euphemisms and literally bites her tongue sometimes.