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August 19th, 2009
08:59 pm


Let's enjoy some beautiful art from "Blacksad: Red Soul"
Greetings people of scans_daily! First time poster here who thought perhaps we could all take a break from Marvel and DC comics and enjoy some scans in English for the last Blacksad volume I managed to find (it's 54 pages). I give you all a little bit of:

Blacksad Vol. 3: Red Soul

First off, for the dial-uppers, here are the links!

He's good at what he does
Whatever happens in Vegas...
He chooses physics over girls?
None of my lectures were ever like THIS
Enjoying the view
A dog that can't swim. Irony...
He has a point
A literal example of a "Big-Lipped Alligator Moment"?
Get rid of that cursed hat
"Crown jewels"?
Blacksad? Run. NOW.
3, 2, 1...
If you think about it, shouldn't Blacksad have tackled the guy INSTEAD of the Professor?
THAT'S gotta sting

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