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October 8th, 2009
12:22 pm
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Gotham Central: assorted scans
OKAY SO LIKE, sorry that last post turned out... wanky, here's some less controversial scans (all from different issues) of some of my favorite moments from Gotham Central. First, a little bit of follow-up about Romy and Batman:

''You know his name?'' — ''Of course I know his name.'' )

Oracle makes a cameo (sort of). )

Batman is sneaky. )

There. All better. B| Now get along. B|

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October 7th, 2009
09:54 pm
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Gotham Central: that one time when they shot Batman (whoops)
If I recall correctly: when the Joker was sniping people in an earlier arc, he also kidnapped a female news anchor, tied her up, and hung her upside down with a camera pointing at her with a bomb nearby. Detective Nate Patton tried to disarm the bomb. Meanwhile, Batman showed up and managed to rescue the woman, but not the detective. The ensuing explosion put Patton in a coma, and eventually his family chose to pull the plug. Nate's partner was Romy. The police department took down the signal and then instructed the officers to treat him as a hostile.

Good job, Romy. )

Aaaaaand if it matters, Romy does get her gun back before she gets in trouble, thanks to some diplomatic work from Robin and Stacy the receptionist.

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