Aug. 19th, 2014



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Here's another vid I've made for the Solicited Love fest (also known as hooker fest) on LJ.

Uhm yeah, it's Stiles and Derek and since we don't have any naked Sterek scenes (yet) I had to improvise from the moment they met Stiles is smitten with Derek, and he totally wants him! Scott tells him that his chance to get his wish fulfilled is practically zero to non because Derek is a high-class werewolf prostitute.But hey,this is Stiles, persistent-little-shit-Stiles, and what a Stiles want a Stiles will get,right? RIGHT!And in the end he gets it all!! ;-)

You can dl the HD mp4 file HERE

Or you can watch it on YouTube Yep, I uploaded it yesterday and it's actually still there. ;-)

Hope you like it!

And yeah,I'm in REEEEEALLY late with this post and I'm sorry about that.These days it seems that I can't get anything done right on time.And believe me, it's not just fandom-related's EVERYTHING. :-(

PS: I'll have another prostitution vid for you later today.It's a BJSTEREKNAGRON-MASH-UP. :-D

Aug. 11th, 2014


First up!

Baking update: Apple pie

Fic update: I'm first story up over at fkficfest! Woot!

Aug. 10th, 2014


Sorry for the no-show-ness. I can't speak for before this, but the Friday before last? Ever since then, it's been kind of non-stop at home/work. I have a pic of bear-Tony at Guardians, I'll post it in a few days when I get a day off, but I got motion sick on the way back from the movie theater Saturday and there was filling in at the theater Friday and Saturday (Shrek the Musical is good, but too long in my opinion) and two forty minute trips on two separate days that again I got motion sick on and one of the days we had to go to get groceries and we had inspection which my landlord made it seem like us and our housekeeping skills (by us I mean the collective rentees and inspection would be at random, meaning no one knew until it happened that one would be inspected) so Monday before work I did ALL the housecleaning I could (including mopping and mowing the grass, ugh) and Tuesday before one of the appointments we were one of the ones inspected, but as it turns out, it was only the apartment--the building itself--that was being inspected. Boo. And this week, I've picked up extra at work because the other girl got married this weekend and it meant, too, that Saturday we were running on skeleton crew because we had people out who were either at the wedding or just on vacation. My boss is too kind sometimes, letting people take vaca when everyone else does. But hey that's fine, I at least get extra hours and I need the extra (plus a few hours of overtime) because as much as I try to stay on top of things--making sure we aren't down to two rolls of toilet paper and we have enough tissues and making sure I buy things so I don't have to buy it all at once--it doesn't happen that way sometimes and in addition to a few small things, we need both wet cat food (the cat doesn't get if often so it's only every once in a while that we buy it) and rabbit shavings and my sister needs her meds shipped down to her and I need to go to the laundromat to have my BIG quilt washed (my washer at home is not big enough) before it gets too cold at night. So, extra moneys is good.

Anyway, my week-that-seems-to-never-ends will soon be coming to a close: Monday I will be working in the morning instead of at night and so youngest sister and I will be doing our grocery shopping that day instead of on one of our usual days (Tuesday or Wednesday) so that I really can do nothing on my days off.

So, I am looking for recs. I've been wandering through AO3, my bookmarks and looking through author's profiles for more and I wonder what all of you are reading or if you have something you think is a great reread. You know the fandoms I read/write, give me some recs for reading. I'd be much appreciative.