Oct. 11th, 2014


keep calm and merry on

It is that time, yes. Anyone--old friends, new friends, lurkers, etc--is invited to receive a gift fic for December. I start writing these and my advent pieces about now so anyone who wants one, copy-paste the box below into a comment, filling in the relevant information, and you'll get a fic during December. There is no limit to how many sign up so don't be afraid to ask for one.

I'm open to pairings I've never written, but I do ask that you leave me a few pairings to work with (unless it's a pairing you know I'll write, like Harry/Draco in which case leave the one pairing). Prompts can be anything from 1 word ('red') to quotes/vague plot ideas ('Harry takes Draco out for ice skating'). They don't have to be December/Winter/Holiday themed, but as I'm writing for that time of year, I'll likely lean that way when writing as a heads up. Please no dark fics--these fics are meant to bring you a smile during what can be a depressing time of year.

I've dipped my toes into Ace fics so feel free to ask for no-sex relationships. I've left the 'pairings' line open to friendship so you can ask for a non-relationship fic.

I'm asking for AO3 usernames so I can put your name on the fic when it goes up on that site as I cross post there. No biggie if you don't have one.

Feel free to ask questions if you have them :)

ETA: Might as well offer: if you'd prefer instead, I can make a picture story of the bear-vengers for you ;)

Oct. 7th, 2014


Apple Picking!

apple picking 2014

Yep, took one of the kids with me. Tony would have gone, but I just gave them and their clothes a wash and Tony's pants weren't dry yet and it didn't seem like a day for Iron Man.

We picked half a peck from the trees, but also picked up a peck as you can see above. The peck is considered "second pickings", apples not quite perfect enough, but still edible. Only one pumpkin, though, as it looks like I'm only going to be using it for myself (I mix it with potatoes, nom) or in pumpkin bread. And we got a few cider donuts.

I've already done one batch of applesauce, another is cooking right now, and I put together some apple turnovers (well, I say turnover, but this challenge continues to escape me; I tried it back on the equinox with a pie crust and this time with a biscuit crust. Tasty, but not quite what I wanted--yet!). Plus there are apple cheddar scones and tomorrow I'm going to put together some apple crisp. I already chopped up apples for one last batch of applesauce.

I might do another thing of scones--there's still another peck to go. Now, I've not chopped any yet for apple crisp, but a peck still a lot to get through. Who knows?

I also did up a loaf of bread today--we've found it's cheaper for us to mix up our own bread so I've been doing a loaf a week. This loaf, though, is made with no butter and using oatmilk. I was going to get flax seed, but the kind I tried to get at the store is "taxable" so it isn't covered by SNAP benefits (WTF?) and I didn't have cash or card on me so. At least we get to see if the bread is good with oatmilk. Whenever I do manage to get some flaxseed, I've got some xanthan gum to put into the recipe (because I figure it'll need it, the flax seed having no gluten to get it to rise).

Tomorrow I'm going to likely put together some pancakes and waffles and pizza dough to freeze for later use; I've got a wicked long week coming up to get the last of the hotel money and some spending cash for the convention. But it means a Sunday to Sunday plus the Monday after that work week. So yeah. Having some easy reheat food will be nice. Plus, you know, there'll be scones and applesauce in the freezer.

I found a pet sitter for the con weekend and I did confirm with the hotel all the details (the two or three times it's come down to me reserving a hotel has not ended well and it's best explained over alcohol) and we've started making a list of what we need/want. We've requested a mini fridge so when we get there, if we have it, we'll get some milk and the like.

Is anyone going to be in Rhode Island Halloween weekend? Meet up??