Apr. 23rd, 2014



It's disappointing when you realize you only dreamed about buying bananas and you don't actually have any bananas in the house to eat.

Apr. 20th, 2014


Fanfiction: Let's Dance

Fandom: Merlin
Title: Let's Dance
Pairing: Merlin/Gwaine
Rating: PG
Word Count: 752
Beta: None
Summary: Everyone thinks they're dating and Gwaine's hiding a secret, but Merlin has no idea what's going on.
Warnings: None
Contains: None
Disclaimer: I own nothing; I make no money from this. Merlin belongs to the BBC, et. al., etc.
A/N: First, written for round 2 of [Bad username: cottoncandy_bingo] and the prompt 'social gathering'; card is here. Second, written for the LJ community dove-drabbles and the April prompt of "lose yourself in the moment". Third, written for [info]growlery who asked for Merlin/Gwaine, everyone thinks they're dating.

Let's_Dance )


Fanfiction: Easter Showing

Fandom: Harry Potter
Title: Easter Showing
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 702
Beta: None
Summary: During the annual Potter-Malfoy Easter brunch, the hosts are missing.
Warnings: None
Contains: Exhibitionism, outdoor fucking
Disclaimer: I own nothing; I make no money from this. Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling, Warner Brothers, Scholastic Books, et. al., etc.
A/N: Okay, so. First, this covers the April prompt of "Easter brunch" at the LJ community of hd-pots-n-porn. Second, this fits the prompt of "trees" for [info]enchanted_jae's monthy drabble prompt. Third, this covers the prompt of "social gathering" for round 2 of cotton candy bingo (loosely, I know); you can find my card here. And last but not least, this was written for [info]elpin as a thank you and her prompt was both the social gathering from ccb, but tulips. I know the tulips was loosely fitted in, but they are there.

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Happy Easter! (Or yay for unexpected day off, for some of you, like myself!)

I slept in until 9 O.o Woke up with the cat flat up against my back, lightly snoring (allergies, poor thing). I stayed in bed a bit, reading an ebook and playing around on Twitter and Tumblr from my tablet. And then as sister and I love any excuse for an awesome breakfast, we had pancakes and an egg bake (individual ones, in little casserole dishes). Nom.

And then, of course, we got to get our Easter baskets--because even though you are an adult, you can still have shiny kid things. I got a Captain America doll (it was on sale, yayness) and he is right now hanging out with Iron Man on my bookshelf. There was also Avenger pencils, Avenger eggs (the candy sucks, blergh), and chocolate. It's kind of like Christmas stockings, part 2! Pics under the cut, including of Captain America's butt because the designers gave him a sculpted one. I'm curious as to why, but eh. Whatevs.

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Apr. 16th, 2014


Fanficion: Too Early

Fandom: Harry Potter
Title: Too Early
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: G
Word Count: 873
Beta: None
Summary: It is too early in the morning to be french kissed by a boy who said he only wanted to be friends and almost died battling a dragon. This is the opinion that Draco maintains.
Warnings: None
Contains: None
Disclaimer: I own nothing; I make no money from this. Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling, Warner Brothers, Scholastic Books, et. al.
A/N: Okay, first, this was written for LJs enchanted_jae and cotton candy bingo (card is here). She chose the prompt 'room mate' from the bingo and also prompted 'pet'. This also covers two of the three monthly prompts at LJs hp-creatures (dragon and Hogwarts).

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Apr. 15th, 2014


Happy Tax Day to celli (Walking Dead taxfic)

baking update: some kind of cocoa scones - they didn't turn out that well

fic update: Happy Tax Day, [personal profile] celli!

Nothing is Certain
by LastScorpion

Disclaimer: The rights to "The Walking Dead" and all its characters don't belong to me. This is just fanfic, purely for the entertainment of myself and a few of my friends. It goes AU after season, um, two I think? Possibly three? (LOL we don't get that channel; I've only seen it on DVD from the library.) Also I don't know if you've seen even that much of it -- Hershel is a sort-of elderly veterinarian, with one leg (because they had to chop the other one off when a zombie bit him!). Beth and Maggie are his daughters. A group of zombie apocalypse survivors are settled in a prison (where the walls and fences mostly keep the zombies out.)

Summary: The dead have risen. Darn. (Seriously, it's "Walking Dead". Do I even have to say zombie apocafic?) Read more... )

Apr. 12th, 2014


-Forgot to mention that when we went to see The Winter Soldier, we took the bus to the theater and the driver told me that my little guy (Steve) rode free! Awesome bus driver is awesome.

-Went out today to get wood shavings for the bunny's home. We decided on going to the farm store rather than Walmart because 1) buses on a Saturday and 2) Walmart on a Saturday. No. Just, no. Especially if we just needed to get the shavings. So, being that it was a nice day, we took the bunny out. He was better than the cat, even to the point where he was sunbathing as we walked along.

-Hanging out with the youngest sister this last week has turned into a Bucky-feels event. I'm not complaining and I don't mind, but I forgot the high one gets when one discovers new feels and is in the mood for sharing. (I have had Bucky-feels so Winter Solider was just adding to it all, but youngest sister just discovered.)

-We rewatched Iron Man last night to figure out if maybe Stane was a member of Hydra. Given that we never really find out why he wanted Tony killed and his behaviour, I firmly think he was and that the hit was put out because Tony had outlived his purpose. (Either that or the math formula thingie determined that the cave was Tony's push toward agreeing with the registration act. I'm unclear which. But since the registration act is pretty much what Hydra was after...I dunno. Maybe?)

-Comics are best enjoyed in print and not digital. I think anyway. Besides the fact that most of the time, the comics are the same price, the reading part is difficult. Zooming in and then having it go here and there where you don't want it to and turning it to better zoom in...maybe it's just that I'm reading it on a tablet? Dunno. I like print better. The only exceptions I'll make is 1) if it's on sale (like last week when there was a huge sale on some Captain America items that I wanted) and 2) if it's on sale and in my wishlist. Otherwise, I love print.

-Middle sister is going to S.C. for two weeks on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to this because there will be less stress in the house. Particularly for youngest sister. There are reasons, but I'm still unsure if the reasons are because of stress from the beginning of the year or if the reasons are here to stay. Which I hope not.

-Work is finally picking up. Been so busy, so many things to do. I feel useful again. Rather than just taking up space and money for not doing anything. Happy.

-Middle sister is finally going to see a doctor about one of her heart conditions to see what more can be done or anything. Crossing my fingers. And youngest sister is going in for a psych eval to see if something there is adding to her migraines. She's nervous--afraid the eval is going to pull up that she's a sociopath or something. I think she might be on the Asperger's scale, but we'll find out soon.

-Easter is soon. I shall have pics up, but we found Avenger's Easter boxes for $1. Also candy filled Avenger's easter eggs. We're excited :D (Hey, who says Easter baskets are just for kids?) There was also mini Lindt chocolates in Easter shapes (like bunnies, rabbits, etc.) at the club store so we picked some of those up. Also will have that Sunday off. I'm meh about this because woohoo, a day off I didn't ask for! R&R is good. (And the fact that I can enjoy it without middle sister possible aggravating me or youngest sister is a bonus!) On the other hand, this is an unpaid day and one of the 2 days of my work week that pays me the most. So that's a bit of a hurt. (The fact that I'll be picking up 2 extra shifts does not really help as I really need all the money so I can bills as well as the hotel for November and a new phone for my sister as well as those other adulty things I am now solely responsible for. This is actually a very long story and not for a random post. Another day!)

-The weather has been gorgeous lately. I hope everyone's Spring is going the same! (And those of you who are in autumn right now--hope you aren't too bad off either!)