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Hey everyone. I'm sorry to those who wanted to plot with me in November. I got sucked in by final projects and studying for exams. But I am clean and clear now. So if you'd like to plot and play please please hit me up. *puppy eyes.*

~Tasha aka rosa

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hey, i know we got a lot of new people and i haven't been exactly welcoming. so HI NEW PEOPLE! I just started the new semester but I'm almost always around for threading and plotting (shadowboxrrbaby on aim) a couple tidbits about my kiddos in case it inspires anyone for plottage!

Billie is currently enrolling her daughter Christy at Magic School full time. She keeps losing bits of time (because her sister Christy is starting to take up residence in her head) kind of similar to the Niki/Jessica issue if any of you are familiar with Heroes.

Prue is the White Lighter for the new Charmed Ones. She's trying to work on her relationship with Andy.

Parker is still adjusting to her lack of memory and everyone knowing her when she doesn't know anyone.

Halli is a bitch. She's trying to find a job (and not because she wants to) and she might be hanging out at Magic School or P3 a lot. She's also about to do battle with a fallen angel to save her sister.

So yeah, all my kiddos are up for plot or random threads if anyone wants them :)

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Okay, I need to cut down on all my games. So here's the thing, I'm dropping two of my kiddos. The question is, which 2? So what do you think out of Bianca, Billie, Paige or Prue. Who should I keep and who should I drop?

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Iliana, if you want to toss up a thread for Prue & Andy, we can do their lunch thing & they can discuss their future and stuff :D

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Hey, I'm looking for plots for my professor. Let me know if anyone is interested in playing with her, or making any storylines. Friends, co-workers, etc.  AIM: yaykebab or email

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Hello, Charmed Progeny! I'm Alex and will be playing Ana Aguilar. She is a witch teaching at Magic School who teaches Defensive Demonology. She's new to the school, and the country, having spent time in Lakeview, previously. She's fun, definitely the teacher you wish you had.

Any ideas of storylines or just to contact me with news of the weather, on AIM I'm yaykebab

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Hello Charmed Progeny, I'm Lena. So far I only have one character which is Aaron Tesla. He is a witch that teaches at Ally's high school as the music teacher.

I'm up for any plots! I look froward to rping with all of you. My AIM is fireflysuperfan.

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