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Hey, peeps. It's Courtney here. I should have put this up a few days ago but it's holiday time. So I'll be trading in my computer time for family time. I'll be back to posting and tagging after New Year's.

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Hello everyone! I just wanted to write a quick post to give everyone an update. I just recently got my internet back. The tropical storm that went through my state took down many people's power and we've just recently got it back. Onward then!

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Calling all old players! [05/30/11]

Seeing that there is a new entry here in the OOC and for those of you that we've managed to contact, it's true! We're restarting/rebooting Progeny. Yes, that's right-- the time has come.

Now, there's a few new things to discuss. You all already know the common rules-- don't be a douche, don't mix ooc/ic knowledge, utilize the spell-check tool, let us know if you need time off-- those sorts of things. The old rules are still visible if you need a reminder. Since the game is now private (just between those of us who were a part of it before), as long as the rules aren't being blatantly broken, we'll more than likely be pretty lax on them. There is, however, one new one that we'll be observing strictly. Until further notice, all players may only have 3 pups and no more. If you want to keep your old pups, that's fine... as long as you keep only three.

Also, instead of doing three day-seven day shifts in game-time, we'll be going a single day at a time. We'll change the day every three or four days, so try and get your threads finished in a timely manner (though it's not like anybody will be beheaded if you don't finish before the daychange). With each daychange, we'll include things like special events (birthdays, holidays, things like that), the weather, and keep track of what's happened in the last game day so everybody will be kept up to speed. When we do game-wide plots (the first of which will be shortly after we start playing), we'll give you a notice ahead of time so you can decide if and how you want your pups to be involved. Also, if we're close to a daychange and you come across an idea for that day that you feel you simply must play on the day that's about to change, then you can put a "place holder" post so you still have that spot before the daychange.

Now, in a week from today, we'll be removing all the old journals from both the OOC and IC boards. We're leaving them as is for a week just so any of the old players that we've not yet contacted can let us know here if you still want to be a part of the game. On Monday, June 6th, we'll be cleaning house, as in, removing all the old character journals.

*ONE LAST THING. If you have not yet confirmed with the mods (as in, already talked with one of us about being a part of the game again), don't jump into any of the new threads yet. Just because your journal still has access to the board, that doesn't mean your old characters are still in. You've got to check in with a mod first and let us know. If we find that you have not checked in with us and disregarded this point, your posts will be erased and then you'll have to take your ball and go home.

Am I missing anything? Let me know!

It's AWESOME to be starting up again. I know I've sure missed it all!

<3 / your friendly neighborhood mod,

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So I think we have officially died, guys. I don't know where Amber is and she hasn't been around for a while. And I'm not even sure how to get things going again. So I think we're dead :(

(if anyone wants to join me, I'm taking Halli to a panfandom game [info]papillonmods)

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Is anyone here?

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update from my dismal life. i did not get the apartment i applied for, which means i am still homeless. i hardly have time to breathe, let alone do homework and search for an apartment when work is not running me ragged. however, i'm hoping this won't last much longer. (then again, i was hoping it wouldn't happen at all, and we see where that got me) i'm going to be as active as i can, but i can't promise anything right now. i'm trying, i'm just really overwhelmed w/ real life at the moment.

-alicia (xposted 2 all my games)

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Hello! I bring you Mike Vela. He's a witch. He goes to university. He went to Magic School. He is new! And so am I! This game looks like it's fun and rich with history! I'd love to set up storylines or play random scenes. Everyone here has such neat characters!

Looking forward to playing with you all!

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