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joanwilder  aka RaeWhit [userpic]

Posting to keep community active/avoid deletion.

Thank you piccie for DJ!

This is for you, a lttle gift for all your hard work with the Snarry Games!


The Tipping Point )

Accioslash [userpic]
*Hugs You*

I always find it harder to thank someone who I owe a great deal than someone I only owe a little. So if there is any good explanation for why it took me so long to post this, that is the only explanation I have. How do you adequately thank someone for giving up so much of their time and their talent for so many years? How do you express how much of a difference their hard work made to someone else? To a *lot* of someones? While I never thought the Snarry ship was in danger of sinking, our fandom would be so much poorer without DJ and her Snarry Games crew. And I don't have enough words to express the true depth of my gratitude. I realize that deep thoughts aren't really my forte. But I couldn't let this opportunity go by unacknowledged. So, thank you, DJ, from the bottom of my Snarry-loving heart. You've made a real difference in our community and we all owe you a debt we can never repay.


Teeny gift art under the cut... )

karasu_hime [userpic]
Thank you!

Glitter Graphics

Thank You Glitter Pictures

Thank you! It's always a pleasure to participate in the Snarry_Games. Thank you for all your hard work and making it fun.

Beth H [userpic]

*hugs you hard*

Title: "Far from the Pegasus, a Home"
Author: Beth H.
Pairing: Snape/Harry
Genre: Alive and Kicking (EWE) and Crossover/Fusion
Prompt: Hold My Hand
Rating/Warnings/Kinks: None!
Word Count: 777
Author Notes 1: Behold the teeny crossover (of sorts) with Stargate: Atlantis!
Author Notes 2: My dear DJ...thank you so much for the creation for the [info]snarry_games which has given us all so much wonderful Snape/Harry fic and art - and even more thanks for being such an excellent (and patient) Mod (...especially with me *g*)

Far from the Pegasus, a Home )

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gin_tonic [userpic]
Thank you!

Dear DJ,
thank you for all the wonderful work you put into these fantastic Games. I had an amazing time! Here's a little untitled Snarry drabble for you. Enjoy!

A shared look, a smile, followed by a sneer that really is a smile. Then, a glass of Pinot Noir (that only one of them knows how to pronounce) and an accidental touch that is not accidental at all.

Another evening, this time in a restaurant, their table in a secluded area. Their conversation carefully avoids topics that remind them of an uncomfortable past – until one of them announces the ridiculousness of the whole situation, propriety be damned. From then on their talk is easier, because nobody feels like they have to hold back who they are.

Their first kiss doesn't come until until their fifth date and is a surprise to both of them.

cluegirl [userpic]
Gift Ficlet for DJ.

Dearest, most patient Mod, I couldn't help but write this for you, after all you've suffered through on behalf of these games.

Your heroic sacrifices deserve no less. Ergo, from one Harry lover to another, I present the following:

What Do You Get?
By Cluegirl
Rating: tame
Summary: At the last staff-only dinner before the reopening of Hogwarts, tension brings certain, unignorable truths to the surface.
Author's notes: Thanks to Rikibeth for the lightning-fast beta. And as for the story, I mean every word.

It was a dark, and stormy night... )

Thank you!

Dear DJ,

I have art that is near completion for you but as I'm not 100% sure I'll get it finished in time (late closing games submission too, whoops!) I'll post my thank you first.

Being a part of the snarry games for three years has brought me more joy than you could imagine. I try to do a few fests a year (they are my only way of ensuring that I am actually productive) and no other I have come across is as well-run, as organised, or as enjoyable as the Snarry Games, and I believe that this is almost entirely down to you and your team.

Thank you so much for all your hard work, all your kindness to us poor sods who beg you for extensions, and for your enthusiasm for the pairing, which shines through and makes the Games what they are.

The Games have given me confidence, have helped me meet new people, and have given me so much joy as both a watcher and as a participant. You help to bring so much high standard fic and art into the fandom and for that I'm so grateful.

Thank you for being the smart, funny, kind, and just all-around awesome person that you are. I was so thrilled to meet you, let alone room with you, at Azkatraz, you have no idea! ♥


- Hannah

Dear DJ,

I do have a gift for you, it just is not quite ready yet (that must sound familiar... can I have eighteen extensions?)  In the meantime, however, I didn't want to miss my chance to say thank you.  I so so appreciate all the work you do and have done on these Games, and it's been an utter privilege to be allowed to take part in them.  I remember finding this year's invitation to participate days after the sign up deadline had passed, and wailing in despair.  I am so grateful you let me have a place on the team.  I had not posted or written ANYTHING since the last games, and to get this story out of me - to finally put down the words that had been rattling around my brain for so long, and actually FINISH something - it's all down to you.  I've had a blast, and been introduced to some brilliant new writers and artists.  I'm so touched by the generosity and love you tirelessly show for the participants, the community, and our wizarding boys.  These Games have been inspiring.

Thank you, thank you, a million times over.  Expect the gift of fic(ish...ness...) in the very near future.


P.S.  I think we live in the same city.   If you ever need some escape from Olympic insanity (Quaaatchi...), it'd be an honour to buy coffee/hard liquor for the Queen Mod herself.

dementordelta [userpic]
*Big Smooches*

When I first heard about the Snarry Games I knew I wanted to participate more than anything! Every year it's been a challenge--in all senses of the word--and an honor, and most of all a pleasure to be a team member--no matter which team I was on. Thank you for bringing that to the fandom, for giving us a lip-smacking dose of new stories and new art that has always been the highest standard this fandom can produce.

*blows kisses*

For that I will always adore you!

Thank you!

I really can't say thank you enough. I look forward to the games every year. I've made some great friends through them, and probably wouldn't write much at all if I didn't have them. Thank you so much for this great fest!

hpstrangelove [userpic]
I Can't Believe I've Been a Part of This

Dear DJ,

The first Snarry Games by the 'Olympics' name was really my first major fandom fest as a reader, and I couldn't wait to get up each morning, print out the stories, take them to work, and sneak them in between my meeting notes to read during boring meetings!

I remember reading a story while waiting in the doctor's office once.  I remember reading a story and crying, then having to tell my co-workers it was my allergies acting up.  I remember so many things about that first fest.  Then the second one came along and it was just a good. The writing was so incredible, I never thought I'd be a part of the Games one day.

And to think I've been able to participate in TWO of them!  I can't thank you enough for organizing all of this.  It will be an experience I'll always treasure.


joanwilder  aka RaeWhit [userpic]
Thanks, kid.


I've posted fic for you earlier in the comm, but I actually only transcribed Harry and Snape's conversation (and objectively noted what I observed), so I can't take full credit for that entry for your annals of the [info]snarry_games. This here is my genuine...

Thank you... )

ivylady [userpic]
Many Thanks, DJ

DJ, thanks so much for all that you do running Snarry Games. I've participated in two fests, and though they were nerve wracking, they were also some of the best fun that I've ever had. This last fest was simply magnificent (I almost died from the awesome overload), and a wonderful way to go out. Thanks again!

To show my appreciation, here's a little gift for you.

Title: The Next Adventure
Author: [info]ivylady
Rating: G
Word Count: 440
Summary: After years of being at everyone's beck and call, Severus and Harry embark on their next adventure.
Author's Notes: For DJ, mod extraordinaire, who has hosted [info]snarry_games for years and made it such an awesome place for Snarry fans to read fic and view art. Thank you so much for all you've done!

Read more... )

dracofiend [userpic]
Heartfelt thanks <3

Oh DJ, thank you, thank you! for everything you've done for us and for Snarry fandom--your strength and fortitude in putting on the Games has always and will always amaze me. Maybe one of the most amazing things about it is how dedicated and tireless and pro-Snarry you've been through all the long hours and difficult moments and sleep deprivation--you and your whole team have truly exhibited superhuman endurace!--and all for the sake of the fun of it. :D It's a full time job to run a show like you do and I don't think I'll ever get over how much you've put into it, out of love for Snarry and your friends and fans. ♥

Thank you again, so much.

stellamoon [userpic]
Thank you, DJ!


Thanks for all your time and efforts in running this great fest, yet again. I have contributed to all but 1 of them, and feel very honored to have been a part of it all. This fest adds so much great work to fandom! Thanks again, for all you do!


littleblackbow [userpic]

A present for DJ )

Thanks for all your hard work, DJ!! Snarry Games has helped and saved me in so many ways, and I could never thank you enough!!


One of the bestest fests ever and it felt not just like a part of my fandom-life, but also you and your co-mods were wonderful, amazing examples of why fandom is so awesome. It's not just the canon, it's also the people working behind the scenes to make this experience interactive, fun, welcoming and creative.

I AM RAMBLING, LOL. Pictures say things better than words. Since this last fest was a blend of many things - new and old fans, art and fic, Snarry and other fandoms - I figured I could keep going with the trend and tailor it specifically for you!

However...not everyone agreed with my idea....

See what I mean? (worksafe art) )
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

curious skipper [userpic]
A little Gift of Thanks

Dear DJ,

The Snarry community wouldn't be half so strong or so fun without you. Thank you for bringing us all together year after year. The stories and art produced during the Snarry Games are second to none!

On a more personal level, you renew my love for the pairing even as canon made it near impossible. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of it! It's been such an honor and a pleasure. Seriously, I can't thank you enough! I've just had so much goddamn fun making art and meeting people. Like, it was AMAZING to meet you in person. ;laskdjfadsf I'm incoherent.

So in thanks, I realized I never did any uh.. porny art for the Games. it is )

Thank You!

gingertart50 [userpic]
Thank you to DJ

Dear DJ

When I first discovered the joy of Snarry, back when I merely read and lurked, along came the Snarry Games, and I was blown away by the quality of the fics. From 2006, my ambition was to write something good enough for the Games. I remember saying to Rakina, who was my beta, that all I wanted was to be picked for the Games, because then I would know that I had arrived as a writer of fanfic. I was so delighted when I was chosen last year, and I angsted like hell over my fic and worried that I wouldn't be able to live up to the incredibly high standard required. I was just as overjoyed to take part again this year, with rather more confidence, and I'm so grateful to have had this opportunity. Thank you for running these awesome Games, and giving an enormous amount of pleasure to a lot of people.

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