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Date: 2012-01-14 12:22
Subject: Friday/Saturday Edition
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Fics - One Shots:
[info]abrae: in medias res - Severus/Harry; R
[info]coffee_n_cocoa: Lavender Fields Forever - Neville/Lavender; NC-17
[info]kayakaari: Snakes & Ladders: When Minions Scheme - Severus; G
[info]suitesamba: How National Geographic Saved Severus Snape - Severus/Harry; R *warnings*
[info]elfflame: Viridian 3: A Waiting Game - Harry/Draco; R *warnings*
[info]demarafis: Long Live The Half-Blood Prince - Severus; PG-13

Fics - WIP:
[info]wolfiefics: Lustful Persuasions (updated with chapter 11/? ) - Severus/Remus; R
[info]blueskyecloud9: The Pursuit of Happiness (updated with chapter 9/16) - Severus/Harry, Remus/Sirius; PG-13

[info]alisanne: A Fresh Start - Harry/Draco; G
[info]torino10154: Parting of the Ways - Harry/Draco, Draco/Astoria; PG

[info]phoenixcharm180: Severus saved by ... Ron - Severus, Ron; G
[info]phoenixcharm180: Severus Saved By ... Hermione - Severus, Hermione; G
Anonymous in [info]snape_potter: Submission -Harry/Severus; R *warnings*

Community News
[info]neville100: Prompt 208: Plan
[info]snape_potter: Snarry Swap Halfway Point

[info]dailysnitch: Thursday Issue
[info]dailysnitch: Friday the 13th(!) Issue

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