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Date: 2012-01-03 21:01
Subject: Monday - Tuesday Edition
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One Shots
Anonymous in [info]snape_potter: A New Leaf, a New Page, and the Beginning of Always - Severus/Harry, Ron/Hermione; NC-17
Anonymous in [info]snape_potter: Mists of Time - Severus/Harry; NC-17 *warnings*
[info]masterseverus: Truth or Dare? - Severus.Harry; R
[info]alisanne: A Wonderful Life - Severus/Harry, Charlie/Draco, Kingsley/Percy; NC-17

[info]wolfiefics: Lustful Persuasions -updated with chapter 2/? (Severus/Remus; R)

[info]alisanne: New Year's Luck - Severus/Harry; PG-13
[info]ellid: The Return - Severus; NR
[info]alisanne: Not Forgotten - Severus/Remus; PG
[info]nimrod_9: Another New Beginning - Severus/OMC; G
[info]gamma_orionis: Resolution - Bellatrix, Andromeda, Narcissa; G
[info]lore: A Nose is Just a Nose - Severus/Remus; G

Community News
[info]snupin100: Posted Challenge 345: The Howl of the Wind
[info]severus_sighs: Mod Post concerning Reviving Severus *sighs* Challenge Submissions.
[info]hp_nextgen100: Posted Prompt 92: Imagination
[info]draco100: Posted Prompt 178: Hyde Park
[info]harry100: Posted Challenge Prompt #169: Artistic Merit
[info]daily_deviant: Posted the Kinky Kristmas 2011 Pre-Reveals Masterlist.

[info]dailysnitch: Posted an issue for January 2-3.
[info]longbottom_wkly: Posted an issue for January 2.
[info]snapenews: Posted an issue for December 29-January 1.
[info]dailysnitch: Posted an issue for January 1.

[info]snegurochka_lee: Posted New Years Recs (Fic and Art)

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