Oct. 26th, 2016


kait's peoples

Heeeeey ♥ Kait finally did a thing.

I'm just bringing two THREE people to the table right now, just to try and get my feet wet. My schedule's super busy for the time being so I'm ~trying things out~. :D

So I have:

Remus Lupin [info]shabbywolf | Harry Potter | Remus Lives!AU
Everyone's favorite werewolf schoolteacher, from an AU in which he didn't die at the Battle of Hogwarts. Now a widower with a young son, Remus has been raising Teddy as a single dad for the past three years and things have actually been pretty happy postwar, just missing his wife. He's actually been teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts since the school reopened and has paved the way for some massive reforms regarding werewolf treatment in wizarding Britain, so safe to say he's likely to be ... out and proud, sort of.

Nathan Drake [info]hadtotry | Uncharted | Pre-canon
Nate's from before his canon starts, when he's around age 20 and is learning the finer points of crime from Sully and Sam. He's a pickpocket and thief who's amazing at climbing on all kinds of shit and finding "another way around". At this point he hasn't ever killed anybody, but he'll turn out to be surprisingly good at it, so clearly he's someone the Assassins need to notice. XD

ETA: Kaidan Alenko [info]secondspectre | Mass Effect | Indoctrination AU
Kaidan's from ladyShep's world, but he's true to canon and all her decisions (Destroy ending, etc). He's a space telekinetic with a chronic migraine problem, and he tends to be overly thoughtful and tries real hard to be the cool guy in the room when he really probably isn't. He's kind of a goody two-shoes sometimes, kind of a by-the-book military man, and he will be very weirded out to find boy!Shepard here.


Hey guys, it's Klutzy and to absolutely no one's surprise, the one character I have to introduce at the moment is Danny William, the AU version.

Basically, his world, the supernatural is pretty much a normal thing. He was born a witch and if you're familiar with Charmed, I basically borrowed Piper's active power for him (if not, he can freeze something or blow it up with a hand movement), along with spellcasting and potions and an affinity for fire because...hothead. He came in a few weeks ago, pretty much attached to the hip with Steve because they're codependent cops and stupidly in love and in denial about it.

Anyway, that's it for now! A Lindsey McDonald should be following at some point too! So...plots? :D


Okay, this is a long list and I'm half-asleep but here goes!

Mel's Characters! )


To help everyone keep arrival dates straight the first few weeks, I did up a DOCUMENT for them! I might have missed a few that either didn't have an arrival date filled out or I just flat out missed. It's editable by anyone with a link, so feel free to put in your character as needed!

You can also feel free to attach a note over your character's name with the exact date, if that tickles your fancy.

Since there's a big surge of people arriving today, intake is going to be a little crowded and rushed. The general idea of what your character experiences when they arrive is pretty much this:
  • Meet & explanation: Rebecca, Shaun or another Assassin NPC will be in the same room the portal is located, and will meet, explain things briefly, calm people down as needed, etc.
  • Medical examination is next, unless your character arrives severely injured then they kind of skip the explanation and you go straight to emergency services.
  • After medical, you get your paperwork, questions answered, a tablet, laptop and phone. Shaun and Rebecca's info is programmed in all of the electronics and they're available to answer questions. They won't get network access until they've had at least the general explanation. (Up to you if they BELIEVE it, though.)
  • From then on, your character can get assigned to a room, fuck around on the internet, figure out if they want to work with the Assassins or leave, etc.
  • People that come out of the portal and are hostile immediately will be sedated. If your character isn't ABLE to be sedated, they will be held in a super assassin holding cell until they calm down.

  • After Rebecca's post goes up, feel free to throw yourselves into the mix!

    Oct. 25th, 2016


    eyyyy, it's jo

    I only have 2 characters so far, I'm vaguely considering a third or forth, we'll see.

    First up is Jane Shepard from Mass Effect. She was a Paragade-ish Shepard, romanced (waiting to see if someone wants to play a love interest), and chose the Destroy option — because she's from an Indoctrination Theory AU and choosing Destroy was a rejection of her brainwashing. She was in an Alliance hospital for a little bit before showing up in-game in June 2016, where she's been in a local hospital recovering from a "car accident" for months, because being all crushed up by Reapers, teleportation, and rubble takes a while to get better from. She'll be getting out soon.

    So far I think she's going to be friends with her male counterpart because they've been getting to know each other while she was in inpatient care? So she may also know... I think Warden!Bethany is the one dating Shepard here, right? Give this girl some friends, she needs people to have snarked at in physical therapy.

    Second is Garrett Hawke, because apparently I only play genderswapped versions of Mel's characters here. This Hawke is a mage spirit healer who'll be working with Medical when he arrives, sided with the mages, romanced and killed Anders (again, like Mel's Hawke, and I swear to Christ that we came up with that scenario totally independently of each other), and will be arriving shiny new with his bro Warden Carver. He survived Adamant at the expense of (idk probably Stroud but possibly Alistair, who knows). Basically he's just from a universe that isn't Adaar's, so if anyone would like to hop on and play an Inquisitor or a Warden from his reality, please do!


    Whit's Peeps!

    Hello gang, here are my people!

    Clicky clicky )



    Hi babes! Gonna do this before a marathon workday. I'm starting off with five so far, but I'm incredibly easy to enable, so just poke me if there are things you want!

    Kristy's People )

    SO YES! Plot with me! Enable me! YAY!

    Oct. 24th, 2016


    Hey y'all! This is Andrea, with a surprise character that I didn't hold, and my intro etc etc. I have a pretty long list, so I'm going to sum them all up QUICKLY AND PAINLESSLY - except for Rebecca, she needs xplainin..

    First up - like Whit's Shaun, Rebecca Crane at [info]shutupshaun is the first person your character is gonna meet. She's a native in the Assassin's Creed world, and has been in mosssssst of the AC games. She's their resident tech nerd and engineer. Rebecca is the polar opposite of Shaun in that she's an extrovert, friendly, happy to help, excitable and a total potty mouth. If your character is well known in pop culture or from the AC world, she has already squeed on you and been like "OOOO" heart eyes. Anyone who came in at the very early window of the portal would know her as someone who had JUST gotten out of the hospital after being shot. She's an Assassin but operates mostly in a support role, and R&D people know her as the "go-to native", BUT she's not pushy and let's people do what they want within reason. Mostly cause she has her own shit going on so. Why bother being a micromanager.

    ALRIGHT now everybody else )

    WEEE plottplotplotwithmeeee. PS I also made it so members can make their own tags in the communities, so feel free to do that if you don't have one. Please put your AU in it if you can - for instance Hanzo is going to be Hanzo (Junkenstein). If you see someone from the same AU using a certain callsign for it, try to use the same one? W/e works.


    Hello! It's Whit here with some housekeeping and a little bit of info as we prepare for game launch!

    Andrea and I have decided that we're going to handwave a lot of the travel time between locations provided that said locations are on the same continent. Basically? Bullet trains! Traveling between LA and NYC would take about 3 hours and wouldn't be a big deal. Obviously you can't do that from Paris to LA, but we're going to work IC to get it even easier to let everyone meet up locally. We want everyone who can feasibly interact to do so easily, so just bear with us and handwave accordingly.

    Secondly, Shaun (this journal) and Becs ([info]shutupshaun) will be the first two people your character meets. Rebecca's definitely the friendly and nice one; Shaun's impatient and an arrogant snot, but you will quickly determine that they both care VERY MUCH in their own way. They're overrun with new arrivals and trying desperately to get them settled and processed. If you had an issue, you probably talked about it with one or the other. They're both capable Assassins, but they will absolutely appreciate any help you can throw them, and are fairly transparent given everything.

    Thirdly, the game will open with an email from Becs to Shaun. Once that goes live, feel free to start posting! You will have been given a device to write/update your journal that will render it secure. It can also do voice-to-post. Essentially, all things on the network are very secure and cannot be infiltrated by Templar/outside people. Thanks Becs!

    - Whit