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12:21 am: [info]celtic_cherokee Jessica Alba
02:06 pm: [info]celtic_cherokee Jackson Rathbone
10:56 pm: [info]ariyanaforever 228 Tom Hiddleston (in Avengers & Hollow Crown)
12:04 pm: [info]backstreets REBECCA HALL - The Awakening
12:43 pm: [info]snowball (no subject)
09:33 pm: [info]backstreets SHEETAL SHETH - I Can't Think Straight
04:04 am: [info]sic_vita_est Michael Emerson
04:09 am: [info]sic_vita_est Jim Caviezel
04:31 pm: [info]snowball (no subject)
08:09 pm: [info]seethesoldiers Sophie Turner.
01:30 am: [info]backstreets COLIN FORD - We Bought a Zoo
07:43 pm: [info]royalsongstress 150 Benedict Cumberbatch icons
08:59 pm: [info]ghanima Emily Rose
11:54 pm: [info]theredbrickroad Cody Christian
11:20 pm: [info]snowball (no subject)
03:40 pm: [info]oods_n_ends Kelsey Olson
09:33 pm: [info]backstreets SCARLETT JOHANSSON - We Bought a Zoo
09:37 pm: [info]backstreets MAGGIE ELIZABETH JONES - We Bought a Zoo
03:50 pm: [info]myteeveesays diplo
03:50 pm: [info]myteeveesays Josh Brolin
03:50 pm: [info]myteeveesays John Slattery
04:00 pm: [info]myteeveesays Ryan Gosling (ides of march)
08:05 pm: [info]rj_rps Erica Durance
11:33 pm: [info]godcilla hunter parrish
03:28 pm: [info]butterflydarlin Iain Glen
03:36 pm: [info]butterflydarlin Jason Momoa
11:24 pm: [info]theredbrickroad Lyle O'Donohoe
12:04 am: [info]seethesoldiers Joshua Jackson.
02:03 pm: [info]theredbrickroad Aislinn Paul
06:03 pm: [info]shadowpiranha Andrew Scott in Sherlock - Episode 1x03 (The Great Game)
09:12 pm: [info]theredbrickroad Annie Clark
12:46 am: [info]faceyface jung yunho.
05:34 pm: [info]faceyface shim changmin.
11:03 pm: [info]satan Lucy Punch
06:15 am: [info]honeyspider (no subject)
11:50 am: [info]butterflydarlin Kristen Connolly
12:04 pm: [info]butterflydarlin Fran Kranz
12:23 pm: [info]butterflydarlin Chris Hemsworth
12:31 pm: [info]butterflydarlin Jesse Williams
12:38 pm: [info]butterflydarlin Anna Hutchinson
12:44 pm: [info]butterflydarlin Amy Acker
02:54 pm: [info]celtic_cherokee Rosario Dawson - 180 icons (appearances, etc)
04:52 pm: [info]vertigo (no subject)
05:14 pm: [info]seethesoldiers Chris Pine.
08:04 pm: [info]seethesoldiers Maisie Williams.
02:25 am: [info]vertigo (no subject)
04:07 pm: [info]allrainydays Matt Bomer
09:45 pm: [info]theredbrickroad Sarah Fisher
11:13 pm: [info]moonshoes Karen Gillan
12:19 am: [info]celtic_cherokee Nahla Aubry - 100 icons (candids)
07:59 am: [info]vertigo (no subject)
11:08 am: [info]moonshoes Karen Gillan
10:20 pm: [info]solpadeine Vladimir Ashkenazy (in 1968)
01:45 pm: [info]celtic_cherokee Hayden & Marreck Reynolds - 110 icons
03:17 pm: [info]seethesoldiers Andrew Lee Potts.
09:43 pm: [info]theredbrickroad Allen Evangelista
10:40 pm: [info]theredbrickroad Munro Chambers
05:44 pm: [info]dreacons Diane Kruger
05:45 pm: [info]feline_fatale Kristin Kreuk in Beauty and the Beast - Episode 1x1 ("Pilot")
07:11 pm: [info]eidetics Caitlin Stasey
09:08 pm: [info]shadowpiranha Andrew Scott in Sherlock - Episode 2x03 (The Reichenbach Fall)
09:22 pm: [info]feline_fatale Kristin Kreuk in Beauty and the Beast - Episode 1x2 ("Proceed With Caution")
10:02 pm: [info]moonshoes Eva Green (brunette)
10:02 pm: [info]moonshoes Eva Green (redhead)
08:01 am: [info]turtleduck Olivia Holt - 102 icons.
08:50 am: [info]vertigo (no subject)
05:20 pm: [info]tayberhecate Sandra Vergara - 278 icons
08:12 pm: [info]moonshoes Naomi Watts
08:26 pm: [info]seethesoldiers Katharine Isabelle.
09:52 pm: [info]seethesoldiers Katharine Isabelle.
10:59 pm: [info]moonshoes Marsha Thomason
09:15 am: [info]dreacons Colin O'Donoghue
12:24 am: [info]backstreets SETH ROGEN - 50/50
10:08 am: [info]royalsongstress 160 Benedict Cumberbatch icons
05:15 pm: [info]backstreets JACOB ARTIST - Glee
05:26 pm: [info]stillsthetalent Emmett Skilton in The Almighty Johnsons
05:31 pm: [info]stillsthetalent Hayden Frost in The Almighty Johnsons
05:37 pm: [info]stillsthetalent Siobhan Marshall in The Almighty Johnsons
06:04 pm: [info]stillsthetalent Tim Balme in The Almighty Johnsons
06:53 pm: [info]icontherocks Kelly Reilly in Sherlock Holmes
03:28 am: [info]vertigo (no subject)
08:19 pm: [info]erin Abigail Breslin (blonde)
08:24 pm: [info]erin Tabret Bethell (LotS)
11:11 pm: [info]snowball (no subject)
11:57 pm: [info]seethesoldiers Katharine Isabelle.
04:45 pm: [info]palaeopirates Jordan Todosey
04:52 pm: [info]palaeopirates Jena Malone
04:57 pm: [info]palaeopirates Tom Hiddleston
05:03 pm: [info]palaeopirates Zoe Kravitz.
08:24 pm: [info]stillsthetalent Dean O'Gorman in The Almighty Johnsons
09:52 pm: [info]cindergraphics Jason Dolley
09:54 pm: [info]theredbrickroad Gabriel Mann
11:10 pm: [info]moonshoes Taylor Swift
01:05 am: [info]seethesoldiers Katharine Isabelle.
02:41 pm: [info]stillsthetalent Jared Turner in The Almighty Johnsons
04:33 pm: [info]theredbrickroad Chloe Rose
09:22 pm: [info]1034 Ezra Miller
12:59 am: [info]backstreets (no subject)
08:44 am: [info]coeur_delanuit Carole Ann Ford (as Susan Foreman in 'Doctor Who')
11:53 am: [info]feline_fatale Kristin Kreuk in Beauty and the Beast - Episode 1x1 ("Pilot")
12:36 pm: [info]feline_fatale Jessica Alba in Machete (2010)
03:53 am: [info]vertigo (no subject)
01:26 pm: [info]butterflydarlin Rutina Wesley
01:36 pm: [info]butterflydarlin Rutina Wesley
01:44 pm: [info]butterflydarlin Mehcad Brooks
01:51 pm: [info]butterflydarlin Ashley Jones
02:18 pm: [info]coeur_delanuit Paul McGann (as the Eighth Doctor in the 'Doctor Who' movie)
05:40 pm: [info]seethesoldiers Katharine Isabelle.
08:19 pm: [info]seethesoldiers Katharine Isabelle.
08:38 pm: [info]backstreets STEPHEN AMELL - Arrow
10:10 pm: [info]54 Anthony Downing