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Birth of a Troll

Disclaimer again: This is a comedy site. I don't know who these people are I just borrowed the pics from all over the web. Deal with it!

Actually, if I accidentally took a photo of you tell me and I'll take it out of the post.

Now for the Story....

All right you kids! Sit down because I'm going to tell you a story you need to hear! Because nobody wants to end up like this girl did...being an IMDB Troll. The most annoying creature on earth! Now listen!

Now probably Troll Girl started out like any normal happy child. Like this kid.

We'll call her Trolly.

When did Trolly begin to lose it? She was an average enough teen once.

If just a little glassy-eyed.

Was it the day Uncle Dill began asking her to eat daisies with him?

Or when Great-Grandpa Sigmond took her for a stroll through the Old Neighborhood where he abandoned her?

Leaving her to struggle for nearly five years on her own subsisting on free packets of Chinese noodles?

Or was it the time at Military Camp when she developed the huge crush on Joey (Metalmouth) Snively the orthodontist's son...

Who only laughed at her and ran away with the Mysterious Tito DeJuan.

Of course the other girls all mocked her and said cruel things behind her back like "Trolly is so stupid to fall for Metalmouth Snively when everyone knows he has a thing for Tito."

Then they started mocking Trolly to her face .....

Because, let's face it Trolly was getting weird.

Somewhere in all her traumatic early years Trolly saw Elijah Wood..who we have already established is hot...and for some reason Trolly submerged her entire existence into a few obscure ideas about him which she spelled out online in strange pig-latin. Like...." He not actor from Pam." "He should not follow music." "His eyes get big." And so on.
Yes Trolly was losing it.

Trolly began to make up so many names to post her strange repetitive ideas that even she forgot who she really was. Finally one day she looked down into her cup of stagnant stale coffee and this is what she saw....

So if you don't want to end up like Trolly don't post stupid things on IMDB!

Edit: Hey all you other Old Antique Old Lady Elwood fans. You can post stuff here too you know. Get off your ancient duffs and do it! :p

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Old People CAN Rock!

I just saw this bunch of golden oldies on Jay Leno. All of them are much older than any Old Ladies for Lij. This rockin' group are old enough to be OUR parents. But they set a great example of not giving up just because you get old.

And Snotty Kids.....you WILL get old. :p

This bunch shows us that we can still have fun and enjoy life at any age.


I think Elijah might approve. Because Elijah is cool that way.

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Is it spring break? Due to the incredible upswing of Stupid at IMDB this Old Lady laments that it indeed must be that horrendous time of year when the internet is over-run with lameness.

Do NOT make me set the birds on you!

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If The Enterprise Read IMDB.......

Ach! Cap'n. The translators na' workin' and I ken do nuthin we' i!"

Scotty you HAVE to fix it or we will continue to be bombarded by those inane comments from the Troll Women for eternity!!!!

Yes, Captain! As delegates from the Old People's Planet we object to the type of messages of anti-elderly fans that are flooding our communicators.

Let me assure you Ambassador and Ambassadress Old People I too am disgusted by the anti-elderly hate campaign and I WILL see that it is stopped!!!!!

Captain Kirk. I believe I have intercepted a transmission from the Troll Women and...and I recognize the coordinates!

Spock- I know where it originates, Jim. Kirk- Tell us Spock!!! Spock- It comes from the place where they nearly stole my brain. The planet of Stupid Women.

Captain, I have them on visual.

Stupid Woman 1 -We think he is not good captain.Since Kirk dates blonde nurse all he is patient.he should be sent back to captain.

Stupid Woman 2- I agree. Not good at captain. He should go back to it.

I'm not dating the captain. I love Spock! Oops did I say that out loud?

I have an emergency message from Ensign Chekhov.

Captain you must help me! I'm with one of the Stupid Troll Women and even I do not want to be with them!

Jim! Even Checkhov cannot last long among those inarticulate ninnies!


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Some Random Fun With The Old Ladies

Disclaimer:None of the names are real and I found the pics on Google picture search so I have no clue who they really are.

Here are Beatrice and Clara after their first viewing of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

Beatrice- I quite liked that Frodo lad. Clara- Oh yes! He was so hot. I need a good cold glass of gin!

Mildred and Minerva though more staid have also agreed that they liked that little Elijah Wood. He is quite a good performer they both agree. Yes they also agree..He is hot!

Gwendolyn is reading her very first Fro-fanfic. Being quite refined she has had it bound into a fine leather binding. And if any kids bother her she can give them a good smack with the hefty volume!

These fans from the other side of the globe are celebrating Froday with unique Rings of their own!

Eleanor Rigby shares her enthusiasm for Elijah with her cat Sam.

All the Old Lady Fans were happy till they found out about the troll girl(s) who was attacking them on IMDB. Then they got mad. They began to protest.

Here Shirley has just read the last troll posting on her Iphone. Her sister and fellow Elijah fan Betty says "Let's get the little snot-noses!"

Back in another land distant relatives of Pamela, who do not appreciate Pam being besmirched by the troll(s) laugh as they contemplate what the results of the ancient curse they have just put on the troll(s) might result in.

Sassy Bernice plans a fan moot.

Zelda and Zoe are totally up for it!

To be continued...............

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Hello and Welcome!

If you read the info page you know what to do. Go sign up, Old Ladies!

Edit: OK I'll post what's on the info page here as well.

Elijah Wood Has a bunch of "Old Lady" Fans. We Are Them!

Once upon a time a young, at the time, actor named Elijah Wood was in a movie called Lord of The Rings. It was a big hit. And the result of this was that many ladies who were not teenagers thought he was very attractive. They also thought he was an intelligent and fine actor and human being. So they all glomped together online in fan communities.

But one day some youngsters or perhaps merely immature girls or people or trolls began to say that Elijah should not have old lady fans! Can you imagine! This was quite rude! We were already fans before some of these little whippersnappers were even born!

So being used to NOT taking any of the kids nonsense for many years in our real lives we decided we weren't going to take it in our fandom.

This is a place for bona fide Old Lady Fans or the Elderly in Spirit Fans to get together to post what WE want and have fun the way WE want to without those dad-blanged kids around!

If you want to join it might help if we know of you already as an Old Lady Elwood Fan. Again this is not an actual age requirement but if you aren't at heart an Old Lady Elwood Fan we will all know and you will not be allowed to come in. Deal with it!

How will we know? Because we are Old and Wise and We Have Eyes In the Backs Of Our Heads Like Your Mother Does!

Do we have rules?

Yeah be nice. Most of us old chicks understand that. The troll kids generally don't so they cannot come in and play with us.

Otherwise Have Fun! Post news about Elijah and yes, you can mention Pam or whoever you want but here we are allowed to have fun with it. Or we can just post stuff about ourselves that in some way relates to the general idea of this community. I'm not real picky. Nasty people only need fear my wrath and the delete button.

Now ladies have your say!

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