Monday, January 19th, 2015

You oughta be in pictures

You're wonderful to see )
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Friday, March 21st, 2014

Sky rockets in flight

Spring was blooming and patrons were lining up to have tea with the staff at the brothel. The hedges were trimmed and the lawn was mowed. Tony had the the best stone cutters clean and mend the fountains in the court yard and the best gardeners to make the garden dazzle with pinks,blues and purples. They had don away with the heavy diet of winter in favor of lighter dishes. Cucumber sandwiches and fruit tarts were being ordered with light teas. It was a time for romantic gestures, lunch in the gardens and dessert in the bushes. A time when Jasper's pastries were were even a bigger hit than the hosts. Nature was to be enjoyed which is why it was allowed to run wild in the mansion. Curtains were opened so that clients could enjoy their afternoon appointments,every bedroom had a bouquet of flowers while the doors of the ballroom remained open to the courtyard.

Even the host's attire changed. Women wore looser skirts and showed more cleavage. The men were encouraged to sun bathe by the lake.At night the rules were over looked so clients could steal a touch or a pinch with their dates. If you were devilish you could get away with much more in the hedge maze. It was spring after all and like the flowers, love was in full bloom.
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