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*a wild Taryn appears* [02 Jun 2017|08:50pm]

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borrowed from here

1. a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.
2. a person who gives assistance.
3. a person who is on good terms with another; a person who is not hostile.
4. a member of the same nation, party, etc.

Old Friends

1. Just chillin’. You just enjoy each other’s company, and you’re spending time somewhere that the only thing that matters is both of you, doing your thing.
2. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Hey man, my car broke down. Also, I might have to come stay with you a while because my significant other kicked me out... One of you is in a pickle! Time to test how far this friendship can go.
3. Bros b4 hos, man. Chicks b4 dicks. I’m really happy for your success in finding someone who might be interested in seeing you naked, but you need to remember that your friends need time too. Jealousy and friendly concern regarding relationships go here.
4. We’re gonna paint the town. Inflicting your friendship upon society. Maybe you’re going out for a party, maybe you’re just driving around. DO something together! Try something new!
5. I get by with a little help from my friends. You or your friend is in need of some emotional support during a difficult time. Whether it’s a shit situation or just whining, a friend is obligated to deal and give advice. Or are they?
6. Get in, loser, we’re going shopping. Whirlwind adventure time! Kidnap your a friend from their mundane schedule and play hookey! Run away together!
7. I love you, man. Showing your appreciation and affection for your friend, be it in gifts, gestures, or just an outright thank you.
8. Gurl, hold my poodle. A fight has broken out, and either one or both of you are involved. Do you/the friend break up the fight or jump right in to defend? Or maybe you’re in a situation neither of you could avoid - perhaps it’s war instead. What sort of team are you?
9. Long-lost. You’ve been driven apart by distance or circumstances, but you finally have the chance to see one another again. What’s the reunion like?
10. Misery loves company. Commiserating together. Maybe you’re stuck at a really boring afair, maybe you’re complaining about men/women/work. You’re allowed to be as nasty as you want in front of your best friends!
11. E tu, Brute? Betrayal. Whether intentional or not, one of you has let the other down. They’re not the person you thought they were.
12. I only tell you this because I care. Advice, possibly unsolicited. Your friend has been doing something you don’t like and you’re going to let them know. Yes, that dress does make you look fat.
13. Thinking of you. So I saw this hat on my way through the mall and thought of you! I found this cool/funny video and thought I’d pass it on! I felt like baking cookies and thought you might appreciate some.
14. Why are we friends, again? Argument! Know someone long enough and you’re bound to get in a few! Is someone just in a terrible mood? Or is there an actual issue? Fight it out, big or small! Small to big?
15. Too good of friends. Make-up prompt. You two got into it, and now it’s someone’s turn to step up and be the bigger person to preserve the friendship. How do you show you’re sorry? Is forgiveness possible?
16. Obligatory wildcard. Pick your own!

New Friends
Icebreakers for new interactions!

Reasons (Optional):

1. Convenience. You work together and carpool. You’re neighbors. You have the same classes. It’s just easier to get along than ignore each other.
2. Through an Acquaintance. They’re a friend of a friend, so naturally, you’ve had to deal with them every so often. But maybe you want to see what they’re like when it’s just the two of you?
3. Hardship. They came to help you out when you needed it, despite being a stranger. Comrades in arms.
4. Intrigue. You seem pretty cool. Want to hang out sometime?


1. Party. So you should be friends with me, because I can drink a yard of beer and I’ve got the moves like Jagger.
2. Venue. Going to the movies, having lunch together, checking out the fair that came through town. It’s like a date, except getting to know them doesn’t come tied with a relationship.
3. Favor. Hey, I’m going out for a weekend. Would you mind feeding my cat? Can I borrow a little bit of money and pay you back later?
4. TMI. Um. No, I didn’t know you had a foot fetish! And I’m really not sure how I feel about it. I really don’t care how many cats you have. I’m not at liberty to discuss how much money I have.
5. Advice. Hey, do you mind giving a second opinion? Also, you never knew this about me, but I’m actually a ninja as a night job and I can give you some help with that self-defense issue you’ve been having?
6. Philosophy. Friendship’s first deep, serious conversation. What do you think of this current issue? What’s your religious standing?
7. Call me, text me. Hey, what’s up? NM here, just bored at work. Want to play Words with Friends? Casual conversations at a distance.
8. Forced association. Well, I’d better get going... nevermind, it looks like it’s flooding outside. Um. Usually the drive is ten minutes, but usually traffic isn’t a fifty-car pile-up... know any showtunes?
9. Upgrading. Roll from the Old Friends category and see if this friend is able to take the leap!
10. Wildcard. Yep.

What if Civil War? [24 May 2016|08:34pm]



Civil War has come to pass. You're free to set this in the midst of the fight, pre/post, following MCU/comic guidelines or making up your own. Let's hash things out gang.

Get ready for the feels.

Speed Dating Meme! [20 Feb 2016|11:15pm]

For some reason or other, your character is at a speed dating event. Post with your character, and include in their comment what would be on their name tag whether it is their name or a hilarious alias. Their tag will also include their preference of men/women/both/other/hate everybody/wormhole monsters/etc.

Tag, tag your hearts out, tag everybody, multi-threads!

A fluff meme for Valentine's Day! [13 Feb 2016|02:43pm]

Adapted from here.

In honor of Valentine's Day weekend, here's a fluff meme! I figured *most* of it could be interpreted so it could be romantic or even between friends and family or whatever. So either post in your characters (saying if there's anything you don't want to do) and let someone else tag in, or post a starter and see what happens. Use RNG if you want a more random~ element.

1: Finding your character wearing their clothes
2: Holding hands
3: Having their hair washed by your character
4: Your character falling asleep with their head in another's lap.
5: Cuddling in a blanket fort
6: Sharing a bed
7: Head scratches
8: Sharing a dessert
9: Shoulder rubs
10: Reading a book together
11: Caring for each other while ill (specify which party is which)
12: Patching up a wound
13: Taking a bath together
14: Your character playing with their hair
15: Accidentally falling asleep together
16: Forehead or cheek kisses
17: Your character adjusting their jewelry/neck tie/ etc.
18: Back scratches
19: Your character crying about something
20: Slow dancing
21: Giving a gift
22: Make something up

PICK A STARTER...meme [31 Jan 2016|11:42pm]


just do it, just fucking do the crappy meme, you animal

This is going to be fairly straightforward. Under the cut, you will find a list of prompts. To play this game, you will have to:
a) Post a blank comment with your character and any preferences you might have
b) Reply to others by integrating one of the quotes into your starter. Feel free to use RNG, it's your body

Shenanigans ensue.
fun fact: I didn't read all of these )

[19 Jan 2016|11:45pm]



One Night Stand Meme! [14 Jan 2016|12:16am]

STD free is the way to be! )

Snapchat Meme! [01 Jan 2016|11:14pm]

Okay, okay, even if you don't want to make snapchat things, you can always reply to snaps! :D

Got this from here.

Which, actually, go there because they have a copy and paste thing for html and link to a snap maker, yassss.

I am so bored guys, for real.

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