July 28th, 2010

[info]sonofasinner in [info]not_a_ngo

(open): a time for adventure!

After having rejoiced in a good night sleep -- the odd man had kept his promise: the bed was comfortable enough, there were no flies or musquitoes, and no one bothered him with snores or other noises -- Sir Arthur Pendragon rose quite happily, rubbed his eyes and felt around him for his clothes. Wearing the same tunic he had worn the previous day didn't make him happy; he should ask the innkeeper about a laundress, if they had such thing.

After very little though he decided for taking the sword with him downstairs. A knight always needed to be careful. Grumpily enough, he presently drags his feet and his sword downstairs, where he hopes to find a good hot meal waiting for him on the table, and perhaps some people to ask about how to get out of this curious situation.