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[ Fri Oct 17th/ 11:27pm ]

what happened to everyone! :(
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[ Wed Oct 15th/ 3:37pm ]

hey everybody!! Just wanted to drop a "sorry" for not being around for the opening couple days here!

My boyfriend proposed to me on Thursday(!!!), so I have been a little bit out of the loop. Pretty much on cloud nine, really. But then, as soon as he flew back home from his visit I found myself in the midst of midterms. Gross.

So, in the next two days i have two papers and three midterms to do so I probably will still be gone for those days. But Friday begins my fall break so then you'll be seeing alot of me.

Sorry again!
Biddy (Who is getting married next summer *spaz*)
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Intro! [ Fri Oct 3rd/ 3:17pm ]

Hello my dears! Well, since I have a new character, and we all have a new Mod- I suppose I'll introduce myself again!! I'm Biddy, 21 year old college student who just got back from some months studying in Rome- RPed for several years and then took a longish break, but am back now and super excited to get back into things! Here are my children:

Dorian Nott: A 7th year Slytherin, Dorian is Head Boy, and not the worlds most lovable fellow. He has a tendency to be rather cold, maybe a touch arrogant, and always chooses being witty over being nice. Still, he is perfectly open to having friends, and capable of pleasant conversation when the mood strikes him.
His dad is Potions professor and the Head of Slytherin pretty much don't mess with him (also; tell his dad he's a smoker and Dorian will F you up, boy!) hehehe.

Aislin Finnigan: Is a much more pleasant character! She is a sixth year Gryffindor and loves to love things. Unfortunately, she has a tendency to rather flout the rules, and can more often than not be found doing evening detentions. Still, Aislin is generally a happy kid, and is more than willing to be your friend. for more info on Aislin go HERE!

Can't wait to play with you all!

AIM me anytime at GoodNiiteMoon
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[ Wed Oct 1st/ 6:03pm ]

Hi! I'm Janet and I'm bringing you Violet Boot, a sixth year Hufflepuff. She's generally a pleasant girl, if not a bit too loud for some people's taste. She is the daughter of Lavender Brown and Terry Boot, but isn't too much like either of them. You can learn more about her at her profile. Her favourite colour is green, and she needs friends.

If you want to plot, you can find me on AIM at omipapas and son, or e-mail me at
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