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Hello my Eskimo-Darlings

Well you might have heard about  [info]bbtp_challenge  oh you have?!  *not surprised*  Well we've been out there representing the Eskimos and you can find some stories by me (*points to bottom of post*), Lil's Sling-Fic (oh no, no links for that ;) I want you to go exploring and find it yourselves)  and more from many fandoms so be sure to get yourselves over there and applaud all the great work!




The Making of Dr Oliver Sommer

A trip back to see the multi-talented, fantastically versatile Dr Sommer before he qualified and find out why he fell for that wall-of-beefcake of a choreographer.



Back to the present, where Oliver and Lars are having fun with a digital camera!   In the final part of ‘Corrections’ Oliver briefly referred to some photos Lars took – this is the story of those pictures.


Dr Axel Schwarz is researching ways to improve the Steinkamp Centre and as we all know, Axel attends to his work diligently.  Set after the takeover of the centre when life was good for the semi-evil administrator.


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26 May 2010 @ 08:58 pm
Sharing the Love  

To show my love to the utterly adorable Shelly I...brought the filth.  With her permission I'm reposting them here so please, direct any claims for emotional distress to her.  I'll be here, standing behind Dr Steinkamp-Schwarz and this contract we tricked had Shelly sign accepting liability.

Author:  Me! (Spaghettitoes)
Disclaimer:  These are fictional characters and I don't own them :( I can't make them do anything, I can't even get certain greasy businessmen to admit their true feelings for certain semi-evil adminstrators.  And I don't make any money or mean any harm (though you may not believe me).

Title:  For Shelly (oh yeah, I got my imagination ON for this one)
Rating:  PG-13 
Pairing:  Katja/Constanze
Summary:  Katja finds something that takes her mind off Ben.  

Title:  Gentlemen Bastards Prefer Blonds
Rating:  R
Pairing:  Axel/Max
Cautions:  Viewers of a delicate nature may wish to have a Sex on the Bleach at hand.
Summary:  Never let it be said that Axel...oops, Dr Schwarz, only thinks about business and world domination.
(set just before team Jaxel married!)


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