04 August 2011 @ 09:57 pm
Veronika's Closet  
Title: When You Were Young Part II: Veronika’s closet
Characters: Veronika, Deniz
Rating: G
Summary: Veronika finds 4 year old Deniz playing dress-ups in her bedroom.
Warnings: little!Deniz in drag, fluffiness.
Author's Notes: This fic could just as easily have been about any of the AWZ gang, but the lame fic name (does anyone else remember that awful show?!?!) came to me and I was enslaved. As a result, I’m probably kinder to Veronika here than she deserves.
Word count: 451 words
Disclaimer: RTL owns AWZ, and the characters. The shenanigans in this story are based on the antics of my little cousin (exasperating bundle of joy that he is).

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02 August 2011 @ 10:37 pm
Give Me The Groove Baby  
Title: When You Were Young, Part 1: “Give me the Groove Baby”
Characters: Marian, Veronika
Rating: M
Summary: 18yr old Marian Ozturk, in gold chains and a tracksuit, tries to pick up Veronika in a bar.
Warnings: gold chains, tracksuits, macho Turk, bad pick-up lines.
Author's Notes: I can't even begin to explain what gave me this idea.
Word count: 519 words
Disclaimer: RTL owns AWZ, the characters, and the title.

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