02 August 2010 @ 09:45 am
Introduction to Podfic  
Hello all!

[info]lilithilien suggested that I spread the podfic love over here by way of an intro to podficing.

What is podficing?
According to Fanlore, "Podfic is a podcast of fanfic, read aloud and recorded by a fan."

Basically, it's an audio recording of a fan reading a fanfic. Like a fannish audio book.

That way you can listen to fanfic while doing housework, driving or on your mp3 when you're out for a walk or on the bus. Personally, I fell in love with podfic when I was doing order entry for a living. I meant that I could go to work every day and listen to podfic and get paid for it. It was awesome!

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Who Can Podfic )

How to Start )

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Good luck podficing! And I hope I haven't overwhelmed you. If you want any kind of help, feel free to email me or leave a comment here. My email is parakaproductions at gmail dot com (email works better for me than DMs).