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Corrections: The Conclusion  

Title: Fepisode 882
Rating:  NC-17 adjacent*
Pairing(s): Olars naturally (DeRo cameo)
Cautions:  Shower scene, shameless re-write of history, potential cutesyness 
Word Count:  2,000+  (nearly 4 pages)
A/N:  So Stella's happy with her crazy Dr Beyer - lets see how Olars are doing now that she's gone. (how they could have been if they hadn't sacrificed themselves for us *sniff*.
[I'll put this on NL...when I feel like it (kidding!) when my sister hasn't screwed up my Word clipboard!]

Oliver looked closer at the x-ray, his thoughts so focussed that he didn’t notice the knock on the door and the nurse trying to get his attention was forced to carefully open the door and peek inside, "Doctor Sommer?"

"Ah yes..." he smiled apologetically, "...sorry Anna."

She reached in humbly and handed him a file, "Mister Grebe just showed up, I tried to tell him he was too late but he insists..."

Oliver nodded and took the folder from her, "Don’t worry, send him in." Oliver flipped the notes open and quickly scanned the history, the pertinent points refreshing his memory before he heard the heavy footfalls of his approaching patient. He turned slowly as the door closed behind him, "Nice to see you again...Lars?"

Lars unzipped his jacket and strode confidently into the room, "Hello."

"What’re you doing here?" He tried to usher Lars back towards the door.

"My new shrink..." he smiled and feigned apology, "...my counsellor has an office here..." he smiled at Oliver, slipping his hands under his long white coat and holding Oliver’s waist, "...thought I’d come say hello."

"Well you’ve said it!" He curled his hips away from Lars, "You’d better go."

Lars pounced forward and grabbed Oliver despite his attempts, "Two minutes."

"Lars!" He fought to keep the accusation in his tone.

"Oliver!" He laughed pulling him closer.

"Please Lars," Oliver looked him sincerely in the eye, "everything’s a bit...off around here these days. I can’t lose another job because you need distracting."

Lars rolled his eyes and wrapped his arms around Oliver, "Will you stop it with the distraction nonsense!" He peeled his right hand from Oliver’s waist, touching his face gently instead before running his fingers through Oliver’s soft brown hair, "Maybe I just came to see you: work every day, helping Marian with his search for Stella..."

"It’s important to him to keep looking and it keeps him sweet about us."

Lars scoffed, "He’s keeping you near, taking advantage of your compassion."

Oliver leaned into Lars’ touch but managed to pout mockingly, "Jealous?"

"I’m not above just picking you up and throwing you onto that examination couch."

Oliver smiled, "Enticing offer. But I’ll have more patients in five minutes."

Lars didn’t let his disappointment show but his hold on Oliver tightened slightly, pulling him forward to kiss him tenderly for a moment. Their breath mingled and Oliver reached up to gently rest his hand on Lars’ arms.

"I..." Oliver stole a final nip of Lars’ bottom lip, "...I suppose I could get away early, catch up with paperwork later."

Lars smiled before pulling away, "Guess I’ll just have to bide my time at the gym then." He tugged affectionately at Oliver’s white coat, "You got one of these at home?"

Oliver chuckled, a tinge of red flushing his cheeks, "Never...um...been asked that."

Lars laughed and grabbed him for a strong but quick kiss, "Get one." With a wink he left, leaving Oliver to compose himself in silence.

The centre was comfortably busy considering it was early afternoon. Oliver smiled at the people lounging beside the pool in sports clothes, leaving the ladies at reception uninterrupted he looked around the empty gyms, following his instincts to the boxing ring. Despite how he deplored the violence of what he begrudgingly called the sport of boxing he had to admit that watching Lars in the ring raised his pulse. He waited patiently, watching Lars and how his muscles moved under his clothes, how each action was carried out precisely. Oliver suppressed a smile, trying to look calm and collected despite the heat rising through him.

As the sparring finally came to a close Oliver made sure his expression was just sceptical enough when Lars turned and saw him in the doorway. Regardless Lars jumped from the ring and discarded his gloves and helmet, walking to Oliver with a smile. Even walking the clothes he wore were a perfect combination, enough hidden to excite Oliver’s imagination.

"Don’t worry." Lars held his hands up to signal his submission, "Completely safe sparring, Ben had no-one else to train with." He laughed gently as Oliver’s expression inevitably softened, "You’re early."

"I thought we could get lunch, I’ve had enough hospital food."

Lars smiled, "Sure. I’ll just..." he moved around Oliver, negotiating the door as he maintained eye contact, "...grab a shower and meet you at the bar."

Oliver watched Lars leave and then sauntered further into the room, looking slowly over the benches and equipment with a reserved smile.

Ben bounded energetically towards him, "Something wrong?"

"I think Lars has left..." his eyes caught the familiar shape of Lars’ phone, "...found it!" He casually picked up the phone and slipped it into his pocket, "Thanks."

Oliver smiled as he walked through the corridors to the changing room, thinking of Lars and his moods; it hadn’t taken as long as he expected to learn them, the games he played and how his tempers changed. He had expected the games given the variety of roles Lars seemed to assign himself but he hadn’t expected to enjoy it so much. He beamed as he thought of times when he had to pursue Lars, guiding him and supplying the control he craved. Other times, like today, he had to be soft and pliable, somehow needing to be persuaded or pushed into intimacy by an eager Lars.

Without realising it his pace slowed as he thought of the times when Lars was filled with quiet confidence, days that seemed to be more and more frequent. He would come to Oliver exuding sensuality, capturing him in long and indulgent embraces where they were lost to each other. Oliver realised he had almost stopped, laughing at himself he hurried to the changing rooms, pausing to compose himself before knocking and carefully opening the door.

"Lars?" He opened the door, "You left your phone..." he balanced it carefully on the shelf over the sink.

Lars threw the shower curtain open confidently and smiled, "Thanks."

Oliver smiled coyly and stepped into the door frame, discreetly looking Lars over as he wanted.

Lars smiled, "Stay."

"Nah." Still he wavered in the doorway, "It’s too humid in here." He watched, feigning nervous excitement as Lars stepped out of the shower and walked towards him, "Do you want me to get you a drink?"

Lars grabbed a handful of Oliver’s shirt, pulling him into the room and closing the door, "It’s not that bad." He tugged at Oliver’s shirt buttons, ripping at least one off as he aggressively revealed Oliver’s chest and pulled him closer, "Once you get used to it."

"What if someone comes in?" He gently helped pull the shirt and jacket from his body, leaving them a crumpled heap on the floor as Lars covered his mouth with his.

Lars plundered Oliver’s mouth, drawing him in and capturing him effectively, ending the game: Oliver surrendered, "Let them watch."

Oliver kicked his shoes off as Lars opened his fly and slipped his hands down and over Oliver’s hips, lapping at his stomach eagerly. Hands traversed his thighs with strong and certain intent, as purposeful as the mouth that caressed him, exploring lower and lower. Oliver gasped and grabbed the sink to steady himself as Lars slipped his hand between his thighs. Oliver grabbed Lars’ hair and pulled him up so they were face to face; they smiled at each other and kissed, Lars slowly moving both hands to Oliver’s waist to guide him towards the shower.

The water was hot and refreshing against their skin but it just made the tiles all the colder against Oliver’s back as Lars pushed him against the wall, snaking his tongue down his neck while pulling Oliver’s left leg to feel his thigh curl around his hip and erection press against his leg. Oliver grasped at Lars’ skin, feeling the muscles and aching to be free enough to touch him.

"Lars." His protest was lost to the deep, unwavering moan in his voice and the gruff acknowledgement it received as Lars pressed on. "Lars!" Oliver forced Lars back by millimetres, breaking his focus and locking eyes. As they looked at each other Oliver smiled reassuringly, running his fingers down Lars’ face carefully before holding his shoulders, their heavy breathing pushing their chests together. Lars smiled and kissed him gently, "Would you prefer at home?"

Oliver smiled, kissing the side of Lars’ mouth as their cheeks touched and he wrapped his arms around Lars, hands holding to his skin intently, "Just..." he pulled away to look Lars in the eye and smile invitingly, "...let me play too."

They kissed and as Oliver moved to nibble on Lars’ ear he moaned, holding to Oliver and closing his eyes to become lost in his senses, "I love you."

Oliver continued to rub his hair dry, focusing on the mirror as Lars got dressed behind him. He smiled discreetly before turning around and looking for his shirt.

"We’re damn lucky no one saw us." He unravelled his shirt and slid back into it, frowning at the missing buttons.

Lars laughed, "Who says they didn’t?" He leaned over to kiss Oliver, "I’d watch you."

They kissed casually, "No video!" Insisted Oliver, "I’m already terrified someone will find those pictures."

"They’re well hidden..." Lars grinned with inexcusable pride, "...if my career goes belly-up I can make a tidy sum off them."

"Blackmail?" He scoffed, slipping his shoes on.

Lars swung his jacket through the air and slipped into it, "Sell them." He chucked as they walked to the door, "There must be a dirty doctors monthly out there somewhere."

Oliver held the door open and allowed Lars to pass him, "Do that and all you’ll have is pictures."

"So lunch is on you?" He smiled as Oliver walked beside him, "Save me from destitution."

Their meal at No.7 was as amiable as possible, huddled together in a corner from Marian’s uncertain glances whenever he wasn’t serving or listening to Deniz talk about Roman. Once they were finished eating Deniz arrived with their coffee, dropping himself into a neighbouring chair with an exaggerated sigh.

"I’m gonna go round to my dad’s tonight." He looked at Lars, "I need him to see sense over Stella."

"Sense?" Oliver’s eyebrows arched, "What do you mean?"

"I heard stories – people saying they saw her just after she disappeared and now she’s gone." He picked at the table top, "Wherever she is she wants to be there."

Lars nodded slowly, "Away from me."

"From all of us." He huffed, "And that’s fine, that’s her choice...some people don’t get to chose."

Oliver smiled sympathetically at Deniz, "How are you doing?" Deniz threw his hands up in defeat, saying nothing. Oliver looked at Lars, nodding towards Deniz insistently.

Lars rolled his eyes begrudgingly, suppressing his compliant sigh, "It’ll be fine – Steinkamp is bound to find other skaters soon. And I have had more than enough of training on top of my real job."

Deniz smiled a little, "Thanks man." He dragged himself from the chair and patted Lars’ shoulder before walking back to help Marian behind the bar.

When Lars looked back at him Oliver was smiling quietly to himself as he sipped his coffee. Lars scowled and under the table stretched out his right leg, jutting it between Oliver’s and letting their calves rest together, "This plot to make me a decent human being won’t work."

"Damn." He took another sip of his coffee, "Not even if I bribe you with sexual favours?"

"I’ll get the camcorder."

Oliver coughed, nearly choking on his coffee as he fought a laugh, "Think I’ll stick with you being an arse for a while longer."


! Deniz’s cry filled the bar and no one could miss Roman bouncing through and into Deniz’s arms. The room calmed as the two retreated to their own corner in discussion. Lars stood up and walked to the bar, paying and talking to Marian with the most civil air they could muster. He passed the table, tugging at Oliver’s coat and waiting for him to follow close behind. Outside they walked side by side silently until Lars stepped closer, their shoulders touching as they moved, “Honey?” He sniggered, “Or tiger...”

"Excuse me?"

Lars reached up and ran his fingers up and through Oliver’s hair, clawing back down and pawing at the back of his neck, "Yeah, I think I’ll call you Tiger from now on."

Oliver laughed, "And I’ll call you Lamb." They stopped at the front door of Lars’ building, Oliver looking at him to open the door, his laughter broken by a shiver, "Hurry up Lamb, I’m freezing." He reached across and plunged his hands into Lars’ pockets in search of the keys.

Lars smiled and watched Oliver in his search, "Lower."

"Lars!" He scolded with a smile, reaching down to check his trouser pockets, finally pulling the keys free and turning to open the door.

He followed Oliver inside and to the staircase, pulling him back to kiss the back of his neck, "I’ll get you your own set." 


* Recent events *cough* comment porn *cough* teaches me that NC-17 means there's a money shot.  There isn't one here but it's pretty close so I say adjacent.  See you learn something new every day folks!
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