Christine ([info]spaghettitoes) wrote in [info]no7_awz on March 20th, 2010 at 09:52 pm
No More Limits
Hi darlings!

To start us off I'm adding links to all my stories on No Limits but I want to emphasize that retrospective posting is entirely up to you!

And just to say now - almost all of these are filthy so proceed with caution.

Relapse:  Lars and Mike by the pool.

Room to Rent:  Marian, Mike and one of my favourite things.

Casual Acquaintance:  *nostalgic sigh* The scene continuation that was the birth of Olars.

Addiction:  Richard has a weakness and Marian is a shameless opportunist.

Goodbye:  I had my own idea for how Mike would leave Essen.

Corrections:  *hugs tight*  The Olars story, starting at New Year with a certain RTA and starring several sparkly additions.
(The final part may preview here)

And just to gripe: someone reviewed my Chrolli fic (it was for my Sofia) as "Incredibly cute and fluffy"....*twitch*  Thanks *twitch* No, really THANKS because I wasn't actually trying to look at the relationship and the barriers/strengths there-in.  Next time I want to do an alternative ending I'll just go straight for the sudden, unexplained BJ.
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