17 December 2010 @ 12:00 am
hohoho fest gift | for [info]redcouchaddict  
Title: knock out (love is like a car crash)
Artist: [info]sdk
Recipient: [info]redcouchaddict
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Mike/Lars
Summary: Mike and Lars meet. Mike and Lars fall in love. Mike and Lars live happily ever after. Only that's not quite how it happens. (alt descrip: Mike and Lars have feelings they can feel. They don't handle it so well.)
Music: Twins (Knockout) by Super Junior
Warning(s): some violence, a bit of blood, an excess amount of testosterone
Artist's Notes: The title is an inside joke--unfortunately there are no car crashes in the vid. :C (This probably gives me away, but since Fab is one of the mods, I'm betting she already knows who I am anyway.)

Special thanks to a certain someone who helped me track down some "must-have" clips! You know who you are! <3

My darling Fab, I realize this is perhaps not your most favoritest Super Junior song ever, but it fit both Mike and Lars so perfectly, I couldn't resist. I hope you enjoy this! I love you! Happy HoHoHo Fest! <333

For those who are curious, you can find an english translation of the song here (scroll down to the second set of lyrics). Though other than providing an overarcing theme, the story is pretty independent of the lyrics. /end ridiculously long Artist's Notes

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[info]praderwilli on December 30th, 2010 08:01 am (UTC)
Wow, wow, wow, mystery vidder that was fab! I'm completely envious of your super vidding skills because that was really gorgeous to look at- a perfect marriage of edited images that fit perfectly with the music. Also, I admit that I adore Mike, so I love seeing him represented so well. Lars I can do without, but obviously Mike completes him, lol.

I love ya Mystery Vidder, you're made of equal parts awesome and win.

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