Merry ([info]merkyderry) wrote in [info]no7_awz on August 3rd, 2010 at 10:30 pm
...we've talked more than once about doing a podfic where we actually play the part of a character and say all their lines while someone else narrates but it's hard to find fics that could be read that way

Question: how do you think knowing a story will be read aloud affect how a story is written, if at all? Why do you think Supernatural and SG:A fanfic authors have taken so well to this style?

Anyway, thanks again. I just tried it out with Audacity. I don't have a mic, so I used one from Rock Band. It worked out ok, except I guess I tend to overemphasize the "p" sound at the beginning of words. So I'm reading along and then comes 'panic' or 'purple' and voila! Feedback, lol.
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