Merry ([info]merkyderry) wrote in [info]no7_awz on August 3rd, 2010 at 03:58 am
Hey, thanks for the reply.

I listened to the first 2 chapters of 'In from the Cold' and that's pretty similar to what I had in mind. The clarity of the recording is excellent too.

Also a lot of podficers podfic in isolation so it's hard to do radio type plays when the characters in question are all over the world. :)

Yeah, I was thinking that too. I was just curious how that kind of collaboration would work with people in different places, recording at different times. It would take some intense focus to edit all voices together so that it's seamless (if it’s possible in the first place). Even if it was recorded at the same time, it still would take some coordination.

Before going through the archive, I never realized how large the creative output was for Supernatural & SG:A. I think I expected Harry Potter to dominate. I stand corrected. :-)
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