paraka ([info]paraka) wrote in [info]no7_awz on August 2nd, 2010 at 06:52 pm
And I'm going to post something on my fic journal to give blanket access to podficcers
That would be awesome to have as a top level entry or somewhere on your profile (I keep mine on my profile, also on my OA3 profile, you know, for the one measly fic I've written that I've already podficed :P).

I would also highly suggest you make a post inviting author's to give blanket permission to podfic their fics.

I know you plan your vids out so thoroughly so I'm just curious what kind of pre-prep you do with podfics.
Ha, maybe one day I'll go to that kind of effort but today is not that day. A lot of time I'll just have read the fic once in my head before I break out the mic.

For a while, when I was recording really small sections and pasting them together later, I would make two recordings of each section. One where I'd just blunder my way through, figuring out how each sentence should sound, making sure I knew how to pronounce everything. Then I'd do a second version which would go much more smoothly and quicker (and would be easier to edit after). I would record both because sometimes you make a mistake that you don't catch when reading and that way I could try and grab it from the previous recording rather than trying to do massive amounts of editing or having to rerecord the section.

I've gotten slightly better at getting a good recording the first time though. Sometimes, if I feel that I was stumbling all over the place I'll make a second version but that's more rare these days.

I guess I should also say that there's a lot of post-reading editing that goes on. Sometimes there will be large sections where I'm repeating a sentence over and over again. Or there's silence as I click over to my browser and try to find out how a word is really pronounced.

With Schön, it ended up being a 7 minute podfic, I'm pretty sure the unedited recording was at least half an hour long maybe around 45 minutes? That's a bit long for me, since I was struggling with the German but still, you cut out a *lot* when editing. I wouldn't say there's a hard ratio (for longer fics, I think the ratio is smaller than with something short, since it can take me a page or two to get into the smoother reading habits where I make less mistakes).

I don't know if I said this anywhere in the post, but for me, there's about 5-10 minutes of work for every minute of the final product podfic. One of the podficers I talk to is closer to 1/20, some are as low as 1/3. It depends on the podficer, what kind of equipment they're using and how much of a perfectionist they are.
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