Hello *I couldn't think of a wittier title!*

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Hello *I couldn't think of a wittier title!*

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So hi! I'm new to IJ (I suppose that's a bit obvious), and looking to meet new friends. I'm a bit ... weird ... and I'm also quite sensitive, though when I'm passionate about something I can be a hellraiser. So I'm mostly looking for open minded, positive folks.

I love reading, writing, being outdoors, spending time talking to friends, simple living, thrifting, quiet time in nature, meditation, rain storms (heck yes!), and frugal cooking.

I'm currently unemployed, but working on setting up my own communications business, focussing on the mind-body-spirit industry.

I've been happily married to an amazingly tolerant fellow for the last ten years. I'm childfree by choice. I'm also pretty poor (but I prefer to think of it as bohemian), creative, rather socially inept, great at appearing super confident and in charge, silly, easygoing, and maybe a bit more quick tempered than I first appear. I'm in my early thirties.

I'm also what you might call "multiple" or maybe "median", but this journal isn't about that. So long as you're open minded enough to be ok with that aspect of who I am, we're cool. I'm just looking to meet nice peeps who share some of my interests :)

My profile has a bit more info on it.
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