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Sep. 14th, 2017



Hello. It's Thursday.

By now I hope we all know what that means.

Time for a flashback post, this time with copious amounts of Kotetsu, hence the title.

Fuck you I'm clever

This fucking post still makes me laugh uncontrollably hard holy shit. Zigzagoon used Post Reply! )

Sep. 9th, 2017


SEGA Fonts

Hey, look what I found:

SEGA & Sonic fonts! A huge list of them, English and Japanese.

Unfortunately the Mega Drive font isn't free but all the rest of them are. I re-installed Photoshop yesterday so I feel like showing off what I've done with it & these fonts.





What, you wanted someone else? Big doesn't get enough love, shut up. This totally isn't a preview for anything I may or may not be working on.

Sep. 7th, 2017


We all live in a furry world

lmao I try to keep titles short because of the layout on the journal's main page only having a small space, but I don't care this time I'm bringing you some MW posts, many of which could not be possible without the wonderful contributions of the furry fandom

I'd say "this was our furry phase" but we will always have a furry phase because MW is full of fucking furries and I love all of them

the other half of MW's posts are brought to you by any other fandom, though. Yiff in hell [this post is completely sfw] )

Aug. 31st, 2017



We had an omegle thread back when that site connected you to anybody at all without any tag/interest markers or other modes to separate everybody. There wasn't even video yet iirc when these posts were made :V

I almost called this entry "Trollmegle" but we weren't really trolling & that name has already been used for something far more creative anyhow

You know the drill by now. More under the cut. )

Aug. 24th, 2017


today's batch

We had some weird threads and even weirder responses to those weird threads at Mystic Wish. I mean, if you couldn't tell from the previous throwbacks.

Also, I'm reasonably sure I'll be building a new MW forum. The invisionfree one will still be around for being an archive, just as it's been for a long long time now, but yeah. This IJ community will probably be used for a purpose the forum won't serve

For now, let's look at more screencaps.

And of course, this is only a taste of what I'm posting. The rest are under here. )

Aug. 21st, 2017



The total solar eclipse of 2017. That's today! I will be poking in on the livestreams from NASA on Youtube as well as Slooh, a site I found thanks to google, I think. Or twitter.

After this, the next big eclipse will be on 8 April 2024, also a Monday, huh. If I still live here I'll be able to catch it in Austin, but I almost certainly won't be, so I can either come back and visit [there would be little point in doing this] or travel to one of the other areas in the path of totality.

So in preparation for that [because I am absolutely the type to go look this back up in 7 years] I'd like to make a few eclipse notes:
  • Eclipse glasses only work for about three years. However, even when there's no eclipse, you can still use them to look at the sun! Some welder's glasses will also work in place of eclipse glasses.
  • Don't you ever fucking take those glasses off to look at the sun unless you are in the path of totality, during the very brief period of totality. You will know it's time to take your glasses off because you won't be able to see. The sky will be dark, the temperature will drop, you will see the stars, insects & birds will act as though it's night, all for about two minutes as the sun is completely covered by the moon. This is when the sun's corona [which Latin for crown] is visible to the naked eye, the "ring" around the moon you see in eclipse pictures.
  • If you take your glasses off and look at the sun, the damage it does is not only permanent & irreversible, but you won't feel it as it's happening. DON'T LOOK AT THE SUN!
  • Bill Nye: "Phones are not ideal for taking pictures of the sun. Just be in the moment." Don't photograph the sun with a phone or camera not equipped with a protective filter from the sun. The lens will be damaged otherwise. The filter is removed during totality. But a smart phone won't even pick up the light [or lack thereof] during totality very well if at all; I bet I'll be able to post some shitty examples later
  • Here are some specific instructions for eclipse photography!
This experience is supposed to be life-changing. They say it's the closest thing to a spiritual experience a non-religious person can feel -- like a scientific bliss that, like, makes you feel something about the universe, or some other deep intellectual bullshit. This guy explains it well.

I'll keep talking about the eclipse in the comments as things progress.

Aug. 17th, 2017


Accurate Dragons

Hey, been busy setting up some new things & working on projects so I haven't had any ideas for posts aside from throwbacks, but I'll edit & post my DD playthrough here once I finish it. For now, have more old screencaps.

I don't really have a theme to give you [again]... I think I need to go looking for some threads that deserve entire posts dedicated to them soon

Brando pls. As usual, this image is masking more under the cut. )

Aug. 10th, 2017



I didn't post a throwback last week because I was at the doctor [which I mention here] then got too tired to do much of anything else because of the commute

Then yesterday I went on the old MW forum and began liveblogging a playthrough of Dual Destinies, if you want to read that. If you don't I'll probably eventually edit & repost it here later, though, just to have it here

So with that out of the way, have today's throwback. No specific theme, I just went through my unposted screencaps stockpile and grabbed the stuff I laughed at the most until I had a good amount :V

Is it too late to make this a Mystic Wish slogan or motto? More under the cut. )

Jul. 27th, 2017


the r4 "scam"

Scam is in quotes because nobody actually had to give up any money. Just time, which, back then, apparently wasn't very valuable considering how much of it was spent on this thread

One of Brando's friends [presumably irl] claimed he'd give an r4 to whoever posted in the giveaway thread the most. Unfortunately for him, years ago, we discovered an invisionfree glitch where you can type a reply into the quick reply box then hit reply several times to make the same post several times within the same minute. If you're using a laptop touchpad you don't even have to do anything but press the click button without moving the cursor by accident.

As you can see by the edit on Kotetsu's post, things went a little far. How bad, you ask?

...I kept the button image in the screenshot because I feel like it's a perfect reflection of what your face probably looks like when you first see the page count.

So let's dive in and see how many of these are repeats, and which are not. Spoiler: It's not many, but still enough to warrant a cut. )

Jul. 20th, 2017


assorted caps

So today's MW throwback doesn't have a particular theme, I'm just dumping some unrelated screencaps. The funnies of various threads. The reason a thread will be remembered. The reason particular activities will be remembered.

Funny pictures. Good posts. Whatever.

from [info]ajbcool's post in the selfie thread

More under the cut. )

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