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Apr. 11th, 2017


What does a Puddinglypuff look like?

Ok, so As promised in the comments on my intro post, I have compiled screenshots from IMVU of my Puddinglypuff Avis (or at least my favorite ones) so ya'll can see some of the different ways the offspring of a rainbow and a jigglypuff can look. :) Usually they take some sort of furry form, but can take human form if they wanted. Though all forms are mere appearance of form since they're made out of light like a rainbow. Additionally being part rainbow allows them the ability to change colors, but maintaining any given form or color is gonna take some kinda focus. When in their natural state though they look more like a jigglypuff in form... but all rainbowy. I do not yet have a picture of a puddinglypuff in it's natural form though. When I get it drawn up later I will post that to. :)

Ok so, the picture on the left is the form I personally take most often when doing role plays. It is an original character that goes by the name Mirage FunPenguin. She's a puddinglypuff in the form of a penguin whom has become a pirate. Some of you may remember Rping with me as Mirage Funpenguin in the Old Mystic Wish or Castle of Randomness forums. The middle picture is an older version of this same character, and the picture on the right is Mirage Funpenguin as a merviary, it's the form she takes when going on underwater adventures. :)

The rest of the pictures are what I had previously been referring to as "mythical" type furries. Phunkiezero was kind enough to share his expertise in all things furrydom and let me know that they're less 'mythical' and more like Chimeras and Hybrids. If you didn't see his comment yet in my previous post "mythical furries and aviaries" he stated that, "In general, if it's the combination of 2 or more species, it's either a Hybrid (species that work together, like wolf and jackal) or a Chimera (species that don't work together, like fish and bird)."

The top row are just a few of my merfur forms. The one on the left is an example of when a puddinglypuff focuses on holding a form and certian color appearances, and the middle one is an example of when it's just focusing on form and not color. They're both top half cat and bottom half fish. :) the one on the left is top of a dog and bottom of fish. :) The two bottom pictures are just two variations of my aviary forms. :) The one on the right is actually my favorite version just cause I think it's the prettiest..... and it's surrounded by endless supplies of cookies. :)

These are a few of my furitaurs, and one of my avitaurs :) The top left is actually a puddinglypuff trying to be a puppy/unicorn mix... just cause it saw a unicorn and went ":-O I wanna be a unicorn!"

....And these are all my caiders forms so far. :) which I"m sure I'm misspelling caider. :)

Now.... how to tag this as..... since they're all technically pictures of me... would they be considered selfies? I'mma tag 'em as selfies. :)

Apr. 10th, 2017


important question

do you think, somewhere, in the world

there is a man named barry

and his fursona

is a bear


MW's IJ Guide

Mystic Wish is a community on InsaneJournal, but since there's always going to be people that have never used sites like these before, I figure it's appropriate to give a bit of a guide.

This link here will lead you to the full text )


fucking ISP

so i've been offline for a few days because our ISP is a piece of shit

maybe dustin will explain what he had to do in the comments but basically he had to reset the bigass radio tower on top of our house

no this didnt require getting on the roof of the house at least not to my knowledge, although it would have been kinda cool if it did


Mythical type furries and aviaries

Ok so, like since high school when I first met NetKeeper.... even a little bit before that I've always been associating myself with penguins, and have always had at least one Penguin persona I RP with... this in mind some of my friends in the furry community have been referring to me as an aviary and brought me to some of the places where furries like to hang out on the internets, and brought me into the groups of furries on 3D chat programs they were in on Second Life and IMVU. Since then I've fallen in love with the idea of mythical furry types: Merfurs (part fish part non-human mammal: cat, monkey, etc), furtaurs (body of a horse, with non-human mammal top half in centaur fashion), Merviaries (part fish, part bird), Avicaiders (top of a bird, bottom of a goat), you get the idea.

I have over the years accumulated a plethora of avitars to use for RP or just hanging out in these furry groups as a mythical type or aviary for IMVU. However, most of my furry friends that introduced me to these groups have left, and now the people remaining in those groups argue if I should still be allowed to stay because some of them say mythical types and aviaries aren't really furries, and some of them say that they are still considered furries, but they're more like that one kid in the furry family that no one pays attention to and nobody likes.

What are all ya'lls oppinions on this?

Apr. 8th, 2017


I am Pudding! Please don't eat me O.o

So, about me. I am a 27 year old bisexual, polyamorous Naturalistic, humanistic Christian Whovian Trekkie, Adamite with Multiple Personalities, and several other mental illnesses I would be happy to discuss upon request. I am currently in a monogamous relationship with a wonderful polyamorous​ man of whom I have been engaged to marry for 5 1/2 years and dating for 7 1/2 years. He was previously a shared boyfriend of me and my ex-wife. But since she left us it's just been us.

On old mystic wish I was originally Mrs. Depp, then I was Mrs. Grahmrye forever doomed to spell that wrong like Beneduck Cucumberbunch..... And for a year or so while abjcool and I had a long distance relationship going....I was Mrs. Cool.

Now I am a Puddinglypuff.... The offspring of a jigglypuffy mating with a Rainbow... ya'll can just call me Pudding everyone else does. The nickname Pudding actually comes from my monkey lunchbox and I reminding people if Pudding from Toyko Mew Mew while I was in college.:) In RPs I take any form, in any color or combination of colors (since made of light from the rainbow side) and can sing you to sleep(since half my DNA is jigglypuffy). Mostly I take penguin form, pass out magical Pudding cups to snack on, and RP as such while dressed as a pirate.

Since old mystic wish days til now I have been working on becoming a Teacher. I have the credentials to teach but am struggling with finding a place to hire me. S'ok though. I don't give up easily.

Apr. 6th, 2017



This I, Ajbcool. Long time friend of some peeps here, looking to see if I could reconnect with other people since I isolate myself a lot? We'll see how well this works.

Anyways, I'm 29 going on 30, I work at a call center, and have multiple geeky interests. For the most part, my free time is spent playing video games and watching YouTube.

Not sure what else I'm expected to say, so I'll leave that there!

Apr. 1st, 2017


Mystic Wish Ad Buttons/Banners

Want to link to us? Use one of these if you want or something

[info]mysticwish You can also link directly to the comm like this in IJ posts/comments using this code:


Notify Mod

Hi, I'm the mod, it's me

In the near future there will be a community-locked entry about me that will tell you the whole story, but for now just call me Netkeeper and I'm the same maintainer as the personal website that used the url MysticWish.net in the late 2000s. [ Shout out to my old circle!]

Anyway, you can contact me through InsaneJournal:

If you have an account here already, PM [info]twistedsamurai for more serious concerns or just comment here

If you don't, also comment me here -- anonymous is enabled, so you don't need an account

Outside of IJ?

You can still contact me on both AIM and Skype, kinda, but my main one is now Discord. I have Origin and Steam accounts which also support IM. Those are the only super reliable methods that have withstood the test of time. Nothing else but an IM really makes it to me fast enough because guess what, I still never check my email

But since I can't post my IM names on a public forum, you're going to have to leave an IM name in an anonymous comment anyway. Discord names need to include the 4-digit numbers. Once I add you, if you want the comment you made deleted, just ask. If this turns into a serious problem in the future I'll just make a screened post to refer you to

Hopefully that covers all the bases. If you want an IJ account IM me and I can probably help you with getting an invite code


About Mystic Wish

Then Mystic Wish was just my personal website that nobody except me really gave a shit about [oh boy I gave a lot of fucking shits far too many if you ask me now lol] that I'd run from around 2008 to 2011...? I may have the years wrong, since I can't check the dates on anything the web archive didn't save 8V

The important part was the forum. It was how it really started and what people other than me gave a shit about and what people other than me probably have a lot of good memories of.

I lost the motivation and money to maintain the site and closed it when the hosting bill wasn't paid, don't think I really told anyone since nothing was happening when it went down anyway, but it wasn't exactly difficult to figure that out

For a long time I wanted to [and tried a few times] to revive that, and here we are.

Now Mystic Wish is my community on ij, a site I actually mostly use for roleplaying, but I like having my RP and non-RP areas close by and easy to maintain at the same time. Seemed like the perfect idea to bring an old community back to life by moving it somewhere else

Much like the old MW forums, this community is designed for shitposting talking about whatever bullshit you're watching or the video game you're trying to cheat at. We have a list of tags you can browse by, or look at a guide for those tags here. We've always had a strong bend towards fandom and we always will, so the various characters you see in the community designs are meant to reflect that.

But all that said, even if you've never heard of Mystic Wish at all and just want a neat community to join, you're welcome here too. We can't thrive without new blood, and you bet your ass I'm going to drag people here so if you want to join or invite your seven friends get the hell on it! [Unless they're on our blacklist.]

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