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Jun. 21st, 2017


this fucks me up

ok i just watched this shit and i don't know up from down any more

When Will You Die? [vlogbrothers]

Jun. 19th, 2017


A Guide to Ace Attorney in Video

And by that I mean video of the games, I'm not touching the anime until it's dubbed [but for everyone else, that is a thing, it's on crunchyroll iirc]

The original Japanese version of the games, Gyakuten Saiban, started as a trilogy of GBA visual novels. The GBA and original DS are region free so if you're ever curious you can always import/get a Japanese ROM and take a look, but fluent knowledge of the language and culture are known to be required

The first one was brought over to the US and localised as Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney when the trilogy was set for re-release on DS. The Japanese versions of the DS games are known to contain both English and Japanese language options, but I don't own one so I can't confirm if they're identical to the localisations or if their English is an earlier draft or something. The first game's English edition was written by someone totally different from who writes pretty much the rest of English Ace Attorney, and was released with the assumption it wouldn't sell well enough to justify localising the others, but due to the magic of literally becoming a meme that didn't happen

Here are the English games in release date order, which is my preferred method of playing through the series personally, and because individual cases within each game jump around all over the fucking timeline, it's not plausible to list them pretty much any other way in my opinion. I am including spin-off games and the Professor Layton crossover, as well as links to commentary-less LP so you can basically treat this series of video games like you would a subbed anime.

Huge list ahead. )

Jun. 18th, 2017


Two Gift

I did an interesting thing for my dad's Father's Day gift. I've had some large sheets of foam for a long time, but haven't done a lot with them, so I decided to fix that and figure out a way to make some art out of it.

It's a wolf!

I sketched a simple wolf on a large paper almost the same size as the foam sheets, and cut out foam shapes using the sketch as a guide. I think it turned out just fine, considering I didn't have a good surface to cut on!

Jun. 17th, 2017


One Gift

So on Mother's Day [lol shows you how late this post is] I drew this for my mom:

Yeah, you can guess that I'm posting my art for Dad tomorrow, because why else bring up a previous work?

I mean, besides the fact that I like it. My mom likes to doodle tornadoes and I'd never actually drawn one myself. Not bad for a first attempt.

As soon as she saw this, she was so happy she ran off to literally unearth a frame from the garage for it. Now it's above her desk!

Jun. 16th, 2017



Why do we have two nostrils?

What do you call someone that lacks a sense of smell?

Let's talk about Vsauce, or at least this video:

Why Do We Have Two Nostrils? [Vsauce]

Anosmic is the word, btw, in case you need a quick reference for ur fanfics or ur rp characters that may be lacking a sense of smell like the grandmother on my father's side

I dunno, let's link to other Vsauce videos [or other Vsauce channels] and talk about them in the comments

Jun. 10th, 2017


Styling InsaneJournal

For a long time, I've used a browser extension that lets you install user styles for any website. That means you can write your own css for a site and apply it to only you. For me, this comes in handy because my eyes are very sensitive to bright lights, and a lot of people seem to think designing websites that look like light bulbs are a good idea. I use Stylish [Firefox] [Chrome] to install styles or write my own, if I use the site often enough and need something readable.

I'm sure you've already figured out that I've written my own style for IJ and I'm posting it here for others to use. Though it should be important to note it's a style specifically for my tastes and I'll make more with a variety of colour options at a later time.

What IJ looks like without the style, and with.

If you want the code/a guide on how to use these, feel free to read on )

Jun. 9th, 2017


Playing: Pokémon Sun

It's a lion, but close enough

Pokémon Sun Liveblog )

Jun. 8th, 2017



Not an MW-related throwback, but I tweeted them and you'll agree this is an Important compilation


some notes about nsfw content

I realised I didn't address this before and IJ allows it with some extremely loose guidelines

Obviously I don't have a problem with nsfw content, others might depending on who they are or their browsing environment, so to keep this away from the eyes that'd rather avoid it:

1. Always link to NSFW images, do not directly post them. This isn't difficult to abide by but if you need somewhere to host the image that won't delete it, imgur won't if you click the "adult content" box after uploading, and postimage is the same way. Using Tumblr isn't recommended because every once in a great while, Tumblr image urls break.

2. Put NSFW content in entries under a cut and lock the post. Make sure "show this entry to" is set to "friends" [comm members], as this is the surefire method of making sure minors can't stumble across the content. But you ALSO need to put it under a cut, so MEMBERS browsing the comm won't see the content unless they click for it.

3. Label comments. Put NSFW in the title of individual NSFW comments. If you're the type to avoid NSFW comments, look at titles before the comments, and just get in the habit of doing that. An entire entry doesn't need to be hidden if there are just a handful of NSFW comments, but if it becomes a big side-discussion, entry visibility might have to be edited or a new post made that is hidden

This should be pretty simple & clear but if you have questions, as always, comments are open for that

Apr. 11th, 2017


What does a Puddinglypuff look like?

Ok, so As promised in the comments on my intro post, I have compiled screenshots from IMVU of my Puddinglypuff Avis (or at least my favorite ones) so ya'll can see some of the different ways the offspring of a rainbow and a jigglypuff can look. :) Usually they take some sort of furry form, but can take human form if they wanted. Though all forms are mere appearance of form since they're made out of light like a rainbow. Additionally being part rainbow allows them the ability to change colors, but maintaining any given form or color is gonna take some kinda focus. When in their natural state though they look more like a jigglypuff in form... but all rainbowy. I do not yet have a picture of a puddinglypuff in it's natural form though. When I get it drawn up later I will post that to. :)

Ok so, the picture on the left is the form I personally take most often when doing role plays. It is an original character that goes by the name Mirage FunPenguin. She's a puddinglypuff in the form of a penguin whom has become a pirate. Some of you may remember Rping with me as Mirage Funpenguin in the Old Mystic Wish or Castle of Randomness forums. The middle picture is an older version of this same character, and the picture on the right is Mirage Funpenguin as a merviary, it's the form she takes when going on underwater adventures. :)

The rest of the pictures are what I had previously been referring to as "mythical" type furries. Phunkiezero was kind enough to share his expertise in all things furrydom and let me know that they're less 'mythical' and more like Chimeras and Hybrids. If you didn't see his comment yet in my previous post "mythical furries and aviaries" he stated that, "In general, if it's the combination of 2 or more species, it's either a Hybrid (species that work together, like wolf and jackal) or a Chimera (species that don't work together, like fish and bird)."

The top row are just a few of my merfur forms. The one on the left is an example of when a puddinglypuff focuses on holding a form and certian color appearances, and the middle one is an example of when it's just focusing on form and not color. They're both top half cat and bottom half fish. :) the one on the left is top of a dog and bottom of fish. :) The two bottom pictures are just two variations of my aviary forms. :) The one on the right is actually my favorite version just cause I think it's the prettiest..... and it's surrounded by endless supplies of cookies. :)

These are a few of my furitaurs, and one of my avitaurs :) The top left is actually a puddinglypuff trying to be a puppy/unicorn mix... just cause it saw a unicorn and went ":-O I wanna be a unicorn!"

....And these are all my caiders forms so far. :) which I"m sure I'm misspelling caider. :)

Now.... how to tag this as..... since they're all technically pictures of me... would they be considered selfies? I'mma tag 'em as selfies. :)

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