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Aug. 10th, 2017



I didn't post a throwback last week because I was at the doctor [which I mention here] then got too tired to do much of anything else because of the commute

Then yesterday I went on the old MW forum and began liveblogging a playthrough of Dual Destinies, if you want to read that. If you don't I'll probably eventually edit & repost it here later, though, just to have it here

So with that out of the way, have today's throwback. No specific theme, I just went through my unposted screencaps stockpile and grabbed the stuff I laughed at the most until I had a good amount :V

Is it too late to make this a Mystic Wish slogan or motto? More under the cut. )

Jul. 27th, 2017


the r4 "scam"

Scam is in quotes because nobody actually had to give up any money. Just time, which, back then, apparently wasn't very valuable considering how much of it was spent on this thread

One of Brando's friends [presumably irl] claimed he'd give an r4 to whoever posted in the giveaway thread the most. Unfortunately for him, years ago, we discovered an invisionfree glitch where you can type a reply into the quick reply box then hit reply several times to make the same post several times within the same minute. If you're using a laptop touchpad you don't even have to do anything but press the click button without moving the cursor by accident.

As you can see by the edit on Kotetsu's post, things went a little far. How bad, you ask?

...I kept the button image in the screenshot because I feel like it's a perfect reflection of what your face probably looks like when you first see the page count.

So let's dive in and see how many of these are repeats, and which are not. Spoiler: It's not many, but still enough to warrant a cut. )

Jul. 20th, 2017


assorted caps

So today's MW throwback doesn't have a particular theme, I'm just dumping some unrelated screencaps. The funnies of various threads. The reason a thread will be remembered. The reason particular activities will be remembered.

Funny pictures. Good posts. Whatever.

from [info]ajbcool's post in the selfie thread

More under the cut. )

Jul. 18th, 2017


cannabis inspired names

lmao this isn't even a discussion about marijuana, this is just me making a resource post, because yesterday my parents and I were poking through these three books:

And I realised that the names of some strains could be really useful. For character names, band names, location names, titles for things, anything that needs a weird name.

You'll find them under the cut. )

Jul. 16th, 2017


Old Graphics

So, who wants to see more of my old photoshop work? lmao I don't even have a working photoshop installation on any of my computers any more, I was always impatient waiting for that program to boot up and sai boots instantly THEN I discovered FireAlpaca. There was a free [legal] distribution of photoshop cs2 a few years back, I'll try to redownload that sometime and if I can I'll post the link here. But it was legit, it was on my old computer.

And as we all know by now, Photobucket shat the bed, so I've gone and reuploaded all my old graphics I hosted on there.

This was the very first thing I did in Photoshop and it wasn't even for myself. I looked up like five different tutorials to do this.

More here. Naturally, image-heavy )

Jul. 13th, 2017


sarah connor kin

Today I bring you one of MW's most memorable. A hall of famer. An absolute travesty that weirdly inspired me to read Homestuck, lmfao, so all my time screaming troll voices into a microphone was basically kickstarted from the shitposts you'll find here.

You will also learn why Starprincess801 was blacklisted, if you weren't already aware. This entire thread happened while I had no internet access. The whole forum kinda blew up when I wasn't around during that time and it's almost 100% Star's fault.

Do you want the full context? ...I've looked for years and years and can't find the original quote that set this thread off

From what I can gather, WishingNUB must have made a snarky comment about a fictional character Star is "bonded" to [more on that in a sec, for now, you will appreciate your last moments of ignorance] which set her off into making this additional thread to answer some question or something. Because Star doesn't know how to communicate with people I guess, and doesn't know when someone's treating her like the amusement attraction she presented herself to be. And as far as I'm aware she's still exactly the same way after all these years.

So down the rabbit hole we go. Long post, image-heavy. )

Jul. 6th, 2017



This isn't about Vsauce's video Why Do We Feel Nostalgia? but I thought I'd link it for its relevance here, IS THAT OKAY, JEEZ

And the easiest way to make any previous member of MW nostalgic is

POST MORE VALANT! Here's a bunch of Valant-related crap from the MW Photobucket [I had an account just for uploading MW site content, because Photobucket used to allow that kinda thing] that I recently redownloaded. Their new home is a sub-album of my Postimage account


More under here )

Jul. 2nd, 2017



So when I first started posting graphics and artwork on the internet, I was pointed to for image hosting. This was probably in 2005, back when I really wanted to show the world my amazing graphic design skills. Sure, I only had MS Paint, but I knew how to use Google for my backgrounds, get transparent renders, and use so I didn't have to use the MS Paint text tool. I was REALLY GOOD, you guys. I was too good to jpg my shit, saving it all as bmp.

...Anyway, that was me 12 years ago now, but the point is that I used that site for ALL of that stuff. I could organise into albums and sub albums and sub-sub albums... so I uploaded everything I ever posted, including image rehosting for single forum posts, because replying on someone else meant my post could one day be unreadable due to someone that wasn't me deleting the image I embedded. I never deleted anything from those accounts. Here's an example of some of my SUPER GOOD teenage graphic design, by the way:

ap44 dueldude pants wave dcsiggy dotd
I thought these were amazing, with only MS Paint. Even Kotetsu may not have known me long enough to remember this.

I didn't use Photobucket forever, eventually trying out imageshack because photobucket images were blocked on my school's filter, then tinypic, which I used until I learned they cycle out images without telling you which leads to old forum posts with irrelevant images on them, then I found my image host soulmate, majhost, which I used loyally until the service suddenly stopped working a couple years ago and all my backups were lost. That got me pretty fucking salty.

I even went on their still-up sister host, brickshelf, logged into my account [majhost shared accounts with brickshelf] and uploaded an image where I was screaming for them to put majhost back up. Since it wasn't a lego picture it was removed, which means they saw it, so I reuploaded it. Last time I looked at it, it was still up, but majhost never came back.

Eventually I found imgur and [which is now, but I use the url which works just like a simpler [a good thing] Photobucket. I don't use it as much as imgur only because it's a good place to put throwaway images, but if I want to store it for the long term, I prefer postimage. I've moved away from imgur so much because they started to get angry about people using it for websites/blogs/forums, or anything that isn't Reddit, basically. Imgur itself is trying to become some weird social media thing, which would be fine if they let people use the damn site how they please.

I mention Imgur's attitude because it's going to become relevant in .2 seconds.

In case you weren't aware, Photobucket rolled out a new TOS lately. And it's not cute at all. For anyone like me that's used the site in the past, it's a nightmare that can only lead in either a massive rollback or the complete death of the site [I've seen these places rise and fall, I know how it goes by now]:

Photobucket now forbids "third-party hosting" of its images under all account types except the most expensive paid option.

Yes, this was a long introduction before I cut the post off, but it only gets longer from here my friends. There's more old graphics and artwork under the cut, though, so feel free to look through to see the rest )

Jun. 29th, 2017


small pile of gold

Here, have a collection of MW shit from unique posters. None of them are NSFW but a couple of them came from that section, so if you didn't have access to it, you never got to see it. Maybe I'll get some of these people invited here eventually since I still have contact with a lot of them.

the day dustin decided to become a baron

More under the cut! )

Jun. 21st, 2017


this fucks me up

ok i just watched this shit and i don't know up from down any more

When Will You Die? [vlogbrothers]

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