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Mixed Reality [02 Jan 2019|09:29pm]


This is your life. It’s familiar, inescapable, and you’ve accepted it’s the life you’ll always have. Then somewhere along the way, you made a wish. Maybe you didn’t even know it, some desire hidden deep within you for something different that you could never really admit to having, even to yourself. But someone noticed, someone with a power more immense than they really should have been trusted with, and this generous soul has decided to make that wish your reality...

We are a small, friendly community looking for more writers to join us. Mixed Reality is a panfandom memory-regain au set in modern-day London that also welcomes original characters.
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[28 Dec 2018|07:38pm]

So many characters wanted over at ZOMBIELAND, a panfandom apocalyptic survival game.
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[25 Dec 2018|06:18pm]

I would love to have castmates over at [info]valar! They can be from the movie or the books.
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[20 Dec 2018|02:01pm]

Would love a Pyro (or even a Wolverine or Gambit if you've got one) over at Duplicity (on Dreamwidth).
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[12 Dec 2018|09:08am]

The Arrived is an open world space exploration panfandom game set in a fictional universe. Characters are pulled into the world through a black hole, given the low down and sent on their merry way to find their niche in their new lives.

Characters are not restricted to one location, rather the entirety of the world is open for them to explore providing endless opportunities to create plot! While there will be mod run plot points, and plot set up with the political strife of the Galaxy itself, The Arrived aims to be a place where players are in charge of their character's destinies. Everything from space piracy to politics to just general slice of life is possible!

The pieces are there, it's up to you to put it together.

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The Collection [11 Dec 2018|11:55pm]


The Collection

What makes a person special? Who decides what is and what isn't special? What one person deems special, others deem unimportant. Some people stand out for the things they achieve in their lives. Some are noticed for their beauty. Some have special talents. Others are special in that they don't stand out at all. Who are worthy of being collected and who are not?

The Collection is an Anime PanFandom sandbox RPG. Characters from all anime fandoms have been gathered together to form the ultimate collection on an Island that is all their own and one they cannot escape from.

No one really knows how they managed to get to the Island. More importantly, no one knows why they were brought there in the first place. Upon their arrival, each character wakes in a room of their own within the city, a collection of their belongings with them, and what appears to be a travel brochure for the Island. Is this a virtual world? Or the real world? There are no logout menus. No life bars. No other instructions or explanations are offered. Does that prove reality over virtual? The questions continue to pile up with little to no answers to dispel the confusion. There is nothing but the vague welcome of the unknown drifting through the air.

welcome to your new life....

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[10 Dec 2018|04:02pm]

join the rise or fall of the city of atlantis
From the very depths of the sea, far below what we have seen, was a city glittering with gold and shells. Covered in coral and other ocean life.

It stayed there after its fall for 10,000 years, only to have a meteor drop down into the city, knocking over the statue that the Gods had placed there to prevent the city from taking over the world.

The city is Atlantis, a vast culture with riches beyond the wildest dreams: but no one has seen it. No one has set foot upon the land until now.

You have been summoned, by a magic no one understands. Pulled from your home and placed into the centre hall and met with a group of guards with dark skin and pure white hair.

They put a hand to you and pull out a ball of light before putting it into a vault. They have taken something for you. They want to control you... but there is always a way to break through.

You remember everything, your life beyond this world, but you can't do what you used to. Your powers? You know you should be able to, but they are lost to you. Your skills? You know you have them but they've made it so your body doesn't remember how.

And why would they be taken? Who would want them taken?

How does one take what has been taken from you?

Time will tell, as the rise of the great city of Atlantis slowly spreads to take control of the very world you live in.

Are you up to the challenge?

Atlantis Rising is a panfandom rpg set in our universe, starting from January 1st, 2019.
Your character is ripped of their talents and can only earn them back by working. Superheroes will be humbled, normal people will learn to thrive.
Come on and join the rise or fall of the city of Atlantis.
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[27 Nov 2018|05:40pm]

Looking for a Malia Tate for a friendship line over at [info]valar.
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[23 Nov 2018|07:37pm]

Miracle Country - a CLAMP-inspired panfandom RPG

The worlds aren’t just one.

You know how it goes – the way a pendulum swings – one action causes another reaction. The world you live in is not the only world that exists. Across the universe and its dimensions, there are countless other worlds – and now you and others have been brought to the place called Miracle Country.

You awaken in this new world in the hope a miracle will take place. Gifted with a jar that houses your good and bad intentions – you were brought here for a purpose, something only you can do.

The world survives on balance. No light without the dark, no good without the evil, no right without the wrong. The worlds across dimensions are falling out of balance, and you and the others brought here hold the key to their survival. Through your actions, through your choices, through your thoughts, you can control what becomes of you, the others, and the worlds you know and don’t know.

Everything here permeates magic and you are not an exception, drawn into the fate of all worlds. That magic grows the longer you are here – your good actions causing good rewards; your bad decisions causing strange happenings with the magic.

You can’t go home yet. Miracle Country is peaceful enough – but even the most beautiful of places isn’t without its shadows. Everything exists in balance, after all.

Miracle Country is a panfandom roleplaying game based on CLAMP’s works where characters are gifted with a jar of konpeito candy that represents their good and bad actions. Through their actions, relationships, choices, and thoughts, they affect the fate of the multiverse and prevent the worlds from falling apart around them.


Main | OOC | Mods | Navigation | Rules & FAQ | Apps & Reserves | TDM | credit
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[26 Oct 2018|02:22pm]

a space exploration
The Arrived is an open world space exploration panfandom game set in a fictional universe. Characters are pulled into the world through a black hole, given the low down and sent on their merry way to find their niche in their new lives.

Characters are not restricted to one location, rather the entirety of the world is open for them to explore providing endless opportunities to create plot! While there will be mod run plot points, and plot set up with the political strife of the Galaxy itself, The Arrived aims to be a place where players are in charge of their character's destinies. Everything from space piracy to politics to just general slice of life is possible!

The pieces are there, it's up to you to put it together.

How characters Arrive and what happens when they do!
An ever evolving A-Z directory of all things The Arrived!
What you need to know to be a happy and active player!
All the pretty faces got you waitin’ in line
Join us?
Fill this out!
Where we keep all the secret stuff! AKA how to contact everyone else.
CODE BY TESSISAMESS arrivedic 🌌 arrivedooc
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[17 Oct 2018|05:17am]

[info]madisonmod I'd love if I could get Marcos Diaz around these parts. I'd also be happy with Esme Frost, Andy Strucker, Sonya Simonson, or anyone from The Gifted. Everyone is super friendly and it's super active.
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F A S T I 🔱 [15 Oct 2018|11:41pm]

➢ Ripped away from the life you've previously known, consciousness finds you in the midst of ancient imperial Rome. The only thing that follows you are memories and possibly a few scant supplies on you before you arrived. Friends, technology, even clothing are discarded or left behind.

Upon arrival, newly equipped in the ephemera of a time not your own, you are given a simple choice: help Olympus save itself or find yourself condemned to crawl back up from the depths of Tartarus. Assigned to different patron Gods and Goddesses, your characters will work to earn new abilities to help fight in the gods' new war.

Fasti is a historical fantasy game, set in the midst of ancient Rome, steeped in Greco-Roman mythology. Characters will be thrust into the middle of a war waged between ancient deities, conscripted from different times and worlds, gathered together to live, work, and fight within the walls of the city of Rome.

Fasti is a Dreamwidth experience. There are no invite codes necessary, just a character journal and an application!

the plot so far...

➢ October's new applicants will be arriving into the game in November in a NEW ARC, complete with upcoming additions and changes, as well as an easy point to jump into the current plot!

Test Drive | ➢ Reservations: 10/20 | ➢ Applications: 10/24
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[02 Oct 2018|07:49pm]


Governor Denning of Hawaii is simply baffled by the influx of people from all over time and space. Even more baffling is the fact that no one can seem to leave the Hawaiian islands at all. It doesn't seem to make any sense but when someone swims out far enough, it's like there is a barrier around all of the islands. Paradise has suddenly become a prison. How will everyone get by? Even stranger still, planes can fly in and drop off supplies and such. And no one knows what happens to them after that.

New faces are popping up all over, and as beautiful as Hawaii is, sometimes the locals aren't so friendly. Many of them consider the land to be sacred and want newcomers to stay away. And what is with these new people anyway? Some of them just aren't normal...

The governor enlisted the 5-0 taskforce to be responsible for the newcomers, getting them settled in and helping them become productive members of the community. Some will be more helpful than others. Governor Denning purchased an apartment building in the Waikiki neighborhood on O'ahu so everyone has a place to stay, while the matter is sorted.

Investigations into what caused this phenomena are ongoing. But it looks like we've got to try to be one big Ohana.

Aloha! Welcome to Hawaii. We hope you enjoy your stay, because it doesn't look like you will be leaving anytime soon

Wanted Characters


OOC Game Info

[info]ohanamods is a pan-fandom RPG set in the universe of Hawaii Five-0. Prior knowledge of the show is not required to play here.



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[27 Sep 2018|12:22pm]



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The Hellmouth [25 Sep 2018|09:13pm]

2001, Sunnydale, California. That was when everything changed. A battle with the hell goddess Glorificus led to the near destruction of the very fabric of the universe. The only thing keeping the walls between dimensions from tearing permanently was a sacrifice. Buffy Summers had every intention to make it herself, but before she could do so, her younger sister Dawn took the initiative and threw herself into the portal created by her own blood. Dawn Summers vanished into the portal and the damage ceased.

Or so it seemed.

Less than a week later, rifts and portals began to open randomly in Sunnydale, leaving behind items, people, and creatures. Unfortunately, these rifts also began taking as much as they left behind. It wasn't long before Buffy was the only one of her former "Scooby Gang" left standing. All she could do now was guard the Hellmouth and hope the rifts and portals stayed localized to Sunnydale.

Welcome to Sunnydale, where you may get a new lease on life... As long as you can avoid the vampires, demons, and whatever the rifts leave behind.
Hellmouth is a panfandom game, where characters find themselves thrust into the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, circa 2001.

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[10 Sep 2018|01:39pm]

Premise Links Mod Contact

Because revolutions are always fun~
A black view appears before you, Earth rising over some invisible horizon as music begins to... oh, sorry, that's not the space you're looking for - its definitely not the future you've landed in. The year is 2370 and its nearly the end of April. Spring time in a futuristic New York City that is far from utopian.

There's no Federation or Utopia here, capitalism and the push back against it continued after the 21st century and resulted in the reality you see before you. Earth remains supreme, but corporations and splinter societies have gone their separate ways to settle and colonize the Milky Way - some for better, some for worse.

Alec Sadler was the first to find the other arrivals (Alec's own arrival, well, it has an air of mystery around it as he's not native either and that's no secret), encased in something he could only compare to amber the first to be released was Aragorn - a king far from his mountain side country. From there, the exploration began. Its been over 14 years since that day (15 since he founded the beginnings of SADTECH and Sadler is aging out, the board of SadTech slowly becoming more and more self aware as they near the precipice that is finally beginning to open up the pods in large groups...

They only thing they have to hope for is that, under the guidance of Aragorn and Delenn - another early arrival - that those that get reawoken... well, hopefully they intend to play nice and not destroy their Sadler Complex apartment too quickly or start any untimely wars.

REVOLT is a pan-fandom game where original in-verse characters are allowed. Taking place in 2370 the game primarily revolves around the lives of 'amber refugees' and will focus on mod and player driven plot. This is an action game.
Because you know you wanna~
Because sometimes you gotta~
  • Journal: [info]revoltmods
  • E-Mail:
  • Dropbox
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    [10 Sep 2018|03:35am]

    We would love to see Scott McCall, Lydia Martin, Derek Hale, Cora Hale, Malia Tate, Melissa McCall, and other Teen Wolf characters over at [info]valar!
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    [08 Sep 2018|11:05pm]


    In a different time and on a different Earth, a single catastrophic event leads to an astronomical phenomena.

    One's arrival here will be instantaneous, falling through a rip in time and space. They will be yanked into the 24th century, a cyberpunk techno-dystopia. A depraved new world crammed dangerously above what was old San Francisco. The skies are polluted with flying cars. Neon signs, large and gaudy, glinting throughout the cityscape. Below, in the depths of its crooked streets, is a labyrinth of shady, rundown bazaars and holographic advertisements.

    Although, a traveler will not arrive into the thralls of the city. They will immediately wake to a loud zipping sound, slipping out from their plastic prison (psychsacs). Once a traveler collects their thoughts they will realize they are in a clean and sterile facility, a blinding contrast from the dirt and grime that has swallowed up San Francisco. Their perplexed face greeted by silent figures cloaked in hazmat suits.

    Game loosely based on Altered Carbon.

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    [04 Sep 2018|10:58am]

    Just as you approach the darkest point in your life, you mysteriously receive a one way ticket with the promise of a better life. However, once you've redeemed your ticket, there is no turning back. Some find comfort in their new home, while others are desperate to leave. A revolution is in the works, what side will you take?
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    [26 Aug 2018|03:43pm]

    Are we alone? Have we ever been alone?

    Since the dawn of time, humans have looked to the stars for answers to this fundamental question of our place in the Universe. From Stonehenge to the Pyramids and from Europe to Australasia there have been sightings. No definitive proof other than vague testimony written on papyrus or vellum. Maybe a shooting ‘star’ on the Bayeux Tapestry or carved in bas-relief in a Pharaoh’s tomb.

    Until Independence Day, 1947, when a rancher named Mac Brazel found a mass of unidentifiable material in one of his fields. The Sheriff came and, also unable to identify the mass, called in the nearby Roswell Army Air Force Base. ‘Nothing to worry about,’ was the official report, ‘just a weather balloon crash,’ but Roswell and the Base took a unique place in history as the first time an extraterrestrial craft had been found, seen and touched on planet Earth.

    Welcome to Roswell.


    This is a panfandom game set in an alternate version of Roswell, New Mexico. Monthly plots will happen. Characters with previous game history can join and continue on in a new setting. Come and join us for some laid back fun times!
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