Jul. 18th, 2016


Today is a banner day for me, musically

I have finally, after years of intermittent Googling, discovered two songs I remember from the 1970s and the 1980s, respectively -- one from a single playing on an obscure radio station late at night.

Back then, I’d keep a scrap of paper near the radio with a list of every song I heard that I wanted to track down the identity of. It could be impossible, with rarer, less popular tracks: dj’s didn’t always announce the title of every song they played. Yes, kiddies, that was life before the Internet, when we lived in caves and wore bear skins.

I didn’t have much in the way of “sticky bits” from either song; lyrics could be hard to distinguish when listening to AM radio back in the 1970s, and even on FM it wasn’t always easy. Every now and then, I’d try to find some obscure song. I nearly always failed. Only in the last few years with YouTube and Google have I begun having any better luck.

Last night, however, I ended my hunt for these two.

This was a smash hit in the Chicago area when I first began listening to rock in 1972. Try not to wince at my taste. ;)

I heard this exactly once in my life. I caught that the player had something to do with Jimi Hendrix, but nothing more. It has haunted me ever since, for 30 years.

Now that I have it, and am listening to it -- it is haunting.

March 2008

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