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Sep. 4th, 2008


Daily Challenge #10 - Home

Daily Challenge #10
Prompt: Home

Sep. 2nd, 2008


Month Challenge #01

Month #01
Starts: September 1st, 2008
Ends: September 30th, 2008
Character/Pairing: Peter Parker/Tony Stark
Universe: 616
Prompts: Imprison or Jail


Week Challenge #02

Week #02
Starts: September 1st, 2008
Ends: September 7th, 2008
Character(s): Matt Murdock
Universe: 616
Prompt: Fantasy


Daily Challenge #09 - Thunderstorm

Daily Challenge #09
Prompt: Thunderstorm

Sep. 1st, 2008


Daily Challenge #08 - Bite

Daily Challenge #08
Prompt: Bite

Aug. 31st, 2008


Daily Challenge #007: Safe/Blood (Matt Murdock/Milla Donovan)

Title: Safe
Author: Krim
Character(s): Matt Murdock/Milla Donovan (and an OC baby)
Prompt: 007. Blood
Rating: PG
Summery: All common sense said he shouldn't have gotten this far along.

I've got you now, you're safe. )


Daily Challenge #07 - Blood

Daily Challenge #07
Prompt: blood

Aug. 30th, 2008


Daily Challenge #06 - Slave

Daily Challenge #06
Prompt: Slave

Aug. 29th, 2008


Table #2: Lab Accident (AU, Spider-Man/Hulk)

Title: Lab Accident (1/10)
Author: Krim
Universe: AU; based on movie!Bruce and comc-esque!Peter
Character(s): Peter Parker/Bruce Banner
Prompt: 10. Confused
Rating: PG
Word Count: 695
Summery: After meeting while working on the same project, scientists Peter Parker and Bruce Banner form an unusually close friendship. When Bruce wants to try out a new serum, Peter warns against it, but shows up to watch the disastrous results.
Author Note (optional): This is just for some fun, to be honest. This probably won't turn into a serious storyline. This also assumes that Betty and Bruce never have a relationship and that Peter actually holds down a job at a lab for more than five minutes.

We don't know. )


Daily Challenge #05 - Freaky Friday

Daily Challenge #05
Prompt: Freaky Friday

Aug. 28th, 2008


Daily Challenge #04 - What If...

Daily Challenge #04
Prompt: What If...

Aug. 27th, 2008


Daily Challenge #03 - Gymnastics

Daily Challenge #03
Prompt: Gymnastics

Aug. 26th, 2008


Daily Challenge #02

Daily Challenge #02
Prompt: Gold

Aug. 25th, 2008


Welcome / Weekly Challenge #01 / Daily Challenge #01


Welcome everyone to Marvel Drabbles, a community for Marvel's fanfictions and Drabbles. As you can see we've just started but I thought we'd get the first challenge out right away. Look at the Posting Format in the profile for posting rules. Also Invite your friends! We want LOTS of people to join so we can get lots of different characters and pairings written about. Now, on with the first Weekly Challenge!

Weekly Challenge #01
Starts: August 25th, 2008
Ends: August 31st, 2008
Character(s): Peter Parker
Universe: Ultimate
Prompt: Leash

Challenges are made so you can test your own writing skills, most of the time with a prompt and characters you might not be familiar with. At least that's how I take challenges. I'm sorry for those people who don't know anything about the Ultimate Universe, or who don't like Peter Parker. Maybe you can join in next week. This Challenge goes until midnight (eastern time) on August 31st. Make sure your post is in before that time. Also note that you may enter as many times as you want too. But only ONE will win the banner. Just after midnight on 31st (guess that would make it September 1st huh?) I'll be posting up the winner or winners with their Banner. Following the winner post will be next weeks challenge along with the first monthly challenge.

Don't forget that we have daily challenges as well. The daily challenges are all open ended, that means: YOU can pick your universe and your characters. Also there are no winners for the Daily Challenges. The first Daily Challenge is listed below. Feel free to post as many times as you want for it. Just make sure each are in their own post. Daily Challenges can be done at any times, so if you see Daily Challenge #02 go up tomorrow but want to do the first one, go ahead. I'll tag it and file it away. Daily Challenges are all about the fun. So enjoy them!

Daily Challenge #01
Prompt: Smile


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Have a question?

1. Is there a deadline?
Only for the Weekly and Monthly Challenges. The Table Challenges and the Daily Challenges you can do in your own time.

2. Are Fake Cuts aloud?
No. Please post all of your stories right to the community.

3. Is There A Rating Cap?
Nope. But please make sure that any rated over PG-13 is labeled as such. We don't want any little kids reading something they aren't suppose to.

4. Is there a word limit?
Not really no. If you want to write an epic story for each one of the prompts in one of the tables, who am I to stop you. But the minimum is 100 words.

5. Someone has already taken my Character(s) for one table, does that mean I can't take them?
Nope. 3 people can claim one specific character(s). But if more people wish to take that character(s), I'll make it so that more people can.



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