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Date:2012-08-21 21:07

Burn these words you said, the lies you've spilt, the love and guilt. You cower from the spotlight when truth is the light. I'll never know what your truth it is you hide behind. You'll never know what it means to love. This I now break free from. Cut open and left behind, you act as if it's fine.

Stuff from my ~*~reaL~*~ journal. Oohs and aahs.

Hi, I'm Buggy. My mama named me Natalie, but the people who call me that total up to about five. WWE folk call me Skyler Moon. Exes call me that crazy bitch. So I never know where I am until somebody says my name. I think root beer Dum Dums taste like medicine. I like wigs because it means I don't have to brush my hair. I have Spiderman sheets on my bed. I also rent out Ryan Nemeth's butt as party furniture. Contact me at curedmoon if you're in need of a buffet table.

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Date:2012-07-07 12:18
Music:The Obits Fake Kinkade

New journal, same Alex. Thought I'd pick this thing back up again since I find myself with some extra time on my hands. I'll save the talk about the extra time thing for a later time, for now I'll ask what is everyone doing to keep cool this weekend? Apparently this summer most of the country is being treated to a preview of hell. Me, I'm hanging with the Sabinator as he recovers from surgery (again) and watching zombie movies. Go team air conditioning.


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Date:2012-05-30 21:43

So. I was all set to give a first introduction and update, maybe even giving everybody a slightly intense look deep into the life of Danielle Moinet (That's me) or Florida Championship Wrestling's Summer Rae (That's me too.)

Then I looked down and saw there's a Gossip-thingy like 3 inches below and its telling err'body's business! So I clicked and listened in. I mean, read in. Then there's rules and regulations and time frames and a [info]scottcolt who's coming in to take all my new person heat!

So. If there's something you want to know? Ask. I'm pretty open of a book and anything I'm not talking about in here, I just very well might on girl_of_summer on AIM. Do it. Make it neat. Do it.

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Date:2012-05-08 15:10
Subject:The one without a bookmark.

Behind Here )

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Date:2012-02-20 06:09

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Date:2012-02-18 22:26

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<lj-cut="((ooc))">(( After thinking about this for some time, I've decided to remove both <lj user="ninjamatthews"> and <lj user="executivesteph"> from here. It wasn't an easy decision, thanks in large part to the talented writers.

Special thanks goes out to those behind <lj user="weaponofchoice_">, <lj user="ninjaportia">, <lj user="chicago_made">, <lj user="hashtagheel">, <lj user="sarayaj">, <lj user="knalb"> and <lj user="highlightreel">. <333333

Those wishing to find me can do so via <lj user="stepharoony">. I will hopefully get it all updated in the next few weeks. :P

Goodnight, farewell and amen. ))</lj-cut>

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Date:2012-02-15 16:41

The last time I was around these parts, I was talking about SpiderMan and those Immortal jerks. Some people were looking forward to the demise of "Turn of the Dark" and I matched it up to my own career, and how folk just look for the bad and the car crashes.

So, turning forward? And thanking Wikepedia.

Spider-Man survived beyond September 2011, with ticket sales improving during the summer. About half of its audience comes from beyond the New York metropolitan area, including many foreign tourists who speak little English. In November, its producers stated that the show earned about $100,000 to $300,000 in net income each week, which means that Spider-Man will have to continue playing for at least five years to recoup the $75 million cost. The show may add new scenes and perhaps a new song each year to persuade fans to attend it again as "a whole new [comic book] issue".

The first week of January 2012, the Broadway League reported that the show had taken in $2,941,790 in ticket sales the week before, the highest single-week gross of any show in the history of Broadway.

Now that's a storybook in its own. Lets just hope that I can help tell a better one. Catch me here or on BigAirStyles on AIM to talk and say hey now.

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Date:2012-02-14 21:39
Subject:The best Valentine's Day present you guys could get

What can I say that hasn't already been said about me? I'm sure I know just about everyone here; but if I don't, lets change that.

I'm Amy Dumas. Former WWE Diva, 1/2 of the most badass couple to ever grace the WWE ring. Former lead singer of The Luchagors. Host of PunkRockalypse, mother to my lil furrball McKenzie and the proud owner of a nice lil place in Nicaragua.

How's it going in YOUR neck of the woods?

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Date:2011-10-10 18:36
Subject:First 'real' update..


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Date:2011-10-07 18:58
Subject:I've never been one for introductions....

let's make this short and sweet, shall we?

» Eve M. Torres.
» WWE D-EVE-ah!
» Former clippers dancer.
» Philanthropist.
» Spokeswoman.
» Skilled in Jiu-Jitsu, yet will spend the next million and a half years at a blue belt level.
» Self-proclaimed nerd.
» Convinced that the new Lily on Modern Family was either a mob boss in a previous life or will grow up to be a mob boss.
» swagga like eve or customs to go.

.....any questions?

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Date:2011-10-05 17:51
Subject:Introductions are awkward..

Click Here!

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Date:2011-08-02 16:34
Subject:Getting to Know You

Frank Fact: Mike Tenay revealed in a late 2007 shoot interview that during a WCW show in San Diego in 2000, a fan appeared to him and boldly declared that "someday, Tenay will be calling one of his matches". That fan was Kazarian himself. Mike Tenay now pops for Kazarian in exchange.

Frank Fact: Samoa Joe and John Cena were longtime battle rap rivals. Cena, is considered the best of the bunch, however his lunch has been eaten early and often by the man writing this.

Frank Fact: Five X-Division Titles, the inaugural "Ultimate X" match, 1 World Tag Team championship, and the King of the Mountain Title have been held by Kazarian. He also will not wear any clothing similar to what Jeff Jarrett thinks is "cool".

Frank Fact:: Fourtune consists of a grand total of Fifty Five championship reigns amongst its members. Highest number goes to AJ Styles, with seventeen of said championships to his name. Kazarian is still better looking than he is. -source needed-

Frank Fact: Fourtune follows the formula for a standard wrestling stable (however AWESOME the individuals may be) by using this pattern.

The Centerpiece: AJ Styles
The Heir Apparent: Kazarian
The Enforcers: Beer Money
The Muscle: Matt Morgan
The Manager: Ric Flair
The Point Man: Douglas Williams
The Hanger-On: Desmond Wolfe

Out of the entire group, Kazarian is better at five card stud than his stablemates. Except for Desmond, but he cheats at cards. Seriously. He does.

Frank Fact: Kazarian can be located at FadetoBlackTNA on AOL's Instant Messenger system. He welcomes hellos, long walks on the beach, and cruelty plus steaks. Nothing beats the flavor like a good bit of terror-inspired adrenaline in a ribeye.

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Date:2011-07-01 19:51

It's bad enough that because of what CM Punk did, people have forgotten the reason I've given them to watch TNA. I have nothing but love for Punk though, we go way back. But you did hear me right. I'm back on TNA TV. Can't tell you completely why that was the choice I made when making a final career choice. It just is.

Austin Aries.

The greatest man that ever lived. While some might say it's a tagline, I like to think of it as a lifestyle. I'm a vegan by choice. I enjoy my wine and at one point in my life I wanted to be just like Ric Flair. I'm a classy mother fucker and if you don't believe me, just ask the people I've kept in my life. Google me, if you need to know the detailed list of what I've accomplished, or ride with me to the finish. Your choice.

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Date:2011-03-15 17:46
Subject:Hello, I love you.

Greetings and salutations. A hearty welcome to [info]dangerous_type and [info]nawmean And a fond fare-thee-well to [info]zombiehot

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Date:2011-01-22 00:01
Subject:Volume I: I Fought Pirannhas

Let this go as a lesson. Never create yourself a blog, Twitter, or any other sort of social media experiment if you've any chance of a company-imposed radio silence.

When we last saw our hero, or heel if you wish, he'd influenced a group of men to high levels. However, a challenger appeared, took the hero's hard work, along with giving lashings to angry, winged men, and turned them into the Vatican.

I'll pause now to dodge lightning.

Still online? Perfect. I knew that if my employer could challenge God on a pay per view, a terrible joke about the Papacy in a blog few will read would even get a blink. For those who'd like to know, or care, I'm Wade Barrett. If you wish to call me anything else, ask first. Its a bit of a code not to, but most of us barely even recognize our birth names the longer we do this. But here's to you. all of you. If I need to be talked up beyond this, contact me at nexuswilding on Instant messenger. Of the AOL sort. God, can you tell I'm rambling and suffering for something else to add?

So. I'll turn the attention to you all. Tell me what's interesting to you today.

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Date:2010-12-09 21:40

Please welcome [info]bullet_joe. And hope for no holiday killings.

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Date:2010-12-05 03:25
Subject:Gain one, lost one...

Please remove [info]jharter

But please welcome back [info]silicone_free

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Date:2010-11-15 00:35
Subject: I can (still) clean and squat more weight than you can

This is the story of the girl who can hold her own in the ring with that batshit crazy Punk, but tore an ACL lifting the LayCool. And STILL finish.

Elizabeth. I go by Beth or Bethers, and only one person can get away with calling me Betherbell.

When I first started wrestling - it was my life, my love, and I ate, slept, and breathed it. Now - well, let's admit, I still do, BUT I have realized that there's more to life. My apartment is a video library of matches on tapes and DVDs. I've got a soft spot in my heart for Dr. Cube. I love odd indy worker names and the best ribs you've ever seen.

I like long walks on the beach, romantic dinners, and breaking bitchez. (Anyone remember "Melina, why are you kicking yourself?!")

Didn't you miss me?

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Date:2010-11-14 21:02
Subject:Beth Phoenix can enjoy a Big Mac. At Burger King.

Please welcome the multi-time Women's champion, and the only person to kiss-toss the Great Khali. The lovely, the talented [info]glamarous

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Date:2010-10-01 21:32
Subject:An introduction? Really?

OK, if I must...

Call me Lauren, Angel or Angelina, I answer to them all.

Current TNA Knockouts Champion. Holla!

Don't mess with VelVel otherwise you'll have to answer to me.

Anything else, ask. I'll give you an answer...maybe not the one wanted, but an answer nonetheless. ;)


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