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31st-May-2009 05:51 pm - In The Eye Of The Beholder
Title: “In the eye of the beholder”
Author: illuins_lair
Pairing: Orlando/Elijah, (Viggo)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Feelings between men are dangerous, are they not?
Summary: Orlando and Elijah are unaware of the language between them. Viggo translates through his senses...
Disclaimer 1: Yes I´m the ultimate observer. I have seen it happen and I know it all. Only in my head of course. Please don´t sue my brain, it is all I have. Sadly no money made from it either.
Disclaimer 2: I don´t know if sculptured bedsheets are something Viggo would ever come up with. But if that is the case, I most definitely would like to have one.
A/N: Beta´ed by the amazing randomdarling Special Thanks and a sculpture all for you..)

"In the eye of the beholder"
30th-Jun-2008 09:56 pm - Between the Sheets
Between the Sheets
Summ: AU.  Dom is a bit of a goody-two shoes with a galloping case of rotten luck. He has a summer job to help pay for Uni, but he hates it.  Orlando is the reason.  Action!  Adventure!  Dermititis!
Rating: ADULT
Warnings:  Orlando is a bit weird in this one.  I'm not sure who this Orlando is or where he came from, just popped out of my head and splattered all over the keyboard, sorta.  My apologies for my poor approximation of Britspeak, and as for the German, it was pastede together using a German-English dictionary, and Google translator.  Also, this didn't want to end.  I had trouble cutting it off where I did, seem abrupt to me,
Prompted by </a></b></a>[info]msilverstar.  Probably not what she had in mind, but I can't account for the behavior of my brain.

Between the Sheets
16th-Jun-2008 06:39 pm - prompt
Ok, I've got a job for those of you out there that are listening.

I need a prompt.

Anything LOTRPS. Anything at all, throw it at me.

I realized as I updated my fic list for this year's lotrps remix that I only have one new story to add to it in the lotrps genre unless you count my remix from last year! Then it's a whopping two.

lotrps remix assignments are handed out very very soon, I want to add at least 1 more short one to the list so I don't BORE my poor remixer to death.

So lemme have it. What do you want to see?

you can email if you'd prefer private sort of suggestions. paradoxymoron4242 gmail
9th-Jan-2008 04:13 pm - bagenders season 3
I know I've begged before but does anyone have Bagenders season 3 on hand or know where to find it? No longer available on the original site or in the internet archive.
7th-Jan-2008 07:10 pm - another slashababy fic
For: </a></a>[info]kimberleigh_
Title: Untitled
Author: hermit9
Pairing: Viggo/Bernard
Rating: Adult
Warnings: Shakespeare
Notes: I am a glutton for punishment.
Disclaimer: Not real, not real people, just made up fictiony type stuff. About people who may happen to resemble real persons, though, of course, not intentionally.

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21st-Nov-2007 08:59 pm - Untitled
Title: (no idea)
Author: triceybabe (moi)
Rating: pg13
Disclaimer: do not own Tolkiens books and am not making any money from this. If i was, i'd be rich by now and i am no where near that.

A little "Lord of the Rings" fic. Was bored and just wanted something to do. The story is untitled and is rated R...I hope you like it... my first LOTR fic...

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4th-Oct-2007 04:24 pm - Tol Erresea.net
Title: Tol Erresea.net
Pairings: Elrond/Legolas/Glorfindel, others implied
Rating: PG-13 for language, mild violence, and making out. There's not really much sex in this, more silly then anything.
Warnings: Complete and total irreverence. Insane silliness.
Plot Synopsis: The Noldor wire Valinor for the Internet and Elrond gets to see what the humans have
been saying about him. And the Noldor are completely insane in that special way that generally involves many explosions, all unintentional. Cause they just wanted to see what would happen.
Author's Note: All fanfics mentioned are property of their respective writers, except where I made
them up. All websites are real and owned by someone who is not me. And if you haven't read the Silmarillion, some of these characters may be new to you. I stuck in a little character summary thing at the end. Hope you enjoy.
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9th-Aug-2007 04:33 pm - Recs
What with all the hoo-rah going down at LJ just recently I've been spending too much time reading and not enough time hammering that keyboard. Still, it's not all been time wasted - with FanWorksFinder up, I've been hunting down old favourite fics of mine.

For those of you in need of an elf-fix, have a look at Pluto's Bow and Bloom site. All of it slash, but not necessarily explicit lemon. Some jolly good writing which makes me despair and aspire at the same time.

8th-Aug-2007 04:56 pm - FIC: Haldir's Hunt [NC-17, Haldir/Legolas]
Title: Haldir’s Hunt
Author: [info]esteliel
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Haldir/Legolas
Disclaimer: All the pretty elves belong to Tolkien, I'm just playing with them and will give them back afterwards.

I wrote this as a birthday present for the wonderful [info]pippychick - it features evil!Haldir at his best. *g*

Haldir's Hunt )
12th-Jun-2007 10:42 am - The Teacher - Chapter Ten
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Oropher/Elrond, Thranduil/Elrond, Legolas/Elrond, Elrond/Celebrían, Elrond/OFC
Warnings: Slash, het, graphic sex, bdsm, D/s, bondage, canonical character death
Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction. I do not own the elves within or middle earth. They belong to Tolkien, and I am just borrowing them for a short while. I make no money from this.
Summary: A fanciful, smutty take on what Elrond’s story might have been through the ages.

Author’s Note:

Ok, here you have the next part of Elrond’s story. I hope you enjoy it! :)

Earlier chapters can be found here. That is an NC-17 link - please do not click if you are underage.

I am over eighteen - let me read! )
5th-Jun-2007 01:47 pm
My first entry here, so I thought I'd post an Aragorn/Legolas fic saved from my LJ account (though over at LJ pinkmouse is someone else). The good news is that it's work-safe, the bad news that it's angsty, purple slop. You have been warned!

And hello to all fellow elf-fanciers.

The Cup )

3rd-Jun-2007 07:39 am - Fanfiction
The first post to this community... why not start as properly as possible? With a story *g*

This is a story written by me for someone on my flist last christmas, and it's just a bit of fun. Enjoy!

Author: pippychick
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Haldir/Legolas, ?/Legolas, ?/Haldir
Warnings: Explicit sex, M/M, Bondage, threesome, D/s, PWP
Disclaimer: None of the elves belong to me – they belong to Tolkien, and I am just borrowing them for a little while. I make no money from this.
Summary: Haldir is not pleased with Legolas… but he soon will be.

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