June 29th, 2014

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The 2014 Ficathon is a go!

From Princess of Geeks:

Sign-ups are now closed for this year's ficathon.

We have 18 participants, a nice even number. Hurray.

I am super excited about this year and feel very ready to write. (In fact, I might even have already picked out the prompt I want for myself. Mods have their privileges, LOL. )

Assignments will probably be out a little early, because of the plans that have cropped up for me for the USA holiday weekend, so watch your email over the next couple of days.

Please let me know right away if there is any trouble with writing your prompt or if you have any questions.

And if the August deadline seems to fly right at you, just let us know your plans. If you have to post late, we can deal with that. Just don't disappear without explanation. I posted three months late once, and while I certainly don't recommend that, at least I did eventually post and that's the main thing.

Paian has made sure that all our past ficathons are accessible through the Archive of Our Own Jack/Daniel Ficathon Collection, and other writers have also been linking their own fic as they have time, which I think is a great idea.

Many thanks to the other people helping with this ficathon -- Paian, Green_Grrl, and Sid.

You should be getting your assignments shortly.

J/D 4 Evah.

June 2014

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