05:17pm 16/02/2009
  Who: Hiro and Sakano
What: Hiro talks to Sakano
When: Business day, before people come in.
Rating: G

Hiro sighed, practically pacing back and forth in the studio. )
Log: Maiko and Suguru 
03:13am 07/01/2009
  What: Running into each other at the coffee house.
When: The Monday they returned to work after New Years
Rating: PG

Sometimes I envy them, then I come to my senses. )
Log: Hiro / Suguru / Tohma 
06:30pm 03/01/2009
  Rating: PG?
Status: Completed
Characters: See title
Summary: They store Suguru's extra things at Tohma's house, then Tohma and Suguru have a talk.

Like cousin, like cousin? )
02:03pm 03/01/2009
  Who: Tohma and Ryuichi
When: Jan 2, late night
What: First aid!
Rating: PG (for blood and swearing)

Tohma sat on his laptop typing away when he got a message in his inbox... )
01:15pm 03/01/2009
  Who: Suguru and Hiro
When: New Year's Eve
What: Get-together at Hiro's place
Rating: NC-17
Status: Complete

It was New Year's eve, and, as expected, Hiro was home alone in his little apartment by himself... )
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10:35pm 01/01/2009
  I'm all alone.

Here it is New Year's day and I'm alone.

No lover, no friend, no one.

I spent the night drinking...all alone.

Watching the sun rise.


I need to get out and about, but who wants a short, eccentric singer for a lover?


I need to get out of here and go to N-G.

At least I can walk the halls and bump into someone and feign like they care about me.

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01:09pm 11/12/2008
  Who: Hiro and Suguru
What: Coffee after practice
When: Roughly around 8-9 pm
Rating: PG for conversation content
Status: Completed

So despite all the calls to his cell phone, Shuichi didn't show up to studio after all. )
*OOC* Just a reminder! 
01:28pm 08/12/2008
music: "I'm So Happy" L'Arc~en~Ciel
Hey everyone. One of your friendly mods to remind you to update your Friend's List!!! We've gotten a few new characters and this is the easiest way to keep updated on everything.

Also I'd like to remind those of you who may not be familiar with journal rps that journals are posted to the journals and logs/threads/ooc posts are posted to Its_Gravitation.


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11:30pm 07/12/2008
mood: crushed
music: The whir of the computer's cooling fans
Been up for nearly a week. No sleep.



Writing shit.

I hate what I've written.

Why do I keep this crap? It sucks ass.


Anyway, I saw Tatsuha the other day.

He told me that he left years back to keep me safe back when he was doing drugs. I guess he was in serious trouble.

And now he's working at a host club and going to school.

I haven't been able to write since I saw him.

I guess my heart still remembers what we had.

My writing's shit.

Why do I keep this stuff? Why do I even try?

My head hurts.

I'm going to bed. Alone. Again.

I hate sleeping alone.

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10:01am 04/12/2008
  Who Tatsuha and Ryuichi
Where Outside/In a car
What Talking
When Evening after Conversation with Mika and before Tatsuha calls Maiko
Rating PG
Status Completed

Read more... )
02:29pm 03/12/2008
  Who Tatsuha and Maiko
Where Outside on the street/one of their apartments
What Funness
When Evening after the conversation with Mika
Rating PG
Status On going

Read more... )
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10:34am 03/12/2008
  Who Mika and Tatsuha
Where Tatsuha's place
What Discussion
When Afternoonish, I guess
Rating PG
Status Closed/Incomplete

it was legal, and that was what really mattered )
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12:23pm 20/11/2008
  Who: Eiri and Tohma
When: Afternoon while Shuichi is at Work
Where: Eiri's Apartment
What: Tohma helps Eiri make dinner!
Rating G
Status: Complete

Being the man he was, Tohma naturally liked to stick his fingers into as many different pots as possible, which was, sadly, not as fun as it sounded. )
12:04pm 19/11/2008
  Who: Maiko and Tatsuha
When: Night after they met at the club
Where: Tatsuha's new apartment
What: Date!
Rating: PG? Possibly PG13
Status: In progress

Let's have some fun now! )
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07:02pm 17/11/2008
  Who: Eiri and Tatsuha
When: The night before the meeting of Maiko and Tatsuha.
Rating: PG / PG-13 or something like that.
Progress: Complete

What: Visiting and Drinking, respectively. )
01:48pm 17/11/2008
  Who: Tatsuha and Maiko
When: Tonight
Where: Club Elite
What: An Odd Reunion
Rating: PG?
Status: In Progress

What are you doing here!? )
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11:15pm 15/11/2008
  Who: Mika and Tatsuha
When: 11:30pm tonight haha
Where: Tatsuha's crappy apartment
What: Telling the Truth
Rating: PG(?)
Status: In Progress

To Tell The Truth )
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