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News/Game Wide Plot Points [23 Feb 2016|03:07pm]

This post is to keep track of all of the major plot points
that have already occurred. Your character may or may not
know all of these, as technology becomes more primitive the
longer the game goes on, and soon news is only spread via word of mouth.

December 2015:

+ A new strain of flu begins to make it's way around, originating in Japan, and rapidly making it's way across all borders.

+ The amount of reported ill begins to sky-rocket by mid-month. Fatalities linked to the virus begin to pile up. The survivors of the virus are few and far between.

+ The first reports of the "mimicking death" symptom cycle throughout various media outlets.

+ December 26th; the President declares a national State of Emergency.

December 2015:


Is This The End? [23 Feb 2018|12:09pm]

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