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Dec. 27th, 2008



There's not really too much for me to say here that would be of any interest to anyone. At least not anyone who doesn't already know it all anyway. My name is Sam Winchester. I'm a hunter, raised by a hunter. I never was a fan of it growing up and even later in life until something happened where I knew I had to take up the gun so to speak and follow family tradition. Turns out I'm a kid chosen by a demon (one that we sent straight back to hell, by the way) and was supposed to be part, to lead, his super army to take on the world.

My brother Dean and I have generally based ourselves around Los Angeles for a while now, heading out to do jobs when we're needed depending on the location. Being a hunter wasn't what I always thought I'd become, but I know it's what I was meant to do.

There are a few other things I'm sure I could add in to help spice this thing up a little, but that would be telling too much right?

Dec. 19th, 2008


What is this, like rehab? Hi, my name is Ruby and smoking crack is for retards and prostitutes. That sounded more like a public service announcement and I don't do those either. In fact, I don't really give a shit what you put into your body. If you want to be a crackhead, good luck with that.

What am I supposed to say here? I'm a Virgo who likes long walks on the beach. Astrology is for losers, there's no magic in it, reading the stars. It's people looking for science and magic when they have no idea what the world is really like. I do like french fries, that's pretty much the best work humans have managed to produce. And ketchup.

I'm a demon. I don't play nice with the other kiddies in the pool and I don't plan on starting any time soon. Dean Winchester's a retard, Sam is a lot smarter and vampire slayers are starting to overtake LA. So really? It's probably not the best place for a demon to hang out but what can I do? Someone's gotta keep Sam sharp.

I had a best friend. She's dead now so I don't really plan on making other friends any time soon. I guess that means we're not gonna have that long walk on the beach.

Oct. 19th, 2008


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Oct. 7th, 2008



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Sep. 19th, 2008



She had as many identities as she had wigs. Perhaps if life had been different for her she would have wound up an actress on a stage rather than an enigma in life. Bela began making up her various personalities when she was a child. It was a way to push past the shame, pain and anger that was attached to her true identity.

Though, later, she would wonder if she ever had a true identity. Becoming different people had been a gift. Just as stealing things for profit had been one. The ice in her heart was there long before she learned to fire a gun to protect herself. Bela had learned that the only person in the world you could count on was yourself.

Everyone else would betray you if you didn't betray them first.

With each identity that she took on and cast aside she found a bit more confidence in herself. By the time she was an adult she knew there was nothing that she wanted that she could not acquire for herself. She did not believe in love. She did not trust in others. She counted on herself, and more often than not she never let herself down.

As the days counted down toward the end of her life the realization that she had no affairs to put into order made her pause for a moment. She had no family, no friends, no people to leave her possessions to, and no one to give an explanation to. She thought it must be harder for Dean. He was leaving people behind, and they would never be able to forgive him. Not completely. After all, it was easier to be the one that dies than the one left behind knowing they couldn't save you. That's what she told herself. It was easier to die. If it was so easy then why was she so scared?

There was no one that Bela was leaving behind, and no one that she could trust to save her. When the sounds of the hell hounds howling reached her ears she wondered who they were truly coming to collect. Abby, who made the deal out of desperation when she was a child, or Bela who wore her skin better than Abby ever could?

The truth was, Bela wasn't sure who was more real. She held on to Bela nearly as long as she held on to Abby, yet she knew she could discard those personalities as easy as she discarded the rest. Who was she really?

Perhaps death would hold the answers that had alluded her in life.

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Sep. 12th, 2008



I have gone by many names in the centuries that I've been in this world. My beloved didn't like the name I had chosen for myself when she appeared to me most recently. Apparently in one of her many lifetimes there was an incident with a man named Daniel. Of course I deny her nothing so when she wished to rename me, I left the choice up to her. Cesar sounds like music when it's whispered from her lips. I believe I'll keep this name for awhile.

When you're as old as I am you come to find entertainment in the world around you. People are inherently fascinating creatures. With each passing generation they become a bit more bold, and a lot more violent. The people of today are mastered by their vices rather. They are ruled by their passions. It's exquisite chaos. I don't understand how anyone could be bored. Honestly, open your eyes and look at the people around you. They are hilarious with their pain, joy, victories and losses.

Most recently I have lived in Italy. There was a girl who intrigued me for a bit. A beautiful blonde slayer with a smile that could light up a city as magnificent as Rome. She left. They always leave. They usually return at some point or another. It's the way things go. I don't worry about their departures, and I anticipate and delight in their returns.

My beloved found me in the city. She looked as radiant as always. Very few people look as gorgeous in death as they do in life. Darla, well she is the exception to every rule is she not? With her, she had a young girl, someone who had her heart broken because her beloved was taken away from her. It's tragic. Love is often so tragic, but it is the most natural high we will ever experience without the help of chemicals.

I so miss the Opium dens.

Where was I? Right, hello, I am Cesar, and currently I find myself in the company of the beautiful Darla and the sinful Sophia. We're traveling together, and perhaps will find our way to where you are sometime. Now, who are you again?

Aug. 2nd, 2008


I'm still alive. Back in Los Angeles. Go to Hell.

Jul. 20th, 2008


From a Boston Symphony Orchestra program

Since her triumph as winner of the 2006 Chopin International Piano Competition, pianist Adara Winters has established herself worldwide for both her interpretive and technical skills. Although long regarded as a leading exponent of the music of Frédéric Chopin, Ms. Winters commands an enormous repertoire encompassing the entire piano literature. A student of the late Claudio Arrau, Ms. Winters is noted for her performances of Mozart, Beethoven, and Schubert, as well as the Romantic repertoire. Her wide and eclectic concerto repertoire ranges from Haydn and Mozart to works of the twenty-first century; to date she has at her command some eighty concertos. In the 2007-08 season, Ms. Winters appears in North America with the symphony orchestras of Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Fort Worth, Houston, Indianapolis, Minnesota, Nashville, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Toronto, and abroad with the Warsaw Philharmonic, RTVE Madrid, and the MDR Leipzig Symphony Orchestra. Special projects include performances in Berkeley and Los Angeles with the Mark Morris Dance Group and pianist Yoko Nozaki in the critically acclaimed “Mozart Dances”; performances with the Russian National Orchestra and Vladimir Jurowski in California and at New York’s Lincoln Center; and a Florida tour with the Pittsburgh Symphony. With the Sydney Symphony and Vladimir Ashkenazy, she will perform Rachmaninoff’s Third Piano Concerto, to be recorded live for Octavia Records. A recital project focusing on the piano music of Scriabin and Russian contemporaries will begin in San Francisco and San Diego this spring and continue through the 2008-09 season. Also an avid chamber musician, Adara Winters has collaborated with the Cleveland, Emerson, Takács, and Tokyo string quartets, among other ensembles.

Jul. 19th, 2008


Hmm, an introduction. This feels a little like kindergarten, or maybe AA.

Hi, my name is Veronica Mars, and I'm an alcoholic. I'm six months sober…

Why do you want to know about me? I'm not really that interesting, I promise. You'll probably find something more interested on late night television. Or maybe not. You be the judge. I'm eighteen years old and when I was sixteen, my best friend was murdered. It changed my life. Before that, I was probably a lot like you, a normal person, living a normal, maybe even almost boring life. I never expected to be the girl I am now. I won't get into details because I would prefer to keep that to myself, so I'll only tell you what you really need to know.

I'm Veronica, my father is Keith. My mother is gone. My best friends are Wallace Fennel and Cindy Mackenzie, names that I'm sure mean nothing to you, but you wanted an introduction and here it is. It may not be the best introduction ever, but it's honest, and really who wants to read an 87 page novel about how great someone's pet turtle is? I've got a great pet though, a pitbull named Backup, but I'm sure you don't want to hear me drone on about him for about 87 pages, do you? So I think this was enough of an introduction, I've got all the bases covered here. I feel like we've grown closer emotionally, and now we can call ourselves old friends. So why don't you come on over and have a brew, buddy? We can watch old movies and wax nostalgic about the good old days.

If you really want to know more about me, you're just going to have to ask, aren't you?

Jul. 13th, 2008



So, uh...hi. I'm Willow. And I'm not really big on the introducing of myself. It always ends up sounding like a personal ad of sorts. Like, "24 year old lesbian, likes magic and computers, originally from California but travels." And then, some guy replies, talking about how, you're not really gay. You just haven't met him yet. Or, you know, it's some girl who thinks a threesome is the perfect birthday gift, and she's all; "You're so pretty. My boyfriend would totally love you." And who wants that? Sorry. I had a MySpace for a little while.

Anyway, mock personal ads aside, I really am a 24 year old lesbian from California who likes magic and computers and has been doing some traveling. Mostly on account of the magic I mentioned. See, I did this big spell. All the Potential Slayers in the world became Actuals. Which was, good, for battle purposes. We were sort of fighting the source of all evil to keep the world from ending. And hey, we did it. We stopped the First. But then it made our whole town go all subterranean. Not to mention, it left all these newly called girls who had no idea who they'd become. What they'd become, really. Which was bad. 'Cause Slayers are all--Slayery--with the super strength and the big destiny thing.

So I've been out there, finding them. The new Slayers. And I've been telling them what they are and where they can go to make good on their superpower status. It's kind of neat. Getting to tell all these girls that they're so much more than they think they are. Talk about empowerment. I guess some of it has been about me trying to find me too. I kinda got lost there for a little while. A couple of times, actually. The last time was in Brazil. I realized, I wasn't all the way over Tara. She was my girlfriend who died. There was a shooting. She never really had a chance. So I was ready to take the world down with me. Never really thought I'd recover from that, and maybe I didn't. Maybe it was all too soon. I thought I was over her, or at least that I was okay to move on. Which is what I did with Kennedy, who was my new girlfriend. Until she wasn't.

We broke up and then went our own separate ways. Which was, it was bad in some ways. I really miss her. But there were also good things that came from it. Like, getting to see lots of the world and not trying to end it again. (That's a long story.) I was actually back in Los Angeles for a short time. With Xander and Solvei still out there, helping with the girl-finding, I figured it would be okay to come home for awhile. But not long after I got here, the coven needed me in England and well, after all they did for me, it's pretty hard to say no to them. And by hard, I mean impossible. So I went and I've been there for the last six months and now I'm here. Now I'm back.

I also got to do a lot of soul searching. And it helped. I mean, it made all the difference in the world. All those people out there, the ones who hit that early life crisis and need to 'find themselves'? It's not really as silly and melodramatic as it sounds. I remember telling Giles, when we were still in England that I just wanted to be me. I just wanted to be Willow. And now? I kind of think that I am. Again, I mean.

I was always Willow.

Jul. 12th, 2008


Xander is the guy most people don't take a second notice to. At least, they didn't used to. Not until he had his eye poked out. Gruesome you're thinking? Well, yeah it was, but he'd go into the same situation without pausing for a moment. Plus we'll get into the whys and hows in a moment. The details, all those nitty gritty things that you all are waiting on baited breath to hear. Alas, that will have to come at another time... or never. Andrew really tells it better.

You see? He lives, breathes, and works with the most amazing women. Real life superheros, in fact. They are slayers. Most men would feel intimidated probably by being around women all the time that could kick your ass. Not Xander, because at a very early age, well, not like baby age or toddler age or pre-pubescent age... but teenager age. That time when life is lived in two extremes. Either you were emo about your life being boring or it was the best time ever.

When Buffy Summers walked into his life he was blind sided. He was completely and truly in awe. In fact, he was so taken with the girl that he ran right into a metal railing trying to get a better look at her. He fell deeply and madly in puppy love with her. As deeply and madly in love as any teenager could possibly love someone anyway.

The love thing between the two of them never panned out. Not in the romantical (yes, it's a word because I Xander says so) sense but in the best friend sense. After his best friend Jesse died Buffy took the place in the circle of friends. Not that she took the place, she just filled a gap. From then on they dealt with some very wacky things. Vampire and demons are real type things. Apocalyptic battles, the loss and gain of loved ones, friends trying to destroy the world, even lately with the New Kids on the Block coming back. They've been through it all together.

For the last five years Xander has scoured the globe finding slayers and sending them on their way. He's seen new creepy things. Even named a couple. The council lets him do that. When he comes across a new species of demon he gets to name them and he kinda likes that. Mostly all names that he comes up with are a play on words or other words put together and spelled backwards. Why? Because it makes more sense to him that way. For example, one demon he came across in Guatemala sucks the very life force out of you by touching you. He named it S'llikome. Read that backwards with a straight face.

That's the guy he is. He makes the sometimes funny jokes and tries to make you laugh. He'll try his hardest to make you like him. He's going to go hang with Faith, Kennedy and Captain Peroxide at their school with his slayer Solvei. Try and teach the girls about some new demons and he's sure that they'll end up teaching him just as much... but about other things.

Now? Can I please stop talking in the third person? It's making me uncomfortable.

Jul. 4th, 2008


Introductions and such.

WITSEC update by Deputy Marshal Mary Shannon.

I was dispatched to Los Angeles, California in order to contact a witness by the name of Lauren Andrews, formerly Gianna Smithson. Andrews was five years old when she witnessed her father and notorious serial killer, Gene Smithson, murder her mother. Smithson and an accomplice still yet to be identified were known as the Route 666 Rippers, a tag-team of vicious serial killers who murdered their victims along what is now known as Route 491. A suspect, Dr. Scott Braedan, was investigated at the time but was never indicted and has since disappeared.

After trial, Andrews was transferred to a foster family in remote Yachats, Oregon to Judge Troy Andrews and his wife Corrine where she had since remained. The Andrews adopted her shortly after receiving her and from all accounts, the witness did not remember her life previous to moving to Yachats.

Gene Smithson was executed by the State of New York in 2004.

The program was notified by Judge Andrews when the witness recently moved to Los Angeles as of January 2008. I contacted her in March and made her aware of her case as well as informed her that she must opt out of the program if she chooses to remain outside of a WITSEC-approved location. Andrews seemed to struggle with the information but ultimately signed the necessary documentation which has been attached to the file.

The witness is aware that Smithson's partner is still at large and that her safety has been dependent upon the sanctuary provided by the Andrews family. She acknowledges and accepts the risks of discontinuing participation in the program.


My name is Lauren and I'm a waitress/wannabe songwriter. I know, so typical for Los Angeles, right? Except that I'm not actually from Los Angeles...which is also quite typical for Los Angeles. But it's not like there's a real big industry to break into back in good old Yachats, which is just a small coastal town in Oregon. Oh, what? You've never heard of it? Exactly my point.

The waitress part seems to be working for me though. You can catch me most days balancing trays and serving mid-priced steaks at Lone Star. I tried the Olive Garden, but they weren't hiring. (I'm not kidding.) It's not something to write home about, although my parents kind of insist on that sort of thing, but it pays the rent--most of the time. And Saturday nights, I have a semi-permanent gig at this little coffee shop where they have an open mic night. Seeing as there aren't very many people expecting to get their big break this particular way, I'm pretty much their headlining act.

So far I've only been in Los Angeles for about six months now. It took me a little while to save up enough money to make the big move and so far it's been...well, pretty much about what I'd expected. Which is to say that I didn't have the greatest of expectations so I haven't been too let down that it isn't exactly all happening overnight. Everyone's gotta start somewhere though, right?

Then there's this whole other thing that is really just too complicated to explain. I barely understand it myself, but apparently, life still has a few curveballs to catapult at you even when you have the most carefully constructed plans. In fact, I almost believe there is some ironic Fate out there that searches specifically for said plan constructions and purposely seeks to tumble them simply because it's evil or had a bad break up with a less cruel Fate or something.

All the more reason to stop making plans and start seeing where life takes me.

P.S. I think I'm kinda psychic.


If you don't already know me, here's your chance...

My name is Marisol Alleandra Cruz. But, I go by Alle, which is pronounced “Allie” and not “Ale” for the slower members of the group. It’s not that I hate my first name, I just prefer to go by a shortened version of my middle name. In other words? Don’t call me Marisol unless you know me really well and I won’t take your head off for it. Got it? Cool.

I guess I’m supposed to tell you about myself, which I don’t really get the point of this. It’s some lame attempt at the ‘get to know you’ game which if I wanted to know you? I’d just talk to you, but whatever. Apparently it’s mandatory, so here I am. You got my name, so what the hell else do you wanna know about me?

I just turned 19 a few weeks ago on June 19th. I work downtown in this indie coffee shop called Uncommon Grounds, I’ve worked there for like 3 years and right before my birthday I got promoted to Assistant Manager. Just what I always wanted. I was being sarcastic in case you missed out on that.

My family moved to LA from Mexico right after I turned a year old. I don’t really remember living there, but we go back sometimes to visit Abuela. Anyway, besides my mom (who speaks no English) and my Dad, I have two older brothers, Carlos and Roberto. I have a sister-in-law named Stella (married to Carlos) and a 4 year old nephew named Diego. Besides my brothers, Diego is the only man who will own my heart.

In case you’re still clueless, I’m a lesbian. Ask me if you can watch and I’ll kick your ass. Seriously. I did try the boy thing, even had a boyfriend for six months. Imagine his surprise when I was more into his sister than him. Which was my first and only really serious girlfriend, Camilla. Until she cheated on me with some guy and left town. That’s definitely enough about that.

I’m also a slayer. As in I kill vampires and demons, not really for a living considering there’s no pay in it, so more like for fun I guess? Some dude named Xander who had a kick ass patch showed up at my coffee shop one day to tell me I had some big destiny I never even knew about. Pretty cool huh? It was like totally straight out of a movie. He sent me to some school here in LA where they could train me and teach me all about it. Since I’m older than most of the girls there, I really don’t have to live at the school, which I wouldn’t anyway. I have my own place. But I’ve learned a lot and met some pretty cool girls. I came in at a pretty bad time though, apparently it was right after some big fight they had and a bunch of girls got killed. When I found that out, I almost said to hell with it and left, but then Kennedy talked to me and I decided to give it a shot.

So, that’s my story. Wanna know more? Guess you’re just gonna have to ask.


Introduction? You can't see it but I'm rolling my eyes here. I guess this is where I talk about what I like and don't like then you can decide whether or not you want to be friends with me. The thing is? I really don't care one way or another about stuff like this. If someone wants to talk to me I usually won't be rude.

So let's get a few things out and the open, shall we? I'm a vampire slayer. Yes, really. My name is Solvei. Pronounced Soul-vay. It was my Grandmother's name. You can call me Sol for short if you want. Pretty much everyone does. I travel the world with my watcher/only friend Xander Harris. We look for other slayers and kill things along the way. It's fun most of the time. I've definitely been to more places than most people my age. Oh, I'm 22. If I still lived in my hometown I probably would've pushed out at least three kids by now so I'm happy about that.

I like slushies, axes, bubble baths, and Jack Daniels.

I don't like most people. I especially don’t like people that have an attitude or don't bathe regularly. I don't like watered down drinks or stepping on gum that someone spit out on the sidewalk.

Xander and I were asked by Faith and Spike to come and teach some stuff at the slayer school. Mostly I'm going to spar with the new girls and Xander's going to give a few classes on the new demon species that we've come across. It should be good times.

Jun. 14th, 2008


Travis Parks
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Travis Parks is an American journalist who gained some notoriety for exposing the Buchbaum scandal in Detroit, Michigan early in 2007. Working for the Harvard Crimson in Cambridge, MA he was the first college aged journalist to win an IRE (Investigative Reporters and Editors) award for investigative journalism.

In 2008 he was offered a job as a staff writer at the Los Angeles Times, becoming one of the youngest reporters to ever write full-time for the paper.

It is widely rumored that Travis shared a personal relationship with Ivy Hughes, one of the victims of Buchbaum Industry's human testing pilot program involving the use of dangerous, psychotropic narcotics. This has never been confirmed or denied by either party.

He currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Jun. 8th, 2008



So, what's up? I'm Jake Donnelly. You can just call me Jake though. I'm 20, I live in Los Angeles, and I'm a student at UCLA. I don't really like school all that much, but I do it for my mom. She's big on education. (And yes I am a mama's boy and unapologetically so. I think it's a son's job to love his mom and protect her.) It's not like I need school or even a job really. Grandpa Donnelly pretty much saw to that before he kicked the bucket when I was eight.

I played football in high school so that's still one of my big interests though I really only play with my boys anymore. I kick ass at Guitar Hero though I'm even better on the real thing. Just ask my pal Frankie. He always thinks he's gonna beat me just once and then he never does.

I'm also a pretty big history buff, you could say. Even picked it as my major. Since I go back in time and figured I oughta learn some more about it. Not that I know what to do with a degree in history or anything. I'm pretty sure being at least 70 years old is a prerequisite for becoming a historian so that probably only leaves teaching or maybe writing about it and I'm not interested in either. Like I said, I don't really need it for a job. It'd still be nice to find something to do though. I think being rich all day long and not doing a damn thing else probably gets boring after awhile.

And even though I have my own place, I've been spending a lot of time over at my mom's house. I have a little half sister, Rose, and she just turned four. That kid practically worships me and I have to admit, I'm kind of wrapped around that little pinky. Plus, her dad also known as my stepdad is a tool. She's gotta have at least some kind of decent male influence in her life and I know Todd isn't capable of providing it. On top of mom and Rosie, I've got two other sisters out there that I just found out about so I'm looking forward to meeting them hopefully.

If you want to know anything else, just ask. Like everyone else, I've got my secrets but more than likely, I'll tell you anything you want to know. Well, almost anything.


Intro thing

What's up everyone? Especially all you ladies out there. Hey.

I'm Gavin. Not much else you need to know about me besides that. It'll be the only relevant thing when you're...yeah, okay. Not what this whole introduction business is about, huh? Alright. So like I said, my name is Gavin. I'm 25, single, and a law student from Savannah, GA. My dad's a lawyer, hence me going to law school and my mom's a professional ho gold digger trophy wife homemaker. I've also got a little brother and some of you might know a certain little sister of mine. Grace Lockhart ring any bells? She's probably embarrassed that I brought her up. Says I'm too much of a player. Yeah yeah.

Anyway, I'm new to Los Angeles. Heard Gracie-Boo is having a baby and figured I'd come play uncle or whatever it is you do when your siblings start popping 'em out. Not to mention, attend law school here in town. That may or may not be my entire reason for being out here. Guess you'll just have to figure it out for yourself. Maybe at dinner, over a nice bottle of...whatever girlie wine you're in to? Kidding. Unless you're hot and in that case, I'll pick you up at 7.

And that's my story.

P.S. I'm a freak with some kind of magical powers. Warlock's what my dad called it.

Jun. 7th, 2008


Please, call me Vicki. Only one person in all the world calls me Victoria and it sets my teeth on edge even when Mom does it. So really--please call me Vicki.

Besides that I don't know quite what to say for myself. Public speaking isn't something I enjoy. So I'll try and be brief. I'm 26 years old. I'm a freelance photojournalist but lately it seems like most of my work is for the Gotham Gazette. When I say photojournalist I mean photojournalist. I'm not one of those paparazzi jerks who stalk celebrities and spend their nights trying to get crotch shots of Paris Hilton. I don't find that kind of photography gratifying. I want to take pictures of events, of moments in time that other people may never get to see. It's all about the moment you're in. Not about the past, or what will happen in the next frame. It's here and now. You just have to keep clicking.

That's what keeps me interested in photography when it's three in the morning and I'm walking the streets talking to hookers and taking pictures of junkies and everything no one wants to see. I'm in ur back alleys changin' ur perception. Or something like that. When I'm not on the streets I'm usually in a dark room.

I know it's kind of in vogue to blame your parents for everything that's messed up with your life, but my parents and I are tight even though I know they'd really prefer it if I'd gone to medical school like they wanted or kept to my original plans and opened an art gallery. They worry. They're afraid. Most of Gotham is afraid nowadays. But you know, after you've been caught up in a civil war and seen guys hack at each other with machetes...Gotham after dark is not so scary.

May. 22nd, 2008



Sometimes Kamna wondered if it was fate that led her to Smallville during the last Meteor shower. She had stopped for gas, and to take some cash out of the atm. Her real destination was Metropolis. She had a job interview with The Daily Planet, and wanted to make a good impression. It was one of the most respected newspapers in the world after all. She had just completed her Master's in Journalism at Washington State University, and was ready to get her foot in the door at one of the best newspapers in the country. She'd heard rumors of strange things that happened in Smallville, Kansas and thought that bringing the paper a juicy story would increase her chances of being hired.

It was an expose on LuthorCorp. One that she worked very hard on researching. She wasn't naive enough to believe it would actually be published. Lex and Lionel Luthor had proved a long time ago that they had a way of making sure things they didn't want exposed were never seen in the press. The fact that LuthorCorp had connections at the Planet made it a calculated risk. Either the story would buy her a way into the door, or it would endanger her life. Kamna was willing to take the chance.

The gas tank was filled, and she found her way to the atm. Just as she was typing in her pin number the meteors hit. She hadn't even known a shower was expected. Something happened in that moment. Something that she would chalk up to fate and destiny. The shop owner was killed in the blast, but Kamna Patel walked away. In fact, she walked away with the entire contents of the ATM machine. She'd somehow managed to tap into the electronic controls and forced it to give her what she wanted.

It was a fluke, she told herself. Just a simple fluke due to the storm. She convinced herself of this until she tested out her ability to control computers by overriding security at a museum and walking away with a priceless heirloom or two. All thoughts of becoming a journalist at a paper so close to Smallville were tossed out. She knew enough from local gossip to know that avoiding all things Luthor and Smallville was the key to surviving if you were gifted with meteor enhanced abilities. Not that she could prove Luthor was behind what happened to some of the meteor infected people. He was a Scientist though, and she didn't want to risk him trying to unravel the mystery that she now was.

For awhile she traveled to various cities, perfecting her gift, and building up her own secret identity. After all, if you were going to run the risk of running into those costumed superhero types you had better be able to conceal your own identity. She stuck to the basics. No spider or bat costumes for her. Instead she prided herself in stealing from the ninjas that her father and brother had admired. She would leave at night, dressed in all black, her face mostly covered as she used the martial arts abilities she learned from her brother and the gift from the meteor shower she survived to take what she wanted when she wanted it. New York suited her tastes for a bit, but soon she decided it was overrun with superhero types. Gotham only had The Batman and it's own collection of freaks that kept The Batman busy.

Gotham was the perfect place for someone like Kamna to blend in. She got a job at the local paper, The Gotham Gazette, and found an apartment with a nice view of the city. By day she reported on the news in the city, and by night she pulled off jobs that would make the next day's headlines. It was a good life, and she finally felt like she fit in. She didn't need to travel anymore. Gotham was home.


I've never been big on introductions. We live in the age of technology. Anything you want to know about me you could have at your fingertips with only a few simple keystrokes. I could tell you not to believe everything you read, but that would just encourage you to believe it all. After all, how does one explain why they were caught making out with triplets at the beach party they threw to send one of their friends off into marital bliss? The explanation is kind of boring honestly. See one of our mutual friends hired the triplets as entertainment, and I was ensuring that the groom to be wouldn't end up in trouble with his new bride. It's tough being a good friend, but the important things are supposed to be tough.

Anyway, yes I'm Oliver Queen, and if you keep up with society papers or tabloids you might have heard of me. It's unfortunate that I'm known more for my personal exploits than for the extraordinary work that my company does, but people tend to like to read juicy personal details over stock reports. I'm the CEO of Queen Industries. My father built the company, and I inherited it when he and my mother perished in a plane crash when I was a child. I had very big shoes to fill when I stepped up after I finished school to take over the company. I have no illusions that I am even half the man my father was. That doesn't stop me from trying to continue the good work that he began when he built the company.

Anything else you want to know should be available with a basic internet search, or found in any of the numerous unauthorized biographies that are available at your local bookstores.

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