May. 10th, 2008


Comment Mess-Up

It seems that comments are not showing up in the submission thread, so let's try this again. So sorry for the inconvenience!

If screening is borked in this journal, I'm going to try that we just posts anonymously and use something like tinypic to upload our icons.

However, for now please resubmit your icons here and a million apologies for the inconvenience.

For now this post won't screen comments even though I selected screen all comments in the menu.

So change of rules. All posts are to be anonymous and unscreened. All icons are to be uploaded to or another picture uploader that does not require accounts. Please resubmit your icons here and super sorry for borked screening.

May. 3rd, 2008


Theme 1: OTP Extension

I have decided to extend the contest to a week after 10 icons are extended, no matter how long it takes.

I was also thinking about starting another theme once this community has 20 members to keep things interesting. Suggestions for the new theme are welcome in this post.

Apr. 20th, 2008


Theme 1: OTP

To get the ball rolling Theme 1 is OTP, or One True Pairing. While heavily fandom slanted, how you interpret the theme is completely up to you. Please read the rules.

Submisstion Process.
[icon pic]

Fandom: SkyDoll

Submissions are screened. If there is something wrong with your submission I will try to PM you or post on your journal. If you do not wish me to do either, please make a note in the submission.

The Deadline is May 3rd, 2 Sundays from now. The time will be about 8:00 PM EST. I hope to have at least 10 icons to vote for. If the number is smaller than that I will extend the submission one more week and then begin voting with whatever we have.

How to vote will be explained in the vote post. Have fun and makes some icons!

May 2008



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