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Death and Stuff [November 20, 2020 @ 8:23am]

My sister is dying.

She was diagnosed with a very extreme form of cancer that has spread through her lungs in a matter of months. The doctor's have given her a few months to less than a year to live. She's planning her funeral. She is... handling it. I'm too far away to really help right now, but I've booked a plane ticket to see her next month, which also fills me with dread because I don't want to be enclosed in a tin can with a bunch of idiots who don't believe Covid is real. My parents are high-risk and I'm doing everything I can to protect them. I've ordered masks, I've got gloves. It's not enough. But I'm going to see my sister. And then I'll be traveling again in a few months to go to her funeral. Originally posted on <a href=">My dreamwidth journal.</a> Please comment there using OpenID.

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