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[17 May 2020|03:04am]

Probably a futile hope, but does anyone still write in the Supernatural fandom? I'd love to immerse myself in that world again - and I'd especially love some sort of AU crossover with the BTVS/Angel world.

If anyone is interested, please drop me a line.
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original mutant rpg [22 Feb 2020|11:12am]


We're opening March 1st and are introducing a structured mutant setting in New York. There are a few affiliations to chose from, or be entirely unaffiliated! Plot will be offered for all. Several players are looking for lines for their characters, so check those out here!

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[21 Feb 2020|03:43pm]


Zion Mystique: Carnival of the Strange
A 1920 OC supernatural RPG

***Special Event!!***
The Carnival has temporarily been moved to New Orleans 2020 for a few months. New characters can be either from 1920 or modern times (and can be taken back in time when the carnival returns)

Premise | Rules | Species | Zion Mystique
Cast | Holds/Taken | Wanted | Apply
FAQ | Players | Dropbox
Mod | IC | OOC

We are open!

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[24 Jan 2020|09:49pm]

New slice of life/town game set in New Orleans.

Opening February 1st or at 5 apps!

Come check us out!!
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WANTED: HARLEY KEENER [04 Jan 2020|03:21pm]

GAME: [info]somerealitymods
WANTED PLOT: Tony has a bunch of adopted and bio kids in game, but needs his Harley!
PB PREFERENCE? Any you think fits!

You can find information about me at [info]between_muses!

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[05 Nov 2019|01:56pm]

Your Muse: Tony Stark
Muse wanted: Peter Parker? May Parker? Steve Rogers? MCU in general?
Community: Looking for a low key PSL story-line or role-play game on either DW or IJ.
Fandom: MCU
Canon or AU: Either
Medium: Movie
Contact via:

I already play Tony in a pretty active game I happen to also mod, but I'd love to explore his relationship with Peter in a setting without all the demands of modding. I'm willing to play multiple characters to push a story forward. I am totally okay with either canon or AU. I love fandom cliches in which Tony and Peter have a father/son relationship or a relationship that develops into a father/son one. Totally up for a May/Tony or Steve/Tony ship, but will work within canon (i.e. Pepper) with the right fit. Also into fandom cliches where he winds up Peter's bio dad. I'm already doing much of the self-reflection plots that come along with playing Tony, but more than okay with playing that angle with willing partners. I'd create a community if playing in a PSL. Not big on DISCORD, but totally okay with email and drop-boxes. I'm pretty active and available most evenings and weekends. I am sometimes active during the day depending on work schedule. I'm on EST. I am also new to DW, but not to journal playing. Just looking for some fun and low-pressure plots! Tony's profile is here. Feel free to drop me a line on this post, on my journal, or on Tony's!

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Seeking Happy Hogan & Bruce Banner <3 [27 Oct 2019|09:50am]


Yo, Bruce & Happy... )
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[15 Oct 2019|03:39pm]


Interius GPSL

Earth is dying.

The Interius, a military transport class deep space star-navigator and the last ship to depart the planet, is set to begin its ten year journey to the Taurus Colony in the Pleiades Star Cluster over 444 light-years away.

Three thousand passengers made up of government assigned vacancies, lottery winners, and cutthroat criminals prepare themselves for the long voyage. Some will stay in cryostasis while others make a life for themselves in the belly of the Interius.

One thing is certain. Not everyone will make it alive.

Game Open and its AMAZING. Max 10 Players at this time. 4 membership slots available.


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[07 Oct 2019|06:58pm]


Zion Mystique: Carnival of the Strange
A 1919 OC supernatural RPG

Premise | Rules | Species | Zion Mystique
Cast | Holds/Taken | Wanted | Apply
FAQ | Players | Dropbox
Mod | IC | OOC

We are open!

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[18 Sep 2019|12:31am]

Anything for Sam?

Looking for PSLs only...preferably someone who might be willing to write multiple characters to give our storyline more depth. I'm used to writing as many characters as are needed. I'd also love crossovers within the Buffyverse and possibly The Vampire Diaries.

If there's any interest in Sam, please leave me a message here.
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[04 Sep 2019|03:40pm]

[info]uamod looking for tons of characters. Brand new, active community with talented writers and no drama. Looking for Luther, Allison, Ben, and Vanya, Hazel and Cha-Cha, etc from The Umbrella Academy. Sam and Dean from Supernatural. Buffy, Angel, Spike, etc. Members of the MCU, Natasha is here and would love some company! X-Men, we have some of your team and would be stoked for more! "The Boys", characters from The Watchmen, Doctor Who, The 100, Carnival Row, etc would all be welcomed and embraced.

Panfandom game set in the Umbrella Academy universe. Lots of threads, plots, and activity for all. Easy requirements and super fun environment. No OOC cliques or drama. Put in your holds and come play with us!
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[02 Sep 2019|06:35pm]


Rules | FAQ | Characters | Apply

In the aftermath of the Snow Queen's spell, portals were opened up all over Storybrooke bringing in people from realms far and wide - across all universes (even the alternate ones). In a desperate attempt to protect the world at large from the influx of these newcomers, Regina sealed off Storybrooke permanently, making it impossible for anyone to leave the magical town.

Storybrooke is a panfandom, sandbox-style game where multiple versions of characters across all fandoms are welcome. We offer a laidback, worry-free environment.
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[01 Sep 2019|11:59pm]

Try To Praise The Mutilated World
Two thousand years ago, deities from pantheons all across the world locked themselves within mortal bodies to escape His wrath. He, the One True God, took the world as His own. Angels watched over humanity, while Demons lured them into damnation.

Then, one day, without warning, He disappeared, and the world fell into a state of chaos. Angels and Demons fought for control, and in the end, Earth was left in ruin, half the human population gone.

Philadelphia, one of the last cities still standing, is the final battle ground. Demons and Angels have gathered there in an attempt to take control. Meanwhile, the deities are awakening within their mortal bodies, and regaining their immortality. If they join the fight, they have a very good chance of coming out on top, and saving humanity just in the nick of time.
Brand new game looking for players.

Any deity from any mythology is welcome -- after all, all pantheons created the world.

You can also play angels, demons, or other mythological creatures.

Low stress environment with unlimited potential storylines.

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[27 Aug 2019|09:55pm]

wanted- luther, allison, vanya, ben hargreeves to join their siblings in stopping the apocalypse! negasonic teenage warhead, cable, domino, yukio, colossus to join a lonely wade. people from mcu, dc universe, american gods. brand new panfandom game set in 2019 umbrella academy universe - active mods, plenty of plot, great writers. put in your holds and apps on the ground floor!
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X-Project - An X-Men Movieverse RPG with MCU Elements [24 Aug 2019|04:10pm]



Want to bring some of the X-Men: Apocalypse characters into present day and see how they work? Storm, Quicksilver and Psylocke are available! Loved Teenage Negasonic Warhead in Deadpool? So did we and we'd love to see her! Same with Colossus! Character dead in the movies? Doesn't matter! We'd love to see Darwin, Spitfire or Banshee! Character a part of the MCU? Make Wasp, Quake, or Yo-Yo Rodriguez a mutant and bring them along! We encourage inspiration from all over Marvel, be it comics, television or movies!

Established in May 2003, X-Project is a journal-based RPG, now on Dreamwidth. We use a combination of in-character journals and third-person POV cowritten logs. Think cooperative fanfic; the players hail from a combination of the old comics fanfic lists and Livejournal RPGs.

Banner created by Sam.

Rules || Application || Available Characters || Game Wiki || Read The Game || FAQ || Contact Us || Follow Us on Twitter! || Application Checklist

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Looking for characters! [23 Aug 2019|10:00am]

Hello! I play Tony Stark at [info]somerealitymods, a pan-fandom game set in a NYC replica. The game was two months old as of August 15th. Tony would love to see Happy Hogan, Bruce Banner, and James Rhodes in game. I'm generally pretty active with both threads and web entries and can roll with whatever your preference is for interaction.

Tony is currently running a new version of Stark Industries, working with others to solve the mystery of the Jubilant Entity, planning his wedding to Pepper, and learning how to be a father to several teenagers. He is close to Thor in game and the two recently lamented the missing link (Bruce) in their trio. Bruce could also join the “science club” consisting of several characters trying to solve the mysteries in Goodland. Rhodey is needed for emotional support and some good snark sessions! Tony misses his best friend desperately. Happy would be the icing on the cake and can definitely resume his position as friend and colleague for Tony. Morgan Stark and Peter Parker could use their three surrogate uncles too. We have several other Avengers in game as well as some MARVEL COMICS characters for these characters to interact with so please drop me a line if you are interested. You can find his profile here.
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Spinning Compass [16 Jul 2019|02:57am]

Sometimes the world you create on the page seems more friendly and alive than the world you actually live in.

Since the dawn of time, storytellers have enchanted audiences with their words. But there is an even rarer gift. There are those who, by reading out loud, can bring characters to life. Out of books and into our world. Most of these people prefer to keep their skills a secret but some do not even know this gift is theirs, until it is too late.

You know how your story begins, do you know how it ends?

We offer you a unique setting and the ability to become part of our story. It is all about what you want! This place vastly encourages players to help us shape the setting and offers both mod-run plots as well as the option to simply choose a plot you would like to see. Temporary doors to different worlds can be picked and opened so characters can visit them. The current setting is a space station but this might change in the future and you will be able to help shape the current settings and where this game will head. We are a community of players invested in long term story lines and are run by mods who understand that life gets in the way of writing. This makes the game ideal for people who often feel too busy to commit to activity checks or simply do not enjoy the stress of them but would still like welcome long-term plots.

If you are seeking for an active community which loves a good plot, this is the place to apply. Whether you want a home for a fandom character, an original character or a character with previous game history, we accept them here!

Premise | Rules | FAQ
Application | Taken | Held | Wanted
Mod Journal | The Game | Out of Character
Cell Phone and CB Radio Communication | Computer Network

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[14 Jul 2019|12:07am]

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Angel Grove - A Panfandom RP [08 Jul 2019|10:02pm]


[info]commandcentre | [info]angelnet | [info]angelcomms | [info]angellogs | [info]angelooc

Premise | Rules | FAQ | Holds | Wanted | Applications | Cast List | Character Drop | Drop Box | Contact post

When Divatox, intergalactic pirate queen of evil, finally destroyed the Turbo Rangers and their Command Centre, it wasn't the end of its energies. With nowhere to go, the powers of the Morphing Grid that were once contained within seeped into the universe itself, opening up rifts in time and space over the entire planet.

Anything that falls through the rifts tends to arrive with some modicum of technology, hacked into cooperation with the new universe by as-yet unknown forces. There are translators, GPSes, even a rough kind of teleporter that mimics the Rangers' old technologies.

Welcome to the world of Angel Grove, a panfandom RP set in the universe of the Power Rangers. Try not to get stepped on by a Zord.


Angel Grove is a panfandom RP open to pretty much every fandom imaginable. No previous knowledge of Power Rangers or its universe is required - just hop on by and play! We'd especially love more players from Overwatch, Sherlock. Supernatural, Warcraft or... hell, any of the fandoms we've got represented!

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Come play with us! [05 Jun 2019|09:39am]

Game: [info]somerealitymods
Fandom: DCU (Shazam film)
Cast in play: New game opening June 15. Several characters held!
Who I play: Freddy Freeman
Wanted: Billy Batson, Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Shazam cast
Potential line and ideas: Ideas here!
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