Jan. 20th, 2010


Spike -- Pool Hall Lounge

"Well. That was... unexpected."

That was the least of it. He'd anticipated opening the door to Angel's office, going in for a bit of harassment, maybe get the keys to the Viper if he nagged enough and Angel just wanted him to disappear for awhile.

Didn't expect this, rows of pool tables and a scattering of people sitting in chairs or racking up balls.

But, he wasn't one to look an adventure in the mouth, so he walked up to the bartender, stared at him long enough to divine that he was human, and ordered "Whiskey. Lots of it. In fact, I'll take the whole bloody bottle and get back to you when I'm done."

Jan. 8th, 2010


Library Lounge

Vampires are real, the world's gone to hell and I'm stuck in a bar in the middle of god knows only where, Daniel thought while writing down his thoughts at the library lounge in the pub. He had cloistered himself in the corner, frantically writing on his notepad in what could only be called pure chicken scratch. Normally he liked to record his thoughts out loud, just like he liked to record his interviews but that was only done in private. Not in a public place like this lounge. Daniel had tried to leave the pub three times after he stumbled through the doorway after leaving his interview with Louis. Each time had only resulted in being thrown into different worlds that were completely unlike any he had seen. He had no trouble getting back to the pub when things got hairy in those worlds but still couldn't get home.

I have to get home, he thought. This story's too good. First vampires, then this place and then that world with the purple people. It'll blow my editor's mind. If the editor even believed him. Re-reading what he had already written, Daniel had to admit it sounded crazy. Like something out of a scifi novel. "Shit", he muttered as he tore the page out of the notebook and crumpled it up. Daniel aimed from the garbage pail nearby but in his frustration he tossed the paper ball too far and too hard. It sailed through the air before hitting about customer.

"Sorry", Daniel offered before lowering his head and starting over.


Pool hall - Multiple characters welcomed

After a hard day's work, there's nothing better than a cold beer and a game of pool. From Lou's view in any case but the mechanic hadn't planned on going out that night as he left the garage he owned and worked at. Lou's plan for the night involved a quick supper and maybe catching the hockey game before hitting the sack. The universe apparently had other plans for him as he stepped out of the garage and found himself in the gateway pub. "What the hell?" he muttered as he gazed about the room in disbelief. The door had closed behind but Lou payed little attention as he moved further in. "What is this place?"

The bartender replied, telling him it was the gateway pub and asked him what he wanted to drink. Taken aback, Lou simply uttered, "Beer...I guess". The bartender quickly hauled a bottle out of the fridge and popped the cap before handing it to the stunned mechanic. "How do I get home?" Lou asked as he took the beer. The bartender assured the man he could leave anytime he liked by simply exiting the way he came in. It was relieving information. "Thanks. I suppose I'll stick around for a while and finish my beer at least".

He started walking around the bar, taking in the sights when he found a stairwell leading downstairs. At the bottle was a room filled with pool tables and a person standing at the nearest one. "Hello", Lou said polietly. "Do you work here too?"

Jan. 5th, 2010


{ all bloodied up and nowhere to go - main floor}

One moment, Kali was walking back from a rather fun street fight and the next a very well lit, nice looking bar greeted her. Turning around, she say the door that had formerly been the smashed in front of her club was now instead, just a girl's restroom.

"Huh," Kali shrugged her shoulder, mouth twisting. "Nice time for the universe to shift." She looked down at her ripped peasant's top and dress, no more sleeves, her feet dirty and a little bloody, and she could still feel her nose throbbing. She looked a complete mess. Shrugging her shoulder, she lifted up her head nonetheless, stalking over to the bar.

"Hello," She smiled at the bartender, ignoring the curious look on her face. "Could I have a glass of hot water and a cold shot of Jack, please?" He nodded and walked off, leaving Kali to lean against the counter top, looking at all else who occupied the place.

Jan. 4th, 2010


Booze, booze and more booze - Main floor

It was a little after midnight when Seth stumbled through the doorway of the gateway pub. He had been drinking alone in his motel room, still recouping from the hellish night he had spent at the titty twister. A week later and a ton of tequila had done little to ease his guilt and when he decided to head out for more booze, here was this mystical bar. As though the gods had heard his inebriated pray and sent him. Seth was too far gone to question how a pub came to be outside his door and cared even less as he reached the bar, leaning against the wooden top.

"Bartender!" He called out. "A bottle of your cheapest tequila and a shot glass. Hell, fuck the shot glass. Just give me the damn bottle".


Enter the Collector - Main Floor

The door opened easily under his hand but the demon was in for a surprise when he opened it. He had been chasing his prey for three days and had finally tracked down William Breaker to a run down motel. As the demon, most commonly called the collector, opened the door he expected to find a run a shitty ass motel room and William Breaker cowering in the corner. What he found instead was a pub. He stood there for a moment with the door open, looking between the parking lot alongside the motel and inside the pub.

"Looks smaller on the outside", he muttered to himself but the strangeness of this event didn't stop him from stepping inside.It didn't matter if it was a motel room, a pub or the fucking 4-H club, if it was possible Breaker was there then Collector had to go in. The pub was quiet but not empty, not with a bartender standing behind the bar and a couple sat near the fire. None of them were Breaker of course.

As Collector moved further into the pub, the door swung shut behind him, nearly closing on the back of his tan trench coat. He readjusted his coat and made for the bar, fixing the brown stetson cowboy hat on his head. "Excuse me", he said to the bartender, "But could you tell me where I could find William Breaker?" Though Collector spoke to the bartender, his voice was loud enough to carry through the pub. It was his hope that someone would overhear him and cough up a little information, possibly even an explanation for this weirdness.