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January 30th, 2009

horriblewilliam @ 06:42 pm: ... is this thing on?

And I've been so excited, too! I hope other people pitch in, soon.

January 11th, 2009

ex_companion962 @ 10:22 pm: I, for one, am p. stoked that GL will be starting again. SO- Is anyone looking for any plot? Inara, of course, primarily hobknobs with the bigwigs, but she's also at the airship docks quite often, for anyone who may find themselves around there frequently.

gaslightmods @ 05:03 pm: Hey, folks!

As promised, the game is kicking back into gear. There have been some slight responsibility changes - Lyssa and I are both still involved, but we've divided duties so that she'll handle a lot of the administrative stuff (holds, updating pages, etc.) and I'll be pushing forward with plot.

The first plot thread should be going up on Tuesday. The Brotherhood will be launching an attack on an airship docked in New York. Anyone can participate - I picked the docks because it seemed like a spot where a lot of people might congregate. If you have questions, ideas, or just need to talk, I'm hoping to be on IM tonight and part of tomorrow.

Also, if you have holds: we're happy to extend for another two weeks, but if you've lost interest, that's fine. We knew when we put the game on hiatus that it might happen. Please, just let us know if you'd like to drop and we'll be happy to remove you.

And I think that's it. To victory! With steam!


December 4th, 2008

horriblewilliam @ 02:53 pm: The obligatory introduction ...
Greetings and salutations, fellow Gaslight gamers! *ahem. shakes the period dialogue out of her system* O hai, guys.

My name is Ang, and I'll be your Dr. Horrible for the evening. ;) For those of you unfamiliar with him, he's a rather socially inept, not-quite-mad-yet scientist who's in the process of taking over the world. To wit: "The world is a mess, and I just ... need to rule it." I'm actually playing Billy (William, here, of course) from the very start of his canon ... he's not evil yet. Far from it - he's got some great intentions. But we all know what they say about the road to hell ...

Currently, William's gainfully unemployed and wearing out shoe leather looking for a job. The other characters available in-game will probably determine where he works ... after all, he's got to have someone to interact with, even if he won't be so great at it at first. Ideally, if we get a Tony Stark, I'd want to sign him up with Stark Industries, because they've got the best swag to sneak home and mod into gadgets after-hours. ;D In canon, he's got plenty of experience with meta-humans (even if their powers aren't as impressive), so he'll be right at home with them, too.

So, basically, if you're interested in a thread or a log, please please please feel free to hit me up! I can be reached via Gmail and Gchat at "msfeistus", and my AIM handle is the same. I might get a separate SN just for Billy, too - I'm still debating.

Horrible's my only alt, for now ... but I'm strongly considering apping Lemony Snicket: I think he'd make a great reporter. I'd love to hear feedback that any of you might have on this.

I look forward to gaming with you all! :D

gaslightmods @ 10:17 am: Not Officially a Hiatus, BUT...
As I'm sure you've noticed, Beth and I have been pretty absent from the game lately. This is due to a combination of school (Beth) and retail (both of us) that has proven quite effective in destroying our will to mod and/or live. But! Fear not, gentle players: we are not abandoning all hope.

Instead, we're just putting a hold on serious plot here at Gaslight. Everyone is encouraged to RP and post scenes, narratives, letters, etc. as time permits. However, there won't be any activity requirements nor any global plot until January 10th, 2009. This gives people plenty of time to get their characters set up and applications written with no fuss and bother and stress.

I realize that this is a risky move as some of you may have lose interest by then or may have moved on to other games and found other commitments. I hope that all of you will still be here when we kick things off - I think this game has the potential to be fantastic and I hope you share my excitement for it. And like I said: everyone's encouraged to post scenes and journal entries and whatever else. If you'd rather not do too much in the 'present' (with a game set in the 1800s, 'present' is air-quotable) you can post some backstory scenes if you like: who wouldn't like to see the Winchesters when they were wee lads, after all? Or maybe something from Scott and Warren's time at Xavier's school?

In closing, I wanted to thank everyone for their enthusiasm and, most importantly, incredible patience with this game. And then follow up that 'thank you' by asking for more of the same awesomeness and patience that you've already shown. I can only promise that Beth and I will do everything we can to make it all worthwhile when plot kicks off. We have quite a lot in mind for you guys: Primordial Horrors! Giant Robots! Airship Battles! Intrigue! STEAM!

We will see you in January! (And hopefully also before January since you guys are all awesome and we talk to most of you on a semi-regular basis as it is. And if we don't already, we'd love to start!)


November 18th, 2008

leanlizzie @ 01:52 pm: Quick note
I didn't want to do this from the mod journal because I don't know that it's going to be that big of a deal but I may be scarce this week - Store Manager is on vacation which means I'm semi in charge, plus next week is our big Holiday Meeting, plus a visit by the District Manager, so we'll be extra busy. Hopefully things will settle down a bit - even as early as this Friday when I'm off work and should be able to post a few logs and get stuff in order for everyone.

November 12th, 2008

saltshot @ 06:42 pm: Hello! My name is Shawna and I know... few of you. Therefore this introduction is a good idea! My journal is [info]shawful, and do feel free to add it. Between that and making fun of Twilight on LJ, it's one of my top sources of online entertainment. You can also reach me at young hunkules on AIM. I will be playing two characters here.

First, as you can see, I have Sam Winchester. He's one of those rifle Winchesters, so his family has a bit of moolah floating around. He's also a hunter, along with his brother, Dean. He's the more book smart of the two and the more responsible/nice/thoughtful/organized/awesome/etc, as well.

Secondly is Catwoman, Selina Kyle. Though she goes by Irena Dubrovna these days, an assumed identity. She's a classy dame thief, who'll be more relying on wit and cunning than catsuits and claws these days. If you need help acquiring something, she might be willing to help if something's in it for her. Etc.

And so forth! I'm sorry that I'm so late with this.

November 8th, 2008

leanlizzie @ 11:39 pm: Hello hello! This is Lyssa showing up late to her own party, woohoo! I'm your other mod and you can all blame my Steampunk Obsession for this whole mess ;) I'm available for plottage and things on AIM at LyssaChan or on GTalk at lyssachan (or lyssa.hillen if you have a burning need to IM me while I'm at work). On a more personal note, I'm 25 and am assistant store manager of my local Big Name Bookstore which means I keep irregular hours and am about to enter the seventh circle of Retail Hell which includes 6 day workweeks and dickish customers. On the up side: I have no life so any time I don't spend at work is spent in front of the computer.

But enough about me: on to my characters! I've got 2 approved ones right now with another 2 that aren't actually approved yet - though I think they'll probably make the cut and I'm lazy so I'll intro them here as well.

A pirate, a demon, a spy and a mechanic )

For anyone interested, my CDJ is [info]lyssachars and I am definitely looking forward to all kinds of plot, so please hit me up for some!

(PS: No, the icon is not my way of saying 'give me plot or I shoot you' - whatever would make you think that? *halo*)

ex_companion962 @ 08:20 pm: Hello, children! I'm Maddie, I'm 22, a poor community college student who is new to this shiny shiny steampunk world. I'm bringing Inara Serra, companion (not whore!) from the Firefly/Serenity world. In her canon, her position as a Companion directly and often explicitly involves sex, though she's still of a very high class of people. To keep her social status high in a Victorian world, I did some tweaking- Sex is not a technical part of the Companionship tradition, though it is silently accepted and recognized happening. I wrote roughly thirty two trillion paragraphs about her training in her profile, for those who are interested.

this got mad wordy... )

Jesus, that got very rambley, and I got sucked in by The Soup in the middle of writing it. Anywhoodles, I can be found at [info]magrathea, a chr0i on aim and (because someone has achr0i there, which breaks my heart). Hit me up any time!

dutycalls @ 01:05 am: Hey, everyone. Since we're officially open, I figured I'd get the 'introductory post' ball rolling. I'm Beth, and I'm one of the mods. I think most everyone knows me, but for those that I haven't met: hi! My CDJ is [info]varekai and, while I'm terrible at posting anything interesting (though apparently I am good with the memes?), I'm always happy to friend people.

And here it goes! )

gaslightmods @ 02:23 am: Egad and Gadzooks!
Dear Readers,

Greetings and Salutations! We would like to take this opportunity to extend a most jubilant welcome to our humble game! Gaslight Legends is now officially open for business (as it were) and we now find ourselves poised and ready to embark on a strange and wondrous journey together. But before we take those few bold steps, we should observe some of the basic formalities, wouldn't you agree?

Introductions! Chronology! Mischief! Random Exclamations! )

And so in closing: we look forward to hearing from each of you and also to seeing your wonderful characters out there in the world we've created. Let us take those first steps and blaze a trail through this bold new gaming vista! Huzzah and good hunting!

Lyssa and Beth

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